My internship abroad in Spain!! ♥

Hey all ♥,

I just want to make a blog post about mine amazing internship time abroad in Spain, in Valladolid. I study European Studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, in The Netherlands. My study covers a wide range of subjects such as marketing, politics, law, international relations and languages.



I really wanted to my internship in Spain because it’s my home country and I’m deeply in love with the Spanish culture. While I was studying in The Netherlands I was looking for some internships in Spain. A good friend of mine suggested me to look for some internship international related. I soon came up with the International Relations Office of the University of Valladolid. This internship would met all the criteria to be met by my home university. I decided to email them and send them my cv. They were very interested in me and accepted me to be an intern.

Afterwards, I had to full in some papers for my home university and sign them. I also applied for a study grant for €700 to cover my internship time abroad. I didn’t had to look for housing, because Valladolid is the city where my mother was born. I always go to Valladolid in holidays. It’s our home and we have a great appartment there.

During my internship:

I began my internship at the end of January and ended my internship at the end of June. I worked from Monday to Friday 7 hours each day. The good thing about my time schedule was that I began at 8 o’clock and finished my work at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Afterwards, I went home to eat or I ate with family. I was working in the office of incoming international students.

Overall, my internship tasks were:

  • Providing guidance for foreign students for recruitment and for admission issues
  • Recruiting foreign students and providing them with consultation and guidance
  • Providing international students with housing
  • Keeping the database of housing updated
  • Other administrative tasks such as sending international and national letters and emails


International relations office (In the building house of the student: “Casa del estudiante”)

Curious facts:

  • Being on time was not that important, haha that’s really a typical thing of the Spanish culture. If you are 5 minutes too late it’s not that a big deal like in The Netherlands.
  • Every day I did a break of working in the bar. We drank tea, coffee or cola coa (milk with chocolate). There was also always a tapa presented.
  • I spoke Spanish with my colleagues. I also spoke English and some Dutch and German with the international students.
  • The atmosphere on the work floor was both informal and professional; my placement mentor placement mentor together with all my colleagues were very helpful and kind to me. My colleagues were calling each other by their first names.
  • International environment: I came in contact with other cultures and made friends all over the world.
  • The atmosphere on the work floor was open: I felt part of the team and we could talk about anything.
  • There was no trace of hierarchy or competition in the organisation, which I found very stimulating; for, in my opinion, hierarchy or competition often leads to conflicts and misunderstandings.

Pleasure during my internship:

Besides, working in the office from Monday till Friday I enjoyed my free afternoons a lot. I wanted to do an intensive Spanish course (C1 level) but the courses were during my internship so I couldn’t do it. Maybe I’m going to do it in a few months. I made many international friends and I already had friends in Valladolid from coming every holiday to Valladolid. We had international nights where we all cooked something from our country, went shopping, had parties, went to the outdoor swimming pool, went out to eat tapas, ate fajitas at my home and so much more. We had a lot of fun!! 🙂

In April me and my mother saw the processions from the Holy Week which are famous in Valladolid. During the processions, beautiful statues w


ere exhibited by the members of the different catholic Easter brotherhoods. The people of the Easter brotherhoods were dressed in beautiful robes and paraded through the streets of Valladolid showing the religious statues at the sound of drums and music.

During my afternoons I also worked on my placement portfolio which I had to make for my home university. I finished this portfolio at the end of June and handed it in online. I got an mail back from my supervisor from my home university at the end of June. She was very happy with my work and said that I PASSED!!!


During my internship I also had free time to travel around in Spain. I went to Salamanca, Burgos and Santander. Salamanca and Burgos are just one hour and 15 minutes away from Valladolid by bus or train. I went to Salamanca and Burgos with my good friends from Valladolid and my Erasmus friends. I went to Santander with my mother which is a city in the north of Spain near to the beach.

Closing word:

On my last day I got a beautiful wallet and all my colleagues were thanking me of all the good work I did during these 5 months. I really loved my internship time abroad. I learned a lot during these 5 months. I learned how to speak up during my placement and ask for help. Sometimes I had difficulties with that. I learned how to grow as a person and work in an international environment. I can’t wait to enjoy more international experiences in the future!

So, I really recommend to do your internship in the International Relations Office of the University of Valladolid. You have to have at least B1 level of Spanish. You will enjoy the international environment, will work with lovely colleagues, enjoy the beautiful city of Valladolid and learn Spanish and learn more about the Spanish culture.


Inside the court of the International Office with the worldmap

Much love,


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