It’s okay to not be okay 🌹

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

I wanted to write a blog post with a Summer theme or other happy blog post that I was thinking about but today I just can’t. If I did that I wouldn’t be real on this blog. I always want to be real, honest and authentic. I also don’t like to spread negative vibes here but it always feel good to just write about your feelings and thoughts that you bother with. Journalling is so good for your mental health. I love to write because after I write in my journal or on my blog I feel much better. Writing is a beautiful form of healing. This is my safe space to always be able to share what I’m feeling or thinking at the moment. I wrote this last night and shared it on my Instagram of @seaofwordsblog.


I just don’t feel okay right now. I love this poem from @rmdrk 💕 Robert M Drake is one of my favourite poetry writers. I have been crying all night. I think too much about everything, feel stressed which makes my mind go crazy and result in crying. I also find it hard to sleep lately because it’s so hot. What makes me crying is because my parents just don’t understand me. I’m now with my mother here in Spain and my father is in The Netherlands. My father asked in an email to my mother when would be a good time to return to the Netherlands and now he just booked a flight at the end of September. I got angry and cried at my mother because I just don’t wanna go back. I know one day I have to go to get all my stuff because maybe my parents are going to move to Spain. We have one house in The Netherlands and an appartment in Spain. I don’t like that my parents push me to do things I don’t want. I’m 25 years old, not a baby anymore…. You just can’t force me.

I just don’t wanna go back to The Netherlands. I want to look for a job here in Spain. I always prefered Spain over the Netherlands. I love the culture, the delicious food tapas and the lovely people. Spain is just so beautiful 😍My anxiety is getting in my way to look for a job but maybe I just have to jump outside of my comfortzone. I would love to find a job here in Valladolid but for many public jobs you have to take an exam and study for it. I would love to just apply for a job without doing that exam. Maybe, I have to go to Madrid or Barcelona but I don’t know many people there and I’m a bit afraid to be alone in a city. I like to be with my family too. I know they will be there for me too so it’s a bit a contrast. These are all thoughts that keep me up at night. I already wrote about this a few months ago Bad feelings & thoughts 😢. I really don’t like that my parents push me. I said to my mother that I’m not going back and will look for a job. Of course, I like to see my family and friends in The Netherlands and there will also be a party for my brother Rafael and Veronica’s wedding. I just don’t know what to do right now. I don’t want any fights but I also think that this is my life. The only one who is going to live it, it’s me. I just don’t like to be pressured. It makes me anxious and sad. Sometimes life can be though but we always have to remember to turn the light on. I think I’m also feeling bad because of my period and having cramps. Thank god I take Aleve Feminax naproxen for the cramps. This helps me soooo much. Magic pills 😂💊 .

I also have a lot of back pain lately. I think that’s because everytime I feel tense all the bad energy goes there. I really wanna take some yoga lessons this Summer. That will help me so much. I can’t wait to go swimming outside in the pools here in Spain. I enjoy that so much. I would love to be in the water all the time because that’s the only thing which calms me 100%. I’m a mermaid 🏊🌊🏄🌞 I can’t wait to go surfing and to go to the ocean too. The ocean is my home. Hopefully, I will live one day near to the beach. I can only dream of waking up and seeing and hearing the waves 😍

This is just a reminder for all of you that’s okay to not be okay. Sometimes you have to let all your emotions out. It isn’t good to bottle everything up. I do that so many times and then when I begin to cry about one thing, I end up crying about everything. Your feelings are valid. There are still so many amazing things to experience in life. We all have to take it day by day especially those who suffer from a mental illness like me with anxiety. Looking too much in the future will only increase my fear. Taking it day by day is much better. Remember, we’re all in this together ❤💪 You are not alone. You are loved. You are worth it. This life is sometimes really hard, though and a complete mess but also beautiful. Take care of yourselves. I hope I can sleep right now. Crying makes me always so tired.


Today, I feel a bit better. I slept really well and enough. I just have to do what feels good to me. If I find a job before September then I can stay in Spain. Maybe, my parents wouldn’t say nothing then. I could pay the flight if I’m not going back. Do you also relate to my words? Do you also feel pressured sometimes by your family or other people? I appreciate any advice because it will sure will help me a lot.

