It’s okay to take antidepressants or other meds for your mental illness

Hey lovely bloggers <3,

I’ve always wanted to make a blog post about it. I felt a bit scared to share of all this but since I’m always honest on my blog and you all are so supportive I know it feels good to share it. It’s really an important subject to me. I think many people with a mental illness can relate to this aswell. I have anxiety for like my whole life. I started to take antidepressants in February 20 mg of Lantanon. I also take a benzo when I feel really high anxiety. First, I felt really ashamed of it because I already felt ashamed of having a mental illness: anxiety and taking a medicine to recover made me even feel more weak and guilty of feeling this way. I thought that it’s all my fault and I thought that I have to help myself. It’s really crazy to think that it’s wrong to take a medicine when you have a mental illness?

When we have a physical illness such as fever or a cold it’s so normal for all of us to take paracetamol, ibuprofen or antibiotics. We even don’t think about it. We don’t find it a big issue. You are physically ill and you have to take a medicine to recover, like that’s so common. Nobody looks strange at you when you are having a cold and take a paracetamol. Also when I have my period I take Aleve Feminax which is a Naproxen that helps to relieve the cramps. It’s just all so normal. You go to the doctor and they give you the meds you need.

But then….. You can also have a mental illness like depression, eating disorder, ocd, anxiety…. You can recover with therapy but some people also need to take a medicine to recover. I did some therapy sessions in The Netherlands and it didn’t help for me. I even felt more anxious than ever before. You have to search the thing that works for you. Only you knows what’s the best thing for you to be able to recover. So, some people need to take meds such as antidepressants or anti anxiety meds to be able to function. There is a stigma surrounded with mental illnesses and with meds even more. You can’t get it so easy as when you have a cold. They even warn you for all the side effects and I read that when you stop taking it you will feel so bad. These meds are soooo important. They are saving lives and help people to cope with their mental illness. Why is their even a stigma about it? This really need to change.


I will admit that I was afraid to take antidepressants too. I read some stories about the side effects and I felt really scared. I tried naturall stuff like tea, valerian and St. Jans Wort and it all didn’t work. I just can’t stand when people are like yeah you just should try natural things and everything will be allright again. I tried that and it didn’t work. I also don’t like when people say like yeah just sleep more, do sports and you will feel better. Sometimes you can’t sleep good because of anxiety or don’t wanna move. That’s what depression and anxiety is about. You just feel tired all the time and don’t wanna do anything and in some cases people have suicide thoughts which makes it even harder to cope with life. I also can’t stand the people who say it’s all about seeking attention when somebody suffering with depression for example say that they wanna die. They feel so bad and have horrible thoughts and they are all suffering in silence. It’s so hard for them to open up. When they finally open up to aΒ  loved one, they say it’s seeking attention or not true. I think that’s really the worst thing you can say to someone mentally ill. If you can’t be kind, then don’t say anything at all. Be there for that person. Let them know you will support them and help them in seeking professional help. That’s just so important.

Sometimes you need help and take meds for your brain. The brain is an organ too. This organ can also misfuction just like any other organ. I was scared as hell when I began to take antidepressants since february 20mg and a benzo when I feel high anxiety. I even read the description and it said some people will have suicide thoughts and you can call this number when you feel that way. Fortunately, I didn’t had that.Β 
I think there are a lot of horror stories which even aren’t true. They just don’t want that we take it. I mean antibiotics also can cause danger and nobody said anything about that. My father had high cholesterol and got a medicine. This medicine caused him pancreatis. He almost died because of it….. I was 11 years old. In the subscription of the medicine to lower his high colestrol there was even written that it would cause this infection…. You see, you can’t trust these meds too. Every thing has sife effects and stuff but it’s important to know that in many cases nothing badly will happen. It’s also important to seek help by a qualified doctor. To anybody suffering of a mental illness, don’t be afraid to seek for help and take meds for it. If it makes you feel better, then do it.


I hope this blog post helped the people who are suffering with a mental illness. I believe that if you need to take meds for your mental illness, then you should take it. It saved my life. I cry less and my anxiety is much better than before. Ask for help and take what you need. I know that the more we talk about it and raise awareness, the more people will share about their mental illness an seek help. Recovery is possible and we have the right to speak about our struggles. We don’t have to feel ashamed of anything.

We are all in this together! ❀ You are a warrior! πŸ’ͺπŸ’œπŸ’• Together we are stronger and together we can beat the stigma of mental illnesses!

I love you all <3,

xoxo Christina


22 thoughts on “It’s okay to take antidepressants or other meds for your mental illness

  1. This is a great piece of writing and an important one to write about, and I couldn’t agree more it okay to take medication for your mental illness. In some cases they can save your life. Thank you sharing.

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  2. YES GIRL YES. If you need medication to control your mental illness, who is anyone to shame you? Personally, I like to explain it to people like this:

    Your brain is an organ, the same way your lungs or your heart is. When the organ of the brain isn’t working properly, chemical balances are off etc, you suffer from mental illnesses. They aren’t “in your head” – an organ in your body is literally NOT WORKING PROPERLY. You wouldn’t say to someone with a failing kidney to suck it up or that they’re making it up.

    If medication can help to control your mental illness, I’m all for it – nobody shames people for taking medication to help with heart failure etc. why should you taking care of your brain be any different? I’m so glad you’re getting the help you need and that you aren’t letting people bring you down ❀ xxx

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    1. Awhhh thank you so much for your comment! πŸ’œ The stigma of taking medication for mental illnesses needs to end. I loved your explanation! It’s just so true. The brain is an organ just like any other organ you have in your body. Mental illnesses are real. I don’t make up my anxiety. It’s definitely real. Taking meds for my anxiety definitely helped me a lot and is a life saver for many of us πŸ’œ You are so lovely, thank you beautiful!!!! πŸ˜πŸ’• xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I read that blog post and I love your blog! Thanks for the follow ❀ I will do and stay strong lovely. We are all in this together. We will break the stigma

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  3. Thank you! This really spoke from the heart to me. I might write about that issue too, thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. Came over from Christy’s blog. You know, I’ve taken antidepressants before. In the winter I get SAD and sometimes I just need some meds to counteract it. There is a stigma but with enough people such as yourself coming forward, we can all work to change it. ❀

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my blog post! πŸ’• I can understand you. I’m happy that the antidepressant helped you. Sometimes, we just need some meds to feel better. You are so right πŸ’• Together we will beat this stigma and make this world a better place


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