Primark haul πŸ’•πŸ‘œ

Hey lovely bloggers πŸ’•,

Today I will post my first haul on this blog. I really wanted to this for such a long time. This blog post will be a Primark haul. I went to Primark in Madrid in March when I went to the concert of OperaciΓ³n Triunfo with my Spanish friend Maria. I also have a Primark in Valladolid. I really love this shop. I love the cheap prices and they have some cute stuff. Whenever I go to Primark I always buy a lot of things πŸ˜‚ I bought some items  when I went in March and which I’m going to share with you all. I was excited to post it now. It’s never too late, right? Do you also like Primark? Do you often go shopping there?

2018-05-08 042066068280..jpg

These are the items I bought 

Flowers wallet €4

I really love this wallet which I bought. I’m always looking for flowers pattern on clothes or anything so this wallet was a must have 🌸🌹. It wasn’t that expensive. I needed a wallet again because mine was broke.

2018-05-08 041100196304..jpg

Dry Shampoo Baptiste €1

I really love to use Dry Shampoo. I’m really addicted to use Dry Shampoo. It’s such a great invention! I know if you use it much it isn’t that good for your hair. I also use normal shampoo of course. I especially love to use it for my bangs. I love this brand so much. It also smells so good! Do you also use dry shampoo?

2018-05-08 041628248152..jpg

Dreamcatcher necklace €2

I love dreamcatchers so much. I have some dreamcatchers in my room. I will show them in another blog post. They fit perfectly for my free spirit and hippie mind ✌. I already had a dreamcatcher necklace but it broke so I bought this new silver one. It’s not real silver because that would be more expensive. I really love it and I will wear it a lot especially during these Summer months with my hippie clothes. It will match perfectly.

2018-05-08 041535437797..jpg

Beauty and beast Mrs Pott €8

I really needed to buy Mrs Pott even though it was a bit expensive. It costed €8. I really loved it so much when I saw it 😍. I love Disney so much and especially the Beauty & the Beast. A month ago, I went to the musical of the Beauty & the Beast and I also saw the movie. It’s such a lovely movie. This item of  Mrs Pott is really cute and I can do things inside which is very useful. I also can decorate my room with it.

2018-05-08 04-1058514231..jpg

Coconut face mask €1

I love coconuts so much. I eat a lot of coconut ice cream, I love coconut oil and especially face masks. It’s so healthy for our skin. It’s also a good way to practice taking care of yourself. I needed to buy this and I can’t wait to use it one day to relax myself.

I hope you all liked this Primark haul. Which was your favourite item that I bought? I will post more hauls soon! I really like to write these kind of posts. I’m also always looking for new themes to expand my blog posts. I love to write about anything.

Much love ❀,

xoxo Christina

24 thoughts on “Primark haul πŸ’•πŸ‘œ

  1. I love the wallet and the necklace. Wallet especially because I like floral patterns as well! Too bad I don’t have Primark in Poland, but fortunately I have similar type of shops. The most dangerous shops for me are those with cosmetics…and bookstores though. πŸ˜€ Talking about dry shampoo, I never use it, but I know the one you got is popular and effective. πŸ™‚

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  2. Mrs Potts is sooo cute, they have them in the Primarks over here and I think they’re so sweet. I love their Disney ranges, I have a lot of the products because I can’t help but buy them!! xx

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  3. Love the floral wallet!! πŸ™‚ Also, Mrs. Potts is so cute!! πŸ™‚ I love Beauty and the Beast too! It’s one of my favorite Disney movies! Lovely post!! πŸ’–


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