I love you all so much 💕,

xoxo Christina

Second birthday haul, my birthday celebration with my friends and happy Summer time! 🌞💕🎉💃🌊

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

This is going to be my last blog post about my birthday hahaha. In this blog post I’m going to share my birthday celebration with my friends and the presents I got from my friends and from my family. It’s going to be my second and last birthday haul hahah 😂. I’m also going to talk about Summer time at the end of this blog post. Summer time is finally here! I was waiting so long for this moment. I can finally enjoy eating ice cream in the sunshine 🌞


My daddy came for two weeks to Spain and gave me some presents for my birthday. I got a beautiful black dress from Verónica and a beautiful hippie scarf with feather from Verónica and my brother Rafael. I really liked it so much. It’s from my favourite shop here in Valladolid called Azabache. I love hippie and boho clothes so much. I also got Yogi Tea from my father. I love all the flavours so much. I got rooibos and women’s tea. I really loved these presents so much. I also got a beautiful Volkswagen hippie car from my father this week. This was not for my birthday but I still wanted to include this here. I have another red one in my home in The Netherlands. I also have a poster of these cars  and a quilt here in my room. I wish to one day to be able to drive, buy such a car and decorate it. I’m forever a hippie girl and aloha surf vibes 🏄🌊🌴


Haha, it’s definitely my birthday month. It’s now really over. Last Friday, on the 15th of June I celebrated my birthday with my Spanish friends. We ate with 7 people in a greek restaurant named Pita. gr, griegos artesanos in Valladolid. This is one of my favourite restaurants here in Valladolid. I love greek food so much. Did anyone of you tried it before? I really love it. The food in this restaurant is cheap and soooo delicious! I ate mezzes with typical greek pita bread. I also drank a delicious greek lemonade. I also ate musakas with potatoes and salad. Musakas is greek meat. It was so good! There’s no better way to celebrate my birthday with all of my friends in a greek restaurant 😍😍😍

Afterwards, we went to the karaoke bar called Tuareg. It’s just 15/20 minutes away from my house. I really love to sing karaoke. We went there with the birthday celebration of Maria too. I enjoyed this night with all of my friends. We sang Rosas from La Oreja De Van Gogh, Lo malo from Aitana and Ana and La cintura from Alvaro Soler. I love these Spanish songs so much. It was really fun to sing and enjoy this night with all of my friends. They also played really good Reggaeton and Spanish music in this bar. I really had such a great night! 😄

I got so many amazing presents from my friends which I’m going to show you now. From Guillermo I got instax mini film for my polaroid camera. I love to use my polaroid and take pictures to capture amazing moments in my life. I got balloons from the number 2 and 5 from Maria Martin and Guillermo. I got a bag for the beach with pineapples and flamingos and a wallet from Maria Esteban. I really loved it so much. It’s really cute and I can’t wait to use it.

I also got two beautiful little cups and plates from my favourite brand Mr. Wonderfull from Juan, Sandra, Maria Martin and Natalia. They have so many amazing stuff. It’s for coffee but I’m going to use it for tea because I don’t drink coffee. I also got from them a cute cat face mask and a petite bunny gloss bar from one of my favourites make up brands which is Sephora. I really loved all of these presents so much. Thank you all so much for these beautiful presents and for this amazing night. I really love my friends so much ❤ It’s really great to have such amazing friends and who are always there for you.

It’s finally Summer time! I can’t wait to share with you all many Summer related blog posts such as a Summer bucketlist, a beach play list and many more awesome things. My blog is going to have a Summer theme yeahhh 🌞🌊. Summer time and the living is easy, right?! I love to enjoy the sunshine and swim in the ocean. Since two weeks it’s really hot in Spain. We had 30 degrees and since a few days ago it’s 35 degrees. In the south of Spain it’s already 40 degrees! The only thing I don’t like about the Summer is that I find it difficult to sleep. Last Sunday, I went with my friend Maria to drink a delicious chocolate milkshake. I love that so much 👌 It’s really my addiction hahah.

Last Tuesday I was enjoying Summer time in the park near to my house with my mother and made some nice pictures. I finally could wear my favourite bikini from the surfbrand O’Neill. It was the first time that I was wearing a bikini again since a year ago. I can’t wait to go swimming in the outside swimming pools here 🏊 I also can’t wait to go surfing again and to swim in the ocean again. The beach is my home 😍🌊 I was made for sunny days.


