Do you think it’s possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return? πŸ’•

Hey lovely bloggers πŸ’•,

This blog post is coming right from my heart. Something that I can relate to in all the ways. I’m a highly sensitive person. Highly sensitive persons have nervous systems that are more sensitive than others and they process things more deeply. In other words, they feel more and love more. In another blog post I will explain more about being a highly sensitive person.

I have always been a giver. I give, give and give. I have always been the one that pleased people. I have always been the one that loves more and deeply. I have always wanted to make sure everybody was happy. I never thought of myself. It was always them, never about me.

This can be a good thing but when you give too much and receive too little it can be a real problem in your life. If you only give and you aren’t receiving as much back you can really feel out of energy and tired.

I stayed friends with people who made abuse of this situation. I found it hard to let friends go because you have a history with them. Now if I look back, I think by myself were that really my friends? Friends wouldn’t gossip about you, say rude comments and bully you.

I had a two year long distance relationship from 17 till 19 years old. He was from Switzerland and I was living in The Netherlands by that time. We were both young and crazy in love. Even in that relationship I felt like I loved him more than he loved me. I always felt like he had to say to me a million times “I love you” to make sure that he loved me. It’s my anxiety that made me feel like I was just never good enough. I was afraid to loose him. I have been bullied during my high school a lot and I think that was also the reason why I needed a constant afirmation that he loved me and that I was good enough for him. He broke up with me after two years. Life separated our ways. It wasn’t meant to be. I was lost for almost 4 years. I missed him like crazy, my first love…. It’s now when I feel more like myself again.

I love this beautiful quote from R.M. Drake. This is a beautiful writer on Instagram and has also written some amazing books. Go check him out! πŸ’• Why do I love people so much and

give them the best of me when I know they don’t derseve it at all? Why do I do this all the time? Really WHY? I think it’s because I always want everybody to be happy. I always think the best of people and care way too much. I always believe in the good of people. It’s just the way I’m.


Until today I still keep thinking of this beautiful quote which I found on Tumblr:

If I may answer this question, I would say definitely YESSSS! I am a highly sensitive person and that’s also the reason why I love and feel more. I really believe that there are people out in the world who give more love than they will ever receive back.

I used to believe it’s a curse to feel so much and love so hard but I began to realize it’s a blessing. I realized that it’s okay to love hard and feel everything so deeply. It’s a strength. We need more healers, dreamers and people who care about people in this sometimes dark world.

In order to be more in sync with my feelings I have to do these things:

  • I have to set boundaries with people
  • I have to let the past go (I’m doing much better than before)
  • I have to be surrounded only by people who really care about me such as my real friends and family
  • I have to say more NO
  • I have to love myself first before I fall in love again
  • I should stop pleasing people
  • I should make myself a priority before anybody else

I am in the process of all of these points. I am loving myself much more than when my first love broke up with me. I broke some friendships because those weren’t my friends. I say more no to things. However, I still have to do it all even more.

I am happy to love so much because that makes me feel alive. This is the way I’m and I’m not going to change that. I just have to make sure which people are the right people to love. We need people who love hard in this world.

A world without people that love so much as I do is a dark world without flowers… 

Much love,


16 thoughts on “Do you think it’s possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return? πŸ’•

  1. Thank you lovely! πŸ’• I think this is just the way we are. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing if we only give love to the right people πŸ’« xoxo


  2. I think I also love people more than I should. I guess I used to be worse than that, but I learned my lesson when friends would leave without caring if I was hurt or not.
    Everything is better now. I still love too much, but at least the right people

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! πŸ™πŸ’• I used to be worse in that too. It’s so much better to love the right people too much because they care about you and wouldn’t hurt you. We need people in this world who love.

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  3. Loving self and setting boundaries are two really great things to set in place as a senstive person. I’m so very sensitive as well and have slowly been learning the importance of doing those things. It honestly hurts to know you care so deeply while knowing another person doesn’t half as much. Currently trying to get over the fact that that’s the case with someone I love very deeply still right now. Honestly God more than anything has been not only a comfort but just someone who’s helped heal wounds I thought would only ever scar me.
    By the way I apologize for basically spamming your blog with a bunch of comments haha but I’m in love with the content and the way you write your posts and everything! Apologies in advance for all the long comments lol πŸ’•

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    1. Thank you so much for all your lovely and inspirational comments! πŸ’• I loved them so don’t feel sorry lovely. I feel happy that you love my blog. I love your blog too πŸ’•
      I’m glad you are sensitive aswell. Then you can understand me even better πŸ’œ Yes, I’m still learning to set boundaries with people but I’m getting there. We should only give love to people who really care about us so that we don’t get hurt. I hope you feel better soon πŸ’• I’m here for you

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  4. Absolutely …. I have always felt the same way . That i love deeply and never seem to get the same in return . Its life I’m here just to be a stepping stone for others to learn how to love . Then they move on to another relationship where they now know how to love or nolonger are abusive or whatever their lesson was . And I am left never knowing the feeling of truly being loved. I have came across some others that feel like there are certain specail people that are born into this crappy world to to help others learn to truly love . And we in my opinion got the short end of the stick . It sucks , it hurts , and doesn’t seem fair . Maybe I haven’t learned something I need to learn . After being heart broken from loosing the love of my life ….I promised myself I would never love again and made myself someone that nobody could love . I was filled with anger, sadness, loneliness, and nothing but bad . Then someone came along and made me want to be loved again and ducked me right back into “that person” the giver and never the getter. And I am there now . And more confused and sad then ever . There have even been times that I would rather not live than to be in this role it seems I’m destined to .


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