Body positivity: I’m thin and that’s okay 💕

Hey lovely bloggers 😍,

Today I want to talk about body positivity. This is such an important subject. There are still so many people suffering with this subject. Women and men suffer from this subject. We often think that only women suffer from not feeling good enough in their bodies. It isn’t true. Also men suffer from not feeling good enough. They don’t feel good enough or feel like they have to look a certain way to be happy. I want to talk about body positivity with this picture. I made this picture in La Alhambra in Granada, in Spain last Summer. Something I struggled with through my life is the fact that I’m thin. I’m happy with my body but I struggled with the fact that people bullied me for being thin. You may think people will praise you because you are thin. It isn’t true. People critice every body size.

Schermopname (6).png

When I was in high school I got comments that I’m not a woman because I don’t have big breasts or they said that I’m only bones. I also got worse comments which was that they said and asked me if I had anorexia. Those bad comments really hurt me and made me feel insecure about myself. I don’t have any eating disorder. This is such a mean comment and also an insult for those who really struggle with eating disorders. I really wish that those who suffer from an eating disorder can all recover and be happy with their body and theirselves. They really deserve that. It’s such a serious illness that has to be taken seriously because many people die from it every year. They saw that I ate a lot of chocolate and that I didn’t get any weight. I’m sorry but that it’s not my fault. This is just the way I’m made. I remember a girl said once to me that I will get thick when I’m older. I was like wtf why are you saying that to me?! I guess all those people were just jealous and enjoyed causing me hurt with their words.

I also remember many times that I went to eat with my Spanish family and they were all the time saying: “Wow you look really skinny”, “You have to eat more”, “Are you okay?”. I’m fucking okay but not with all those stupid comments. I know my family cares about me but those words just only caused me anxiety about my body image. In Spain, people love food and if they are not eating, they are cooking or thinking about food. I like food and eat well but I don’t like to eat that much as they do in Spain. It’s really insane how much they can eat here hahaha. I don’t want to be nauseous because of eating too much. I think that’s why sometimes when I feel uncomfortable at a place while eating I get nauseous. I fear again the comments people would make me. I felt like I had to eat much food so that nobody would critice me. Now, I just eat what I want and don’t care that much about what they say to me. This is my body and I’m happy with it. However, sometimes those words can still hurt me but I try to care less.

I also think society is causing a lot of damage to our body image. When we watch television or read a magazine we see all those perfect people with their perfect bodies. We began to think that we also have to look that way in order to be happy with our bodies and ourselves. It’s just a bad illusion. Most of those pictures you see are photoshop and aren’t even real. Do you really think you would be happy if you would look like that model in the magazine?! I think not because if you aren’t accepting yourself now, you won’t accept yourself if you would look different. It’s just creating a negative influence on your confidence. You have to accept yourself and your body now. I’m in favour or people doing sports in order to feel happy. I’m not in favour of people who are doing sports in order to loose so much weight to be happy. Trust me, it won’t make you happy. If you are doing sports because you have to do it it won’t create the benefits when you a sport because you love to do it and because it makes you happy. When I go swimming I feel refreshed and happy. Do something because it makes you feel good about yourself and not as punishment.

I wish everybody could embrace their bodies instead of criticising it. We have one body. Our body is our temple and we have to live in it until we die. It’s time to start a revolution and love our body and care for it. Your scars, stretch marks, flaws, curves and everything about your body is perfect the way you are.  Eat the right food, take care of it and practise self love. You only have one body so it’s important to take good care of it. Don’t listen to what society tells us to be. We are perfect the way we are. You are already enough. We don’t have to look a certain way to be happy about ourselves. We are more than our body, we are a person with beautiful values and a personality.


Sometimes I really wish I could gain more weight. I really wish that but I just can’t. I learned to accept that this is my body size. Maybe in the future when I maybe will get pregnant I will gain some weight but I guess it won’t be that much. My mother has the same body size and also gain a bit weight when she got pregnant. This is the way we were made. I’m never hiding it and always make pictures in Summer and with my bikini. I learned to be proud of my body despite the negativity or judgmental comments people would make me. I’m more than my body size. I’m a person with great values and have a caring heart. I think that means much more than a body size. We are all different and that’s what make us unique and beautiful ❤ I wish we can all start a revolution of loving our bodies because all bodies are beautiful.


I hope you all liked this blog post. I wish you all can’t relate to it because it makes me feel sad that so many people on this world still don’t love their bodies. You are all beautiful. It doesn’t matter which size you are. Remember that you are always enough. Love yourself no matter what 💕

Much love 💜,

xoxo Christina

10 life lessons I’ve learned in 24 years 

Hola lovely bloggers 💕,

My birthday is exactly in two weeks. I will be 25 years old on the first of June. A quarter of a century… Omg so old hahah. This blog post will about 10 life lessons I’ve learned in 24 years. I hope you can all somehow relate to my life lessons. These 10 life lessons are not in any rank. I find them all equally important.


1. Not because you took longer than others you failed

I had to do my final exam of college of a subject called Legal Dimension of Europe which was about law in August last year. I did that exam in June too but failed for 0.5 point. I felt overwhelming sad and stressed. I thought I was never being able to graduate. My study was 4 years but I took two years longer because of anxiety and the break up of my first love which was when I was 19 years old. I had to do a lot of subjects these last two years which I skipped before. I made myself feeling so stressed because of those negative thoughts that I would never graduate. At the end, I passed that exam with an 8 in August and could graduate. I learned to never give up because at the end you will succeed. I learned that it doesn’t matter if you took longer than others. It doesn’t mean you failed.

2. Everything will happen in the right time

This is also a point which relate to my words on the first life lesso. There’s not a rule in life which says that you have to graduate at 20, have your first real job at 22, get married at 25 or have children at 26 for example. I learned that everything will happen on my own time. I still sometimes find myself thinking that I have to have my life together now. It’s all okay and everything will happen when it’s your time and when feel ready for it. You have your whole life to make anything happen. Just be patient and try not to stress so much about it.

3. It’s better to have a few real friends than a million of fake friends

I’m now living in Spain and haven’t seen my friends in The Netherlands for like 6 months. I also have some friends around the whole world who I haven’t seen for years. I know they will always be my friends. The distance doesn’t matter if the friendship is real. I learned that it’s way better to have a few good friends than many fake friends. I always wanted to have a lot friends but I realised it isn’t worth to have so many friends. I’m happy I loose contact with fake people because they weren’t my friends. A friend would never bully you, laugh about you or talk behind your back. I learned that you can count your real friends on two hands and that they will always understand you and be there for you no matter what.

4. Blogging made me realise that there are still good people in this world

Sometimes I was thinking about all those horrible things that bad people do in this world. I know there are lot of bad people out there but let’s never forget that there are still good people out there. You just have to find the rights ones. I’m so glad that since I began this blogging adventure last year in August I came in contact with so many amazing people. People who have beautiful values such as being honest, sensitive, vulnerable and real. I love that I made so many great friends online. I love this blogging community so much. I love to make friends with authentic and awesome people like you all are! ❤ Thank you for always holding space for me and for understanding my thoughts and emotions. It means the world to me.

5. Saving money is really important

I have been studying two years more than my actually studies were. I’m not so much as debt as other people I know. I only have a debt around €2500 – €3000. For me, it sounded very much but then my parents said than when I earn money I can pay it soon back. Of course, I would need a well paying job. I have savings on my bank account and I’m trying to save money that I get for example for my birthday. I’m realizing this year that saving money is really important. I know that when I’m going to work I will save some money on my savings account. I could save this money for taking driving lessons once. I’m really afraid to take driving lessons once but I really want to be able to drive. In June, I’m going to have conversations in English with a child and get €12 each hour so I will save this money. The point is that I find saving money sometimes really difficult because I love to travel, buy concert tickets, buy books, buy food and clothes. I hope I can save this year more and more.

6. Family will always be there for you

I love my family so much. We can get along so well even though in some subjects we may agree. That’s all okay. What’s important is that I realised that my family definitely will always be there for me, in good and bad times. I have had some people in my life who were fake friends and left me alone when I felt bad. My family will always support me and not leave me when life gets though.

7. Let all the toxic people go in your life

I’m happy that I let all those toxic people go in my life. I just don’t want to have people in my life who bully me, talk behind my back and laugh at my face. Those are not what friends do to you. It’s really good to let those toxic people go because you will feel so lighter and happier. I only want good people in my life such as my real friends and family who will always support me and help me. Toxic people will only create drama, gossips and make you feel bad about youself. Life is too short for all that drama.

8. Follow only people who make you feel good about yourself on social media

I deleted and blocked a lot of people on my social media accounts because I don’t want to have people who only cause drama and negativity in my life. It isn’t worth it. Social media can be a storm of drama and negativity but it’s important to use it the right way. Unfollow accounts which make you bad about yourself such as a top model who look a certain way. You may think that if you look that way you will be happy with youself when it isn’t true. I love to follow people who inspire me and make me feel good about myself such as a famous international yoga teacher called Yoga Girl also known as Rachel Brathen. I love to follow real authentic people who share the good and the bad in life, who are vulnerable and real. I dislike those accounts who only share the good. Life isn’t perfect and on social media many people only share the good and I just don’t like that because it isn’t real. We all have ups and downs in life. The most authentic people on social media are the ones who show that like Yoga Girl and stay true to theirselves. That’s what make people authentic.

9. Always follow your heart and your dreams

I learned an important lesson as I’m 24 years old right now. This lesson is that you always have to follow your dreams even though you may fail. If you never try, you never know if you will make your dream come true. I’m a strong believer that following your dreams in life is really important and it makes your life purposeful. When I entered the contest to win a trip to New York City and speak at the United Nations I never knew I could win this contest. I won with writing an essay in Spanish about equality of women and men. If I never entered the contest I would never know if I could win. I was so happy to win. My dream was to go to New York City and speaking at the United Nations was just an amazing dream that came true. Always follow your heart and dreams. Deep down in your heart you know what you want but sometimes you are just too scared to take that first step forward to make your wildest and biggest dreams come true. I encourage you to do it because you never know what can happen. It will change your life and you will happy you took that first step forward. Keep on dreaming and dream big! 💕🌠

10. Travell as much as you can, as far as you can and as long as you can

Education will learn you many things but travelling will learn you things about life you don’t learn at school or in college. Travelling makes me come in contact with different cultures and languages. I love travelling and I will never stop travelling. New York City is the place I visited which was the most far away from my home in The Netherlands and Spain. I hope to visit it again and I hope to travel more and even more far away such Australia and South America. Never stop travelling. I’m so happy with all the friends I met. I have friends all over the world and I can’t wait to see them all again. Travelling will make your soul richer with every experience and will definitely make you come out of your comfortzone. You will not regret it. Go travel the world. The world is waiting for you to discover every place of it 🌍

I hope you all liked these 10 life lessons I’ve learned in 24 years. Let me know if you agree or relate to any of these lessons. I will speak to you all in my next blog post! Thank you all for reading.

Much love 😘,

xoxo Christina

Primark haul 💕👜

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

Today I will post my first haul on this blog. I really wanted to this for such a long time. This blog post will be a Primark haul. I went to Primark in Madrid in March when I went to the concert of Operación Triunfo with my Spanish friend Maria. I also have a Primark in Valladolid. I really love this shop. I love the cheap prices and they have some cute stuff. Whenever I go to Primark I always buy a lot of things 😂 I bought some items  when I went in March and which I’m going to share with you all. I was excited to post it now. It’s never too late, right? Do you also like Primark? Do you often go shopping there?

2018-05-08 042066068280..jpg

These are the items I bought 

Flowers wallet €4

I really love this wallet which I bought. I’m always looking for flowers pattern on clothes or anything so this wallet was a must have 🌸🌹. It wasn’t that expensive. I needed a wallet again because mine was broke.

2018-05-08 041100196304..jpg

Dry Shampoo Baptiste €1

I really love to use Dry Shampoo. I’m really addicted to use Dry Shampoo. It’s such a great invention! I know if you use it much it isn’t that good for your hair. I also use normal shampoo of course. I especially love to use it for my bangs. I love this brand so much. It also smells so good! Do you also use dry shampoo?

2018-05-08 041628248152..jpg

Dreamcatcher necklace €2

I love dreamcatchers so much. I have some dreamcatchers in my room. I will show them in another blog post. They fit perfectly for my free spirit and hippie mind ✌. I already had a dreamcatcher necklace but it broke so I bought this new silver one. It’s not real silver because that would be more expensive. I really love it and I will wear it a lot especially during these Summer months with my hippie clothes. It will match perfectly.

2018-05-08 041535437797..jpg

Beauty and beast Mrs Pott €8

I really needed to buy Mrs Pott even though it was a bit expensive. It costed €8. I really loved it so much when I saw it 😍. I love Disney so much and especially the Beauty & the Beast. A month ago, I went to the musical of the Beauty & the Beast and I also saw the movie. It’s such a lovely movie. This item of  Mrs Pott is really cute and I can do things inside which is very useful. I also can decorate my room with it.

2018-05-08 04-1058514231..jpg

Coconut face mask €1

I love coconuts so much. I eat a lot of coconut ice cream, I love coconut oil and especially face masks. It’s so healthy for our skin. It’s also a good way to practice taking care of yourself. I needed to buy this and I can’t wait to use it one day to relax myself.

I hope you all liked this Primark haul. Which was your favourite item that I bought? I will post more hauls soon! I really like to write these kind of posts. I’m also always looking for new themes to expand my blog posts. I love to write about anything.

Much love ❤,

xoxo Christina

Happy Mother’s day in Spain 💕😍🌸🌹❤🎉

Hey lovelies 💕,

Happy Mother’s Day in Spain! 😍💐Today I’m going to talk about Mother’s day in Spain. In The Netherlands it’s a week later, on the 23th. In Spain it’s always the first Sunday of May. When is Mother’s day in your country? Do you celebrate Mother’s day? I woud love to hear all about it.


I made this collage for my mother. Mother’s day for me is not only today but every day. I like to celebrate Mother’s day. Today in the afternoon, I will go to cafe with my mother and eat a delicious dessert or maybe drink a milkshake with her. I will pay for it because it’s Mother’s Day. I will also gave my mother a mandela card written and painted by me. I also have a surprise for her which is to go to the city Leon for one day. I will buy the tickets next week. The trip is only two hours by bus and cost €20 retour so it’s really cheap. I really like to travel and my mother also enjoyed it a lot. I love to travel with her. She was a stewardess for two years when she was 23 years old. I guess I have that travelling spirit because of her. The story of how my father and she met is also funny. She was 22 when she was in UK working in a college restaraunt in Cambridge. My father was studying there for a few months. She had to serve my father food and then my father was the one who in one second felt in love. My father loved her smile and her eyes. My mother thought that my father was Spanish because he had dark black hair. They went for a drink that night and they began a long distance relationship by that time. She was a stewardess in Spain and he was living in The Netherlands.


When my mother was 25 years old she married my father in The Netherlands and lived together there. I have two older brothers, Rafael which is 40 and is going to marry Verónica who is Spanish in August this year and Edward who is married with Elke and live in the south of Holland. Together they have a little girl called Noanne and a cat. My mother left everything for my father. She was happy that she was learning Dutch and could work. She got me when she was 42 years old. I remember the times she said how giving birth to me was her best birth ever. She had some health problems with my brothers such as her heart which was beating too fast and wasn’t fully adapted to a new country and far away from her home Spain and family. She felt alone by that time. When she got me she was really happy and also because I was a girl hahah after two big boys. I remember she said that the nurse said to her in the hospital that she is going to loose her freedom and she was like I already have two children. Such a mean comment to make….

I love my mother so much. She is the person I love the most in life because she’s always there for me. I also love my daddy but it’s different. He is sometimes hard, don’t understand me all the time and get angry fast. Having a good relationship with your mother is so important. If you lack a relationship in your mother you are going to lack a lot of love in life. I really believe in the mother instinct because I’ve been in her womb for 9 months. It makes you feel so close to each other. My relationship with my mother is really good. I can tell her all my secrets and she won’t tell it to my daddy hahah otherwise he would get angry. She’s always there for me in good and bad times. I’m so happy to have a mother like you. You are beautiful in all the ways, you are sweet and always caring. Thank you for being always there for me. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for the travel spirit. I also love the beach and the sea so much because of you. Since I have been little I have been travelling to Spain and I was always swimming in the sea.

Thank you for learning me Spanish. I can’t say how grateful I’m for this!!!! Thanks to my mother I grew up speaking Dutch and Spanish and am bilingual. I grew up in two totally different cultures and love it so much. Thanks to speaking Spanish I made life long friends, I felt in love with Spain and its beautiful culture. Thanks to speaking Spanish I could enter the MLOW contest and win, write an essay in Spanish and could do my speech at the United Nations in NYC in Spanish a few years ago. I will write an apart blog post about that. This is all because my mother learned me Spanish. I also went to classes but it’s not the same. When you learn a language from a little age and are always speaking Spanish at home, it’s much easier. I’m so happy to have such a lovely mother.

I love that I can have so much fun with my mother. I go shopping, see Eurovision, eat in a restaurant, take pictures, go travelling, go to the theater, go to the cinema, go swimming, go to the beach, go to concerts….. I can do anything with her and she would be happy to join me. She’s also an indepented woman. My father can watch football and do his own things and she would go to the beach with me or alone. My father don’t like the beach. They won’t fight about their differences. I really love that about their relationship. It’s good to do your own things but also love each other and support each other.

I’m really glad to have such an awesome and amazing mother! ❤ The thought of loosing her can make me feel sometimes so overwhelming sad. I better not think of that and enjoy life to the fullest with her 💕 She is 66 now and my father is 68. All my friends have parents who aren’t that age and are much younger. Age is just a number. We have to enjoy the time we spend with our loved ones and try to not think negative things.

I wish you much love, happiness and health for all the years to come! I love you to the moon and back 🌛 to infinity and beyond! 🌠

I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day in Spain and in any country! 💕

Much love,

xoxo Christina


10 reasons why I love Spring so much 🌞🌸🌷🌻

Hey lovelies 💕,

It was finally feeling like Spring in Spain two weeks ago. Now, it’s again cold….. like 14 maxium and 3 degrees as minium. In a few days, Spring time will come again yeahhh with 25 degrees every damn day. This blog post will be about the 10 reasons why I love spring so much together with some beautiful pictures I made two weeks ago in Valladolid. I enjoy Spring so much. I love Spring because of so many different reasons. You can hear the birds whispering. Life is getting warmer and I just love nature in Spring so much. We let the cold of the winter go and embrace the warm days. How is Spring in your country? What’s your favourite thing of Spring? I would love to know all about it 😄


These are the reasons why I love Spring so much:

Beautiful flowers

I love that in Spring all the flowers are going to grow and blossom. The dark winter is over. Life is beginning again. The earth feels so fresh. Everywhere you go you can see beautiful flowers. I love flowers and I’m a hippie girl haha. I always love to wear clothes with flowers and a flower headband in my hair. My favourite flowers are sun flowers, daisies, cherry blossoms, tulips, roses and violets. I love all flowers so much haha but those are my favourites. In The Netherlands you can also see this beautiful flowers blossom especially the famous Dutch tulips. There’s a park in The Netherlands which is called Keukenhof where you can see all these beautiful flowers especially the tulips. It’s one of the world’s largest flower gardens. It’s really touristic and so amazing to see! The best time to go is in May.

Keukenhof in The Netherlands where I went a few years ago 

Some weeks ago I went to take a walk and I saw this beautiful daisies in Valladolid

Cute clothes

I love that I don’t have to wear so many clothes such as in Winter. I find it really irritating to wear so much clothes. Life is so much easier when it’s getting warmer. I love that I can wear again cute shirts, dresses and skirts in Spring. It takes me less time to dress up. I love to wear also hippie clothes which fits perfectly for this weather. You can see my lovely flowers shirt from Bershka on the pictures below.

Ice creams

I love Spring because I enjoy eating delicious ice creams. My favourite ice creams are italian ice cream. I just love all the flavours so much. I can eat an ice cream every day and then I’m the happiest girl in the world ❤👏 Last week I ate one with chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is one of my favourite flavours. Which one is your favourite?


Milkshakes & Smoothies

I love milkshakes and smoothies so much. I love to make my own smoothies at home with fruits, ice cream and cream. I love to eat milkshakes too. I ate two last week. One with my friends and another one with my mother. I love the strawberry flavour but my favourite flavour is definitely chocolate!

Days are longer

I love that days are longer in Spring. I don’t like that in Winter it’s already dark at 5 p.m. I like that there’s much more day light than in Winter. Sunshine makes me so happy. It’s really important for our health. It has definitely a great effect on our mood. Besides, the Vitamin D from the sun is really important for us. Of course, we have to take care of our body skin when we are tanning. In The Netherlands there is way less sunshine than in Spain. Mainy days it’s rainy and grew and I dislike this weather so much.

Warm weather

I like the warm weather in Spring. I really like that the temperature is just perfect, not too cold and not too hot. 25 degrees is for me the best temperature. I can be okay with 30 degrees too but when it’s getting 40 degrees I’m really feeling bad. I love Summer too but I can’t cope during those really hot days in Valladolid. This city is one hour from Madrid by train and is in the middle of Spain which isn’t so hot as the south hahah. I like to be able to sleep. Sometimes in Summer there are days where it’s just impossible to sleep well because of the hot weather. Spring has just the best temperature.

Being more outside

During the cold Winter months we enjoy to drink a cup of tea with some blankets. We are more inside our warm home. I love that when finally Spring arrive I enjoy being outside more and I love to take walks in the nature with my friends or family. During that time I take pictures, sometimes read a book and just enjoy all this earth has to offer us. I like to feel the warm sunshine on my skin.

I took this pictures a few weeks ago when I walking in the park near to my house. I love my shirt “Happiness looks gorgeous on you” from Carrefour. The sunshine makes me so happy to be outside and take a walk 😄 The right picture below is from Tuesday when I went for a walk with my Spanish friends Maria and Maria 💕

My birthday 

This is really a personal reason why I love Spring so much. My birthday is in one month omgggg I will be 25, a quarter of a century. I love that my birthday is on the first of June 🎉. It’s basically the transitition time almost from Spring to Summer. I remember that it’s always sunny on my birthday. Let’s hope that this year it will also be sunny and around 20 – 25 degrees. That would be perfect for me to wear a cute dress and take pictures.


Festivals & concerts

Two years ago I went to Surfana festival in The Netherlands with my best friend. I never went before to a festival that lasted a few days because I don’t like to be in the crowd that much. It cause me anxiety. This was such a great festival because it was not such a big one. We all had space to dance and to enjoy the music. I stayed a few days on the camping. I really loved it. I didn’t like that we had some german people who were extremely loud at 2 a.m. in the morning with music They were promoting Jagermeister haha. I enjoyed this festival so much because it was a special festival. The music genre was surf music, reggea and indie. I just love this music style so much. You could do so many awesome things on the festival too. You could eat food from different countries. We also went surfing, did yoga, did a class of learning more about our mind, wine tasting and carved a sea horse. It was really amazing! We also wanted to watch the stars one day and they would tell us all about astrology but they suspended the class because there were too many clouds. I can’t wait to go again to this awesome festival which took place in the dunes near to the beach 🌊😍 I also love to go to concerts during the Summer months and especially love the outdoor concerts.

I went to Surfana festival in June of 2016 with my best friend Donya. I loved the good vibes, music and the awesome things I did such as yoga, surfing and drinking a piña colada from a coconut. You can see my favourite hippie clothes from Iwearsin on the pictures yeahhh.

Closer to Summer

My favourite season ever is Summer. When the temperature is getting warmer and days are getting longer we know we are in the right direction. When it’s finally Spring I really look forward to Summer. Even though I don’t like the really hot days in Spain I still enjoy those warm Summer months so much. After the dark winter we appreciate it more.

Thank you all so much for reading this post. Do you like Spring as much as I do? What’s your favourite season? I hope you all have a wonderful and beautiful Spring time! I’ll talk to you all in my next blog post.

Much love ❤❤❤,

xoxo Christina