I hope you all like this blog post. Do you also celebrate your birthday many times like me? Are you already enjoying Summer? I wish you all a beautiful Summer! I hope you’re all going to do enjoy it and have an amazing time together with your family and friends. You all deserve that so much. I will speak to you all soon in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

Why I quit drinking alcohol and how it improved my life 👏🚫

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

Today I would like to talk about the fact that I quit drinking alcohol and how it improved my life. I’m going to tell you some stories of my experiences with alcohol and how the decision of quitting drinking alcohol was the best one ever. It’s a topic that I always wanted to write about and I just need to get some things out of my mind. I’m happy to know what you think about it. Maybe, we can have a discussion in the comment section 😊.


So, I quit drinking alcohol since february 2017 because I began to take antidepressants for my anxiety disorder.  A few months before that I already didn’t drink much anymore. So I guess you all know by reading my blog that I suffer from anxiety. Alcohol is also an antidepressant itself and can make you feel anxious, depressed and emotional. You also loose your concentration or get sleepy when you are drinking too much. When I was on exchange in Spain a few years ago I began to drink so much. Before this exchange time I drank also a lot but during my exchange time in Spain much more. You have to know that I never been an alcoholic just to make that clear. I wasn’t addicted to alcohol. I just drank a lot of alcohol.

I was never really drinking much alcohol, just one or two glasses of wine that’s it. It was until I went on exchange to the city of Logroño in Spain that I began to drink. This city is famous for their delicious wine and undergound restaurants called bodegas where you can eat and where they make the wine. It was the perfect combination to drink lots of wine 😂. I don’t like beer only Sol or Desesperados so I drank a lot of wine there. I remember that the first time I met some exchange students a girl said to me why I didn’t drink and then well I began to drink. It was also more than a half year ago that my ex boyfriend, my first love broke up with me. I didn’t want to be the outsider so I began to drink. Every party we were with people from all over the world drinking and playing drinking games, dancing and going to bars and clubs. I felt really socially pressured to drink.

I was always that party girl but I wasn’t that person. It was not the real me. I drank to please others but not to please myself. I remember many times that I wake up and I felt so bad that I had to vommit and couldn’t eat the whole day. I have bad memories with alcohol. I remember the times I went running and crying through the streets in Logroño and calling my ex’s name. I even called him once but of course he didn’t pick up. I was so lost. Alcohol made me feel much more anxious, increases my anxiety, made me feel a completely mess and made me feel so low. It was that time that I began to have panic attacks during the night. I was awake feeling anxious and crying the whole night until 8 o’clock and sleeping the whole day.

I didn’t go to many classes. I was supposed to be studying that semester but I only achieved 15 points out of 30 which was pretty much for the times that I partied…. I passed two subjects and the Spanish course. When I remember those times now I feel ashamed but I’ve learnt from my mistakes. Alcohol isn’t good for your health. Of course, a glass of wine or two are nice and make you feel happy but not more. Alcohol increase your anxiety, depression and just make you feel bad. I first always thought that alcohol would make me happy and in the beginning of the night it was true but at the end I was a completely mess. Every morning I regretted to drink and then in the weekends I began again. Drinking alcohol made me feel more confidence to talk to boys. At the end, it wasn’t worth it.

During this time that I take medication I sometimes have been drinking a bit of wine but just some sips. I’m afraid to even drink one glass of wine with combination of antidepressants. That’s why I decided to quit and I’m happy that I quit drinking. Of course, I miss drinking a glass of wine but maybe in the future when I quit one day my medication I can drink that glass of wine. Until then, I’m not missing out of anything. My father quit drinking alcohol for 10 years because of having acute pancreatitis. Just to be clear he didn’t got it because of drinking too much. The doctors said it would be better if he didn’t drink. Now, he can drink again one or two glasses of wine or beer.

