Body positivity: I’m thin and that’s okay πŸ’•

Hey lovely bloggers 😍,

Today I want to talk about body positivity. This is such an important subject. There are still so many people suffering with this subject. Women and men suffer from this subject. We often think that only women suffer from not feeling good enough in their bodies. It isn’t true. Also men suffer from not feeling good enough. They don’t feel good enough or feel like they have to look a certain way to be happy. I want to talk about body positivity with this picture. I made this picture in La Alhambra in Granada, in Spain last Summer. Something I struggled with through my life is the fact that I’m thin. I’m happy with my body but I struggled with the fact that people bullied me for being thin. You may think people will praise you because you are thin. It isn’t true. People critice every body size.

Schermopname (6).png

When I was in high school I got comments that I’m not a woman because I don’t have big breasts or they said that I’m only bones. I also got worse comments which was that they said and asked me if I had anorexia. Those bad comments really hurt me and made me feel insecure about myself. I don’t have any eating disorder. This is such a mean comment and also an insult for those who really struggle with eating disorders. I really wish that those who suffer from an eating disorder can all recover and be happy with their body and theirselves. They really deserve that. It’s such a serious illness that has to be taken seriously because many people die from it every year. They saw that I ate a lot of chocolate and that I didn’t get any weight. I’m sorry but that it’s not my fault. This is just the way I’m made. I remember a girl said once to me that I will get thick when I’m older. I was like wtf why are you saying that to me?! I guess all those people were just jealous and enjoyed causing me hurt with their words.

I also remember many times that I went to eat with my Spanish family and they were all the time saying: “Wow you look really skinny”, “You have to eat more”, “Are you okay?”. I’m fucking okay but not with all those stupid comments. I know my family cares about me but those words just only caused me anxiety about my body image. In Spain, people love food and if they are not eating, they are cooking or thinking about food. I like food and eat well but I don’t like to eat that much as they do in Spain. It’s really insane how much they can eat here hahaha. I don’t want to be nauseous because of eating too much. I think that’s why sometimes when I feel uncomfortable at a place while eating I get nauseous. I fear again the comments people would make me. I felt like I had to eat much food so that nobody would critice me. Now, I just eat what I want and don’t care that much about what they say to me. This is my body and I’m happy with it. However, sometimes those words can still hurt me but I try to care less.

I also think society is causing a lot of damage to our body image. When we watch television or read a magazine we see all those perfect people with their perfect bodies. We began to think that we also have to look that way in order to be happy with our bodies and ourselves. It’s just a bad illusion. Most of those pictures you see are photoshop and aren’t even real. Do you really think you would be happy if you would look like that model in the magazine?! I think not because if you aren’t accepting yourself now, you won’t accept yourself if you would look different. It’s just creating a negative influence on your confidence. You have to accept yourself and your body now. I’m in favour or people doing sports in order to feel happy. I’m not in favour of people who are doing sports in order to loose so much weight to be happy. Trust me, it won’t make you happy. If you are doing sports because you have to do it it won’t create the benefits when you a sport because you love to do it and because it makes you happy. When I go swimming I feel refreshed and happy. Do something because it makes you feel good about yourself and not as punishment.

I wish everybody could embrace their bodies instead of criticising it. We have one body. Our body is our temple and we have to live in it until we die. It’s time to start a revolution and love our body and care for it. Your scars, stretch marks, flaws, curves and everything about your body is perfect the way you are.  Eat the right food, take care of it and practise self love. You only have one body so it’s important to take good care of it. Don’t listen to what society tells us to be. We are perfect the way we are. You are already enough. We don’t have to look a certain way to be happy about ourselves. We are more than our body, we are a person with beautiful values and a personality.


Sometimes I really wish I could gain more weight. I really wish that but I just can’t. I learned to accept that this is my body size. Maybe in the future when I maybe will get pregnant I will gain some weight but I guess it won’t be that much. My mother has the same body size and also gain a bit weight when she got pregnant. This is the way we were made. I’m never hiding it and always make pictures in Summer and with my bikini. I learned to be proud of my body despite the negativity or judgmental comments people would make me. I’m more than my body size. I’m a person with great values and have a caring heart. I think that means much more than a body size. We are all different and that’s what make us unique and beautiful ❀ I wish we can all start a revolution of loving our bodies because all bodies are beautiful.


I hope you all liked this blog post. I wish you all can’t relate to it because it makes me feel sad that so many people on this world still don’t love their bodies. You are all beautiful. It doesn’t matter which size you are. Remember that you are always enough. Love yourself no matter what πŸ’•

Much love πŸ’œ,

xoxo Christina

20 thoughts on “Body positivity: I’m thin and that’s okay πŸ’•

  1. Such a lovely post and so proud of you for sharing this! 🌷 It can be really frustrating and upsetting when people say stupid things like that, but I guess they don’t understand how words can really affect us, or how insensitive they are being. ❀

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  2. Important topic! πŸ™‚ I have the same body type as you, I could eat a dinosaur and would still be the same size. πŸ˜‰ I admit that I own some clothes that date back from high school…;) I heard from some “nice” people that I will most probably gain weight after I’m 30, so from this year on I’ waiting… πŸ˜€ But on a more serious note, fortunately I didn’t get too many comments about my body, or I don’t remember it, and I’m sorry that you were surrounded by people who intentionally, or not, were making you feel bad about how you look :/ It’s insane, because apparently we both look like what western culture tries to promote! So I don’t know what people expect ideally. Maybe it’s about trying to complain about everything in another person. Too skinny, to chubby… Just to find something,anything…
    The thing that used to bother me a lot in the past though, because of my own perception of self and comments of some men, were small breasts. Now I think I’ve managed to stop thinking about it. If I were to choose I would add a bit more fat everywhere on me, but I still believe it’s better to eat everything I want and stay the same. It’s practical! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I loved to read it ❀️ Haha, I’m the same way. I never get any weight no matter how much I eat. I also have clothes from some years ago which I can still wear. It’s really nice 😊✌️ Thank you so much. Words can definitely hurt.

      In this society nothing is good enough and they just create false illusions. We are like never good enough when we are. Every body size is beautiful. I also stopped thinking about it and tried to embrace my body ❀️ It definitely is

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  3. This is a very honest and courageous post! My daughter has been bullied for being to thin also. I tell my daughter she is beautiful and every piece of her was sculpted by Gods hands. Before she got braces she was bullied for her TEETH. I was bullied as a child as well so I know how depressing and small it makes someone feel. I am proud of you for overcoming the bullies. ❀

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    1. Thank you so much! ❀️ I’m sorry for you and your daughter. We are beautiful. People can be really jealous and mean. We are worth it. They will always find something.

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    1. Thank you so much 😘 I think you wanted to say this in my last blog post where I talk about going to concerts. So true! Music is life πŸ’• I’m glad you liked it. Love your blog!


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