About me

Hey everybody,

I’m Christina and I’m 24 years old. I have lived all my life in The Netherlands, in Haarlem. It’s a city near to Amsterdam (like 15 minutes by train and car). At the moment, I’m living in Valladolid, in Spain. My mother is Spanish and my father is Dutch. I am bilingual and can speak Dutch aswell as Spanish fluently. Besides, I can speak English and a bit of German.

My mother was born in Valladolid, in Spain. This city is just one hour away from Madrid. I have grown up in two different cultures. I am deeply in love with the Spanish culture: the delicious tapas, sunshine, family time, hospitable people and so much more. It’s just an amazing country with so many beautiful places to visit.

I graduated last year in August 2017. I have a bachelor of Arts in European Studies. This study covers a wide range of subjects such as law, politics, marketing, languages and international relations. Three years ago I went on exchange to a city in the north of Spain, Logroño in La Rioja. This place is famous for the delicious wine! I also did a module of photography during my studies. I have always liked to take pictures because it inspires me. Two years ago, I wrote my thesis about “The surfing lifestyle and O’Neill’s worldwide marketing strategy”.

Right now, I’m in Spain because I just finished my internship. I did an internship abroad in Spain, in Valladolid. I did my internship at the International Office of the University of Valladolid. I was placed in the office of incoming international students. These where my tasks:

  • Providing guidance for foreign students for recruitment and for admission issues
  • Recruiting foreign students and providing them with consultation and guidance
  • Providing international students with housing
  • Other administrative tasks such as sending international and national letters and emails

My time abroad was awesome. I made friends all over the world. In the future, I would like to work again in an international environment. I love to help people and learn more about other cultures. Being in contact with other cultures makes you feel more united and open. As you can see, I have had a lot of awesome international experiences. I hope to get more in the future!

I started this blog because I always wanted to have a personal blog and share my thoughts and feelings. I’m going to write about everything but my mainly posts will be about all the things I find important in my life which are:

  • Surfing:
    I am a beginner surfer. I surfed a few times in The Netherlands and went to a surf camp in Spain twice.
  • Singing:
    I love to sing. I used to be in a choir for 11 years
  • Reading:
    I love to read good books, I will share the books I have read and awesome quotes I found
  • My writings:
    I love to write poems and other writing where I can share my feelings and thoughts about life
  • Mental health & self care:
    I suffer from anxiety my whole life. I would like to share my thoughts about it and inspire others to gain more self-confidence and embrace yourself because self love is soooo important!!
  • Photography:
    I really like to take pictures. I also have a polaroid and would love to share some awesome pictures which I have made
  • Travelling:
    I loveeee to travel. I have been to many places and would love to share my pictures, experiences and friends I have made along the way.
  • Food:
    I love to eat haha and love to share some delicious food
  • Quotes:
    I love how quotes inspire me and how they lift me up when I feel bad

Most of all, I just want to inspire others with my post, motivate others and share all the things I love in life.

Much love,



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