The only thing that I hate of not drinking anything is that people seem to not respect me. My real friends understand me and don’t push me. I just went to a party this weekend from a friend and some friends of her said that I was being borring and one said it’s strange to see you not drinking and being drunk. I’m not that person anymore. I never been that party girl. I’m an extroverted introvert. I love to be alone, do my own things and enjoy music by myself. I love to go to concerts with friends. I don’t have to drink to have fun. I love to dance and sing. I had a bad moment this weekend which was that one friend said yeah you should come here with my friends. It was in the middle of the crowd and sorry no not sorry I’m not doing that. I said no so many times. I suffer from anxiety and hate crowds and yes I love going to concerts and parties but I am always near to exit. That friend went to their friends and I cried afterwards with another friend. I felt pressure and not okay. I’m sensitive and don’t like to pushed to do things I don’t want to do and when I say no they have to stop pushing me. Is it so difficult to just respect me? I remember a time that I was in the front and felt so dizzy that I almost fainted so I don’t want to experience that again.

What I just want is that people should respect my decisions. This is my life. I will never say to someone that he or she has to drink to be more fun and crazy. You just do what it’s good for you and you respect others decisions. I don’t want to make excuses all the time or feel bad or an outsider because I don’t drink. I still feel that way sometimes and sometimes I’m saying then that I can’t drink because I take a medication for my period which I do but the main reason is the medication for my anxiety. I’m not telling that to strangers or not good friends. I just want to be at peace and do what feels good to me. At the end of the day, you are all by yourself and you have to be happy about your decisions in life. I will encourage anyone to make their decisions and if anyone ever felt left out know that you are awesome the way you are. The people who drink are not cooler than the people who don’t drink. The people who bully others for that aren’t the right people. I would love to know your experiences. Do you drink alcohol? If not, do you feel like an outsider? What does alcohol make you feel?

I hope you all liked this blog post and will speak to you all in my next blog post. I will write about my second birthday haul and celebration which I had this weekend. My birthday moment is definitely over right now 😂. I also will create many Summer related posts for the upcoming months. My blog is going to have a Summer theme yeahhh 🌞❤

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

Women are not your property & 200 followers 🎉

Hola sweeties 💕,

Firstly, I want to say that I’m so happy that I received a few days ago a notification on WordPress that I received 200 followers. I’m so happy that my blog is growing and growing. I hope it will continue this way. Thank you all so much for all the likes, comments and follows. I’m not blogging because of the numbers but of course it makes me happy that my blog is growing. I’m so thankful for this beautiful community. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. I’m looking forward for my celebration of one year of blogging in August. I love you all so much 😍😍😍


Today I want to talk about a an important subject which is that women are not your property. This subject is based on how our society view us. I’m going to talk about this subject related to my own experience with boys and my ex boyfriend. I’m a proud feminist which means that I believe in equal rights between women and men. Some people think that being a feminist means that we hate men and that we think we’re better than them when it’s not that case. I don’t want to feel and be superior as a man. I just want to be treated equally as a man.


Women’s bodies are always considered as an object. We are always sexualised. You can see it on social media, on television, on magazines, just everywhere you go you can see it. I’m really done with it. I remember a time that I was doing my Erasmus abroad in Spain a few years ago that I knew a group of friends. There was one boy who was always hanging out with us and was a nice boy. Then one day he said to me that he gave my mobile number to a friend of him because he liked me. I was really angry. Just because I trust you and we’re friends doesn’t mean that I want that you give my mobile number to a boy I even almost don’t know and especially whitout my consent. This boy had my number and was messaging me and said that he found me sexually attracted. I felt horrible because I don’t want my body to be sexualised and I don’t want any boy to like me just for my body. I didn’t answered this boy anymore and deleted him from my mobile phone.

I’ve felt so many times that I needed to change for a boy or please him when it isn’t good for me. Someone has to love you for who you are and for your personality. Looks will fade away as you age but your heart and mind will always stay with you. Why do women always feel like our body is their property when it isn’t? It’s the same way with catcalling. This is a behaviour of men which I hate so much. In that moment they’re acting as if we are their property. I remember so many times that I was walking or biking and a man was catcalling me. When I didn’t respond the man was laughing and calling me a dirty word. It feels like we have to respond to them. We are not their fucking property. We aren’t fucking dogs who you have to call all the time. We have the right to not respond to this behaviour. I hope this behaviour will stop one day so that women don’t feel inscure or uncomfortable walking on the streets.


Men also don’t have the right to change women just to please him. It’s so important to not loose yourself in a relationship because at the end the most important thing is to be yourself. If someone don’t like you for who you are then it’s better to not be in relationship with this person. An example is when I had a relationship with my ex boyfriend. Once we went on a trip to Antwerp in Belgium and we went to the shop Forever 21 and we got into a quarrel. He said that every girl could walk on high heels and that I also had to walk on it. He said it would increase my self esteem and I would look like a model of Victoria Secret. Well fuck yourself, I don’t want to be or look like a model. I just want to be myself. I gave in and once in Spain he bought me high heels. I tried to walk on them so many times during parties and once also during a holiday we went with his family in Mallorca. I HATED IT. The high heels weren’t ugly at all. They were beautiful but I just hate to walk on high heels okay. I can’t walk on it, it hurts me and it doesn’t increase my self confidence. When I walked on high heels I felt more insecure and it was so uncomfortable. I told this to some boys and my friends I met after my relationship ended and they all said that it was stupid that my ex tried to change me into someone I’m not. I have to decide what’s good for me, and what I wear. It’s my body and isn’t your damn right to decide what I have to wear.

A read some articles of women who got raped and they alway point out that it’s the women’s fault. Society always blame the woman and I’m so done with it. They always point out about what the women was wearing, how late they were at the street or if they were at a party. It’s the rapist fault which in many cases is a man. Men are responsible for their actions. I also read that in many cases the rapist is their own boyfriend. They feel like when they’re in a relationship that the women is their property and can do anything with their body when it isn’t their right. The woman always have to give consent. If they aren’t okay with their behaviour and actions it isn’t okay. I have pleased so many times boys as in kissing them just because I was scared to loose him when at the end that happened. I also had times that I liked a boy and he also said he liked me and the end found out that he was kissing another girl. I felt so many times betrayed. Nowadays, I’m afraid to let someone in my life because I don’t want to have a broken heart after my ex boyfriend anymore. It hurted too much and broke my life in pieces. I will talk about this in another blog post in the future. The thing I want to say is that we aren’t your poperty. You don’t own us. You are not entitled to our bodies or our minds.

We have one body. Our body is our temple and we don’t own anyone anything. Remember, that you are never someone’s property. If you have to change yourself for your partner it isn’t worth it. It’s better to leave that relationship then to loose yourself. It’s so important to be able to be free yourself. You are a person on your own, with your values and personality. You decide what’s good for you and what’s not. Do what feels good to you. Always leave toxic relationships because at the end they will do more harm than good. We’re starting a revolution! The future is female 👭💪

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post. I will talk to you all in my next blog post 😊

Love you all so much 💕,

xoxo Christina

Birthday haul and decorations 🎂🎁🎉🎈💕

Hey lovelies 💕,

I want to thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes I got on social media, email, WhatsApp, etc. from all over the world 🌍 It means the world to me! It really made my day. I’ve had a great birthday. I loved to celebrate my first birthday on WordPress. In this blog post I will share a birthday haul: cards 💌  and presents 🎁 I got from my family and friends. I will also share pictures with the birthday decorations at home and tell you what I did. I’m really thankful for all the birthday presents and cards I got. I especially love the handwritten cards because it means so much that someone made  time to actually write you something special. I made this collage of cool pictures I found on the internet and shared it on social media on my birthday.


I always thought that I have to do something really special to make my birthday special and to not be like a borring person. I think it’s because of social media that sometimes we feel that way. I’ve seen sometimes people celebrate their birthday on an awesome holiday place at the beach with a beautiful sunshine. I can’t do that right now and I also don’t think it’s necessary. I’m grateful that I spend my birthday at home. It wasn’t that warm outside. Summer seems far away right now which makes me sad. I hope the great weather and sunshine will come soon. I celebrated my birthday with my mother and the mother of Verónica called Milagros (Spanish girlfriend of my brother Rafael). We enjoyed eating a delicious pie with tea which my lovely mother bought 🎂 It was a chocolate pie with cream and cookies. I blow the candles but these were called magic candles haha. I was a bit scared because when I blow they turned on again until the effect ended. Of course, I made a wish and I hope it will come true 🌠 My mother also decorated our home with flags.

My mother also bought me that awesome star balloon with letters and numbers from gold and glitter 🌟🎈. I really loved it so much. It’s still in our living room but it’s dying haha. My mother also bought me an