It’s okay if you don’t have your life together 💕

Hey lovelies 😍,

I already wanted to write a blog post about this subject for so long. Self reminder: You’re still young and you’re not supposed to have your whole life figured out yet. Don’t stress. Everything will work out. I think it’s really an important subject because I can relate to it so much in my life. I’m thinking about this a lot especially because I’m in my twenties. Most of the bloggers who follow me are in their teenage years or twenties. I think they all can relate to this so much. The whole generation of millenials can relate to this. It feels like we have to our lives together when we don’t even know how to start with all the things we have to achieve. How many times have I met people who asked me instantly if I had a boyfriend, what I was doing with my life, what job I had, where I could see myself in 5 years etc etc etc? It was not because they were worried about me if I felt happy in life or how was I doing. They wanted to feel better about themselves and try to impress people with their stories of how everything is so perfect in their lives. They just asked all those questions because they were curious and when they knew it, they had something to gossip about….


When I finished talking they talked about how they have the perfect relationship, perfect job and how they have their lives together. It always makes me feel that I’m not good enough for not achieving the job I want, for not being in a relationship and just not having my life together. I compare myself way too much to other peoples lives. It makes me cause anxiety and I just overthink everything. I’m such an overthinker which isn’t good. Not everything you see is true. I’m learning to not do this anymore and to learn that everything will happen at your own time in life. I still haven’t find the career I’m looking for. That’s okay, everything will take time and pacience. I don’t like to rush through life because at the end things will go wrong that way. I’m also thinking a lot about how my birthday is in less than two months. I will be 25, a quarter of a century omgggg on the first of June. Sometimes that hits me and I think like omg I should have my life together. Sometimes I have a quarter life crisis about it. I start to think that I have to achieve all my life goals now, have a job I like, be in a relationship, marry soon and have kids otherwise I won’t if into this society.

I shouldn’t think this way because when our parents were born life was so different than now. It was easier to find a job where they stayed for the rest of their lives. They married young. My mother married when she was 25 years old. Some women even married younger. They had kids earlier than nowadays. The millenials want something else of life. I guess the most important thing for my parents was to marry, have kids and have a stable job. Nowadays, people switch often from jobs, stable jobs are not that easy to find, people get tired and most millenials want to experience other things in life such as to travel the world and earn a living in a different way such as having an own company. The world changed a lot during this time. Marriage and having kids is not the most important goal in life anymore. Besides, we are much poorer than our parents. I mean like when we finally get a decent job, we don’t even earn that much as our parents did. Marriage and having kids costs a lot of money. We do it when we have money to offer for ourselves and them.

It’s totally okay if you don’t have your life together yet. What does it really mean to have your life together? I guess we are always growing in life through our experiences in life. We can always face struggles in life and have doubts. It’s totally normally because nothing is planned in life. Things happen. Life happens. I think the most important thing at the end of the day is love. Love each other, grow with each other and be of service in the world. Trying to make this world a better place. You will find that job you are looking for, you will get married and have kids if that’s what you want. Remember, you don’t have to get married or have kids to be happy in life. It’s totally up to you so don’t feel pressured. This is your life and you decide your choices. Don’t feel sad or lost because you don’t have your life together. I also don’t have my life together. It’s all okay. We are all in this together ❤. I believe in the good things coming. All those things will come on our time and be pacient.

I also encourage anyone that feels this way to not compare their lives with other lives who seem to have everything together in life. I know it’s difficult and I must confess that I also do this a lot in my life. I feel worse afterwards because I will think about why can’t I achieve those big goals who other people can achieve. It’s just not true because we all have to go through our own battles. Even if you don’t see it in a person doesn’t mean they are facing their own struggles in life. Sometimes the little things we achieve in life our the big things such as loving each other inconditionally and try to help others in need. Life isn’t perfect and never will be. Just enjoy your life, be happy and do things which makes you happy 💕 All will be okay. If anyone needs to talk, remember that I’ll always be here for you all, will understand and respect you and help you. You can always talk to me about anything.

Much love ❤,

xoxo Christina

13 thoughts on “It’s okay if you don’t have your life together 💕

  1. Important issue. 🙂 I have a tendency to think that I’m not where I “should” currently be. I’m 30, I’ve quit my job a few months ago after a few years of torture of working there and I have no other job for now. I’m struggling with
    job-seeking anxiety, the idea of job interview makes me freak out, when at the same time some people of my age are making so called career. Also, my last relationship died gradually and I live with a parent. On the other hand, I am healthy, have a few good friends, great mom and some involving hobbies and I am trying to tell myself that it’s important too, that life consists of many areas and people probably rarely have all of them working perfectly at the same time. So, thanks for the reminder.:)

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    1. Thank you so much beautiful! 😍 I’m almost 25 and feel the same way. You have the right to quit if it didn’t make you happy. I hope you find something that makes you happy. I also have job-seeking anxiety. I also don’t like interviews ughhhh. Makes me feel sick. I feel sorry for your lost. That must be really hard. Yes, we have to focus on the things we have. It’s all okay. I wish you all the luck, strength and courage 💜💪


  2. It’s so true Christina, it really is. Like you said, sometimes it’s not just concern….it’s like we r trying to find people who are in the same place as ours…. some kind of support, some comfort…but many a times what comes out of it comparison and that’s the real bad in it. He or she has achieved so much already, is earning millions and has this big house by the country and here we are still struggling if we have taken up the right course or not… but it is absolutely OKAY. It totally is. We just need to understand that but like the humans we are, we won’t. We’d either call it being lazy or aimless! *sigh*

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    1. Thank you so much lovely! ❤️Yes, comparison is really not good and will only make us feel bad about ourselves and we start to doubt ourselves. We are all just trying our best here. You are so right. People judge so easily when they don’t know what battles who are going through. We aren’t lazy.

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