Loving yourself is the greatest revolution 💕🙏

Hey lovely people 💜,

I love this image with important tips on how to love yourself sooooo much 💕🙏. I just wanted to share this with you all:

I know many people struggle with loving theirselves. It’s hard to be yourself in a world where we are constantly told we shouldn’t be ourselves. We should be skinny, we should look perfect all the time, we shouldn’t wear too much or too less make up…. it’s just never good enough.

It’s important to analyse our thoughts and try to not be so hard on ourselves instead be kind to ourselves. The one thing I struggle a lot with is getting bad thoughts and making everything 1000 times worse than it is. It’s important to analyse our thoughts and replace a bad thought with a good thought. Easier said than done, but it takes time and practice.

Moreover, it is important to be with family and friends who support you and help you whenever you need it 🙏 Try to avoid negative and judgmental people. They will only make you feel worse about yourself. Trust me, I have been there. Being with people who are judging you will never help you to feel positive about yourself.

Taking care of your body is important too. Doing yoga, swimming, surfing or whatever sport you like can really boost your mind and give you such a positive feeling afterwards. On Tuesday I’m going to Spain again and I can’t wait to go swimming in the outdoor swimmingpool 🌞🏊 Whenever I felt stressed I pushed myself to go swimming and afterwards I felt so goooood and peaceful. It was like all my stress completely had vanished.

So, stay true yourself because loving yourself is the greatest revolution 💕

Much love,


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