I just want a united Spain 🌍💕

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

I just want to write something which is happening now in Spain. To make sure, I don’t want to talk that much of politics on my blog. I don’t want to spread hate. Today, I just feel the need to write because I’m feeling bad these days. This subject is just touching me really hard.

Spain is a constitutional monarchy. Spain has many autonomous regions such as Basque Country and Catolonia. They have their own language and government. Catolonia wants to be indepented from Spain. Today on the first of October they wanted to do a referendum but this was against the law. However, they did it but it was a illegal referendum. The police men were acting just the way they have to act.

So, today I woke up crying and so fucking anxious. I felt that my heart was beating so fast…. What’s happening is Spain today is fucked up 😢 I’m really scared. This isn’t good for my anxiety…. Hopefully I will feel okay soon. So many people and police men were injuried. I just hope thay both parties are going to talk and that there comes a solution.

So, as you know I’m half Spanish, half Dutch. I grew up in this two countries. To be honest, I have always felt more Spanish than Dutch. I was born in The Netherlands. When there were football matches for world cup or europe cup I remember that people were angry and bullying me for not supporting the dutch team. I felt scared and discriminated. Since then I never posted on social media that I am for the spanish team. Now, I don’t fucking care anymore.

I feel more spanish than dutch, because that’s just the way I feel. Nobody can judge me on that. All the time I had to go back to the Netherlands from holidays in Spain I cried so much. I always wanted lo live in Spain. Some people say to me well there’s a economic crisis blablabla you can’t find work. You know what I say to them now?

I’m 24 years old, I’m not a fucking baby anymore. One of my dreams is to work in Spain and live here. I already lived in Spain for a half year during my exhange and this last half year for my internship. I’m deeply in love with Spain. I’m going to find work in Spain and nobody is going against my dream 💜💫✌ Even though I feel more spanish than dutch, I also feel that I’m a global citizen. 

I don’t know if I should stop watching the depressive news today. It ain’t no good for my mental health. I feel so sensitive today. I always am so sensitive. Maybe I care too much about politics?! I used to not care at all. Since I have spoken at the UN I feel the need to express myself. I used to be afraid of saying my opinion. Now, I don’t. We can’t be silence when something happens in your country. We have to speak up and demonstrate and fight for our human rights.

This subject thouched me hard because I know the history of Spain with the dictator Franco. We don’t wanna go back, do we?! In these hard times countries have to be united in order to beat terrorism and war. We all have the right to feel safe without discrimination.

I just really hope everything will be okay again in Spain. Both political parties need to talk. I really hope they come to a solution. They aren’t acting like adults now. They have to come to a solution to have Spain united. Democracy and no discrimination!

Spain developed in 40 years so much and I’m thankful for all of that. I love Spain and I hope that it will stay one country 💜

Freedom, equality and brotherhood ✌

Much love,


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