International Women’s day in Valladolid: the first feminist strike in Spain! 🌸💜💪

Hey lovelies 😍,

On the 8th of March 2018, I went to my first demonstration in Valladolid, in Spain. 8th of March was International Women’s Day. It was the first feminist strike in Spain. I will never ever forget this beautiful day. Maybe my hormones are making me feel emotional, fierece and so powerful or maybe it was my experience of this day. I will show you my experience and some awesome pictures & videos of this day. We made history in Spain!!! ❤ I went to the demonstration with my mother. I never ever went to a demonstration before. I’m always a bit anxious if they are going to be riots of group of extremists who want to hurt people. I’m happy that it was a pacific & peaceful demonstration. I know that something in me changed my way of thinking. I’m so proud of Spain. Spain had a dictator called Franco for 40 years. The transition to democracy was hard but we are going strong. Now, the first feminst strike took place like wow I’m so intense happy!!! Did you go to a feminst demonstration before? I also wanna know all your experiences.


This picture was made in Gran Via in Madrid, in Spain. Gran Via is the main city street in Madrid. International newspapers such as BBC or CNN and television from all over the world were writing and talking about this first feminist strike in Spain.

We all were at Fuente Dorada (square in the city centre of Valladolid). It began at 19.00 in the afternoon and ended at 22.00. There were thousands women and also men. I think it’s really important that also men were walking with us because they have to support us and help us to achieve equality between both sexes. This day was about all kinds of women: black, lgbt+ community, poor, rich, workers, students, elderly…. Everybody was invited to walk with us. We were walking for like one hour. It was so damn beautiful to walk with all these beautiful women. I have never felt so united and together with women. There’s a lot of jealousy and competition between women. I dislike that so much because if we really want to achieve equality between women and men, we also should stop to compare ourselves to other women. Instead, we should empower and encourage other women. I love to be part of this blogging and mental health community where I empower and encourage women and men. If we all support each other it’s much easier to achieve equality.

On the banner you can read: “Oh girls, just wanna have have fundamental human rights“. I draw the women sign on my face with a black eyeliner hahah. You can see how many women were at the first feminist strike in Valladolid….. thousands women!

I got really emotional during this walk. I felt one with the world and with all these beautiful women. It reminds me that we are not alone. I also heard some girls talking about their first time that they felt uncomfortable with men. It’s good to know that I’m not the only who have had bad experiences with men. We are all in this together ❤ I also saw some beautiful banners that all the women made for this demonstration and walk together. I loved the one where the words were written: “Yo decido el cúando, el dónde y con quien”. This means “I decide when, where and with who.” This banner was made by many women in whole Spain for the first feminist strike. This sentence is from the song Lo Malo which I heard during the talentshow Operación Triunfo on Spanish television. Aitana & Ana were singing this song. I’m going to the concert of Operacion Triunfo this friday and I can’t wait to hear this song and many other songs live in concert with my friend Maria.


These words means: “No is no, if you want flexibility go to yoga


These words mean: “I don’t want your compliment, I want respect


From the left to the right. On the first banner these words means: “You are more beautiful when you are free and not silenced.” On the second banner you can read the words: “I hate crowdy places but I had sexism much more.” On the third banner you can read the words: “There is no liberty without women who don’t are in a revolution.” On the last banner you can read the words: “I decide when, where and with who.”

I also talked a lot with all the women who were at the demonstration. My mother and I talked to some elderly who were so kind and lovely to us. One of them explained that this demonstration is really important. She said that she earned less than men and that this has to change. She also said that me and my mother were beautiful and that she hopes our lives are going well. I got really tears in my eyes… It means so much that complete strangers say these kind of things to me and my mother. I love that so much. There have to be more people like these women we met. It’s so important to say beautiful words to strangers and remind them how beautiful they are. You never know what kinds of battles or storms people are going through. Some kind words can definitely change your day and perspective of life.

I also met a lovely girl called Ines. She was from Catalonia. I shared some blog posts last year about the political situation of Catalonia. They want to be indepented from Spain. They had an election in December but the problem is still not solved because right now there’s no government. In Spain, all regions are autonomous which means that they have their own government, their own police and health care. Every region in Spain is different. I loved talking to Ines and understand her point of view. She said that this problem is not solved because during the time that Franco was a dictator for Spain for 40 years they had no rights. They couldn’t talk catalan, their own language and many things were forbidden. I also met a girl from Navarra, another region in Spain. Spain is beautiful because of all the different nationalities, regions and languages. I’m so proud to be Dutch and Spanish and be part of this beautiful culture ❤


The girl is called Ines which I met during the demonstration in Valladolid ❤

During this walk, we were all walking together to a square near to the cathedral of Valladolid. At that square some women were talking and giving speeches. It really made me feel so inspired. My mother asked for some stickers. I got some beautiful stickers to remind myself forever of this beautiful day. I already decorated my room with them. The march ended with a beautiful fire yeahhh ❤ 🔥

They wrote “feminst strike” on the windows of the shops. This was written on the windows of the shop Zara. On the right you can see the cute stickers which I got ❤ On the first sticker you can read the words: “Without women, the world will stop.” On the other sticker you can read the words: “I also support the strike.”

I got really emotional to see all these beautiful women walking together. We are women and we have to be proud of it. Together we are going to change the world! ❤ The first feminist strike in Spain was a success. There were millions of women walking together during this demonstration in whole Spain. I feel so inspired and powerful since this day. I feel like we are going to change this world and it’s so good to know that we are never alone. We are all united. Together we are strong. We made history with the feminst strike in Spain!!!! We are in a revolution! 💪This is is just the beginning of something really great. I believe in the good things coming. Never forget that we are all in this together. The future is female, girl power! 💜

I hope you all liked this blog post. As you know by now I’m a feminist by heart. What do you think of this demonstration? Are you also a feminist? I hope we are going to change this world together because YES WE CAN!!!! ❤


Love you all so much 💞,

xoxo Christina

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