All of my kindness is taken for weakness 

Hey lovely bloggers 💞,

​I think of this quote so much. It is from the song FourFiveSeconds from Rihanna and some other artists. This relates so much to my experiences in life and interaction with people. I always treat people with respect and am always kind. Unfortunately, all of my kindness is taken for weakness. Why do you think? 💭

Kindness in today’s world is so rare that whenever people come across with someone that is kind, they assume it to be weakness. It is so much easier to hate and be judgmental. I don’t see kindness as a weakness. I see it as a strength. Being kind in a sometimes dark world takes so much courage.

Unfortunately, the kind people are the ones who suffer the most. I have had so many times that people took advantage of me and bullied me because of my kindness. They know I will never become angry or hateful. I am an easy target. However, I tried to change. I wanna be mean sometimes but I just fucking can’t. It’s not in my personality to be mean at people.

I have learned that kindness is a strength. I have learned that I don’t have to change and become this angry person because that won’t bring me any good in my life. I have learned that I can stay myself. I just have to set boundaries for people and say no more often and don’t let people taking advantage of me. I have learned to stay away from negative and judgemental people.

Why should you change yourself to be accepted in this world? No, fucking no. Even though in my opinion there are a lot of bad people out there, there are still so many good and kind people out there too. You just have to find them. We need people who are kind to each other in this world. You never know what they are going through.

It’s just sooo important to be surrounded with people who support and care about you. Kindness is such a good thing. If there wouldn’t be any kind person on this planet, it would be a really dark world. Shout out to all those beautiful kind people who take the fucking courage to be kind even though they have been hurt! 👏

Don’t let the world make you hate or break your own heart. Never change. Stay kind and true to yourself 💜👌💫 You are beautiful just the way you are 💞

Much love to all of you 💕💕💕,


7 thoughts on “All of my kindness is taken for weakness 

  1. I get this a lot too. Full disclosure-I’m big into Harry Potter! I view the kindness=weakness thing from the perspective of the Avada Kedavra (the Killing Curse). You can use it, but it costs you a piece of your soul. The same with being mean. You can be a jerk, and there’s usually a catalyst to why your default is set on jerk but it’ll cost you

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    1. People also say that to me. I always smile at people and am kind. I also can’t do it. It’s sooo much better to be ourselves than change into something we aren’t. That takes too much energy. Thank you so much! 💕 Sames goes for you. The world need more kindness. xoxo


  2. Oh my gosh I can relate to this so much! I try my best to always always be kind to others, and I’m afraid others do see it as a way to take advantage since they see it as weakness as well. I’m so happy you’re not letting mean people change that kind spirit of yours though-the world needs good hearted kind people like you lovely. xoxo

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    1. Yeah, I really dislike that people see it as a weakness when it’s such a good and brave thing to be kind nowadays. Awhhh thank you so much lovely 💜 Your beautiful words mean the world to me. Same goes for you! Let’s love more. xox

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