Your feelings are valid and temporary 💕💫

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

I just feel the need to write about this. Writing is healing. I feel bad these days because I’m afraid of my future. The transition from college life to real life just feels so strange and empty. I don’t know how I could cope working full time while having anxiety. I feel like I have a lot of dreams in my life like that I want to fight for human rights, end the stigma of mental health illnesses, fight for equal rights for women and men, create a community and travel the world. At the same time, I feel like I don’t know what to do with my life and feel anxious and don’t know how to make it all happen.

Today I woke up crying and feeling just so bad. I want to stay authentic and honest in my blog posts. I always want to share what I’m feeling and thinking. I think that’s the best way to connect with other people and make me feel better again.

I love this quote and picture so much ❤⛵🏄 . This perfectly describes how I’m feeling right now.

People may think I just don’t try hard enough or call me lazy, but trust me to have a mental health illness like anxiety make you feel this way. I get nauseous, anxious, dizzy, headaches and have a fucked up sleep routine again 😢😢😢 I really do hope I can change my sleep routine again. 

To anybody suffering or struggling right now, tell yourself that your feelings are valid. You are not alone. You have the right to own your feeling even when people think it’s not logic. We all feel the same things just not at the same time. We are all human. The only way to heal yourself is to feel that feeling, talk about it with your loved ones and tell yourself that all what you are feeling right now is temporary 💫 .

I tell myself that all that I’m feeling right now is temporary. I will find a job which I love and make everything work out in my life. Things just take time. It’s okay to feel lost. Life has its ups and downs. It’s normal to feel anxious about big life changes. Maybe the universe is launching me to something really big but I have to be prepared for it and take action. Maybe I’m going to take a part time job and do a Spanish course. I don’t have to jump straight into some big if I’m scared. I can take little babysteps. I just have to follow my heart. I don’t have to have my life figured out yet. I’m just 24 years and still so young. It’s just the rush of society which makes me feel like I should have my life together when I clearly don’t have any clue. Everything will fall into place eventually. 

I loved the picture also because of the surfing girl. I can’t wait to travel again to the beaches and surf again. It makes me feel so free. I’m a beach girl and the ocean is my favourite place on this earth. Surfing the waves is like surfing the way through your feelings. You have to feel it all in order to move on with your life. If we feel our feelings we can easier let them go then if we don’t sit with them. 

We are here to feel it all and eventually everything will be okay even if it’s not okay right now ❤💜💕

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Your feelings are valid and temporary 💕💫

    1. Thank you so much for holding space for me to do 💜💕 You are right. There may be hard times but eventually we will go through it. Thank you for believing in me, makes me happy 💕


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