Happy Mother’s day in Spain 💕😍🌸🌹❤🎉

Hey lovelies 💕,

Happy Mother’s Day in Spain! 😍💐Today I’m going to talk about Mother’s day in Spain. In The Netherlands it’s a week later, on the 23th. In Spain it’s always the first Sunday of May. When is Mother’s day in your country? Do you celebrate Mother’s day? I woud love to hear all about it.


I made this collage for my mother. Mother’s day for me is not only today but every day. I like to celebrate Mother’s day. Today in the afternoon, I will go to cafe with my mother and eat a delicious dessert or maybe drink a milkshake with her. I will pay for it because it’s Mother’s Day. I will also gave my mother a mandela card written and painted by me. I also have a surprise for her which is to go to the city Leon for one day. I will buy the tickets next week. The trip is only two hours by bus and cost €20 retour so it’s really cheap. I really like to travel and my mother also enjoyed it a lot. I love to travel with her. She was a stewardess for two years when she was 23 years old. I guess I have that travelling spirit because of her. The story of how my father and she met is also funny. She was 22 when she was in UK working in a college restaraunt in Cambridge. My father was studying there for a few months. She had to serve my father food and then my father was the one who in one second felt in love. My father loved her smile and her eyes. My mother thought that my father was Spanish because he had dark black hair. They went for a drink that night and they began a long distance relationship by that time. She was a stewardess in Spain and he was living in The Netherlands.


When my mother was 25 years old she married my father in The Netherlands and lived together there. I have two older brothers, Rafael which is 40 and is going to marry Verónica who is Spanish in August this year and Edward who is married with Elke and live in the south of Holland. Together they have a little girl called Noanne and a cat. My mother left everything for my father. She was happy that she was learning Dutch and could work. She got me when she was 42 years old. I remember the times she said how giving birth to me was her best birth ever. She had some health problems with my brothers such as her heart which was beating too fast and wasn’t fully adapted to a new country and far away from her home Spain and family. She felt alone by that time. When she got me she was really happy and also because I was a girl hahah after two big boys. I remember she said that the nurse said to her in the hospital that she is going to loose her freedom and she was like I already have two children. Such a mean comment to make….

I love my mother so much. She is the person I love the most in life because she’s always there for me. I also love my daddy but it’s different. He is sometimes hard, don’t understand me all the time and get angry fast. Having a good relationship with your mother is so important. If you lack a relationship in your mother you are going to lack a lot of love in life. I really believe in the mother instinct because I’ve been in her womb for 9 months. It makes you feel so close to each other. My relationship with my mother is really good. I can tell her all my secrets and she won’t tell it to my daddy hahah otherwise he would get angry. She’s always there for me in good and bad times. I’m so happy to have a mother like you. You are beautiful in all the ways, you are sweet and always caring. Thank you for being always there for me. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for the travel spirit. I also love the beach and the sea so much because of you. Since I have been little I have been travelling to Spain and I was always swimming in the sea.

Thank you for learning me Spanish. I can’t say how grateful I’m for this!!!! Thanks to my mother I grew up speaking Dutch and Spanish and am bilingual. I grew up in two totally different cultures and love it so much. Thanks to speaking Spanish I made life long friends, I felt in love with Spain and its beautiful culture. Thanks to speaking Spanish I could enter the MLOW contest and win, write an essay in Spanish and could do my speech at the United Nations in NYC in Spanish a few years ago. I will write an apart blog post about that. This is all because my mother learned me Spanish. I also went to classes but it’s not the same. When you learn a language from a little age and are always speaking Spanish at home, it’s much easier. I’m so happy to have such a lovely mother.

I love that I can have so much fun with my mother. I go shopping, see Eurovision, eat in a restaurant, take pictures, go travelling, go to the theater, go to the cinema, go swimming, go to the beach, go to concerts….. I can do anything with her and she would be happy to join me. She’s also an indepented woman. My father can watch football and do his own things and she would go to the beach with me or alone. My father don’t like the beach. They won’t fight about their differences. I really love that about their relationship. It’s good to do your own things but also love each other and support each other.

I’m really glad to have such an awesome and amazing mother! ❤ The thought of loosing her can make me feel sometimes so overwhelming sad. I better not think of that and enjoy life to the fullest with her 💕 She is 66 now and my father is 68. All my friends have parents who aren’t that age and are much younger. Age is just a number. We have to enjoy the time we spend with our loved ones and try to not think negative things.

I wish you much love, happiness and health for all the years to come! I love you to the moon and back 🌛 to infinity and beyond! 🌠

I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day in Spain and in any country! 💕

Much love,

xoxo Christina


12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s day in Spain 💕😍🌸🌹❤🎉

  1. This post is so emotional! I always like so much that you are passionate about things and people and full of love and respect towards them. That you really care about people who are close to you and about what is happening around you. It’s really a great personality trait and it’s very inspiring to me!:)

    Also, it was very interesting to read about your family! Thank you for sharing.:) I love the story about how your parents met and I find it interesting that you have a multicultural heritage. I associate Spain with passionate culture and warm hearts and perceive the Netherlands as more traditional and toned (maybe I’m wrong?), so it seems to be a unique combination.

    It so cool that you have such a strong bond with your mom. I love my mom a lot as well, I live only with her (not counting the cats :D) and we spend really a lot of time together and have a strong connection. The relationship between mother and daughter is special if they are emotionally close. Not only they are a family, but they can comprehend each other like only women do. I also understand your worries about losing her, time passes and both we and our parents get older, but they can live till they are 99 or 101 and let’s stick to this vision! 😀

    Also, I admit that it lifts my spirits to think that your Mom was 44 when she gave birth to you, because it means that I still have 14 years to find a partner and start a family. I know it’s a crazy conclusion. 😀

    You prepared really nice presents for your mom, I can already imagine her joy, I wish you both fun during your trip to Leon!

    By the way, in Poland we celebrate Mother’s day on 26th of May, so my mom will have to wait a bit longer for wishes and presents!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 💕❤👏 I really appreciate your beautiful words. I’m always like that. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming with some bad stuff that happen in the world.

      Yeahhh, I love being bilingual. You are right, Dutch people are my direct and can be sometimes come as hard. In Spain the people are my warm. It’s really the contrast 😂

      I’m happy that you have a great bond with your mom ❤ So true! We can understand each other so well. Let’s hope they live a long time and enjoy our time together with them.

      No, haha she was 42 😂 I changed the age. Hahah I can understand your conclusion. It’s never too late 👏 Thank you so much! 💕 I wish you also a happy Mother’s day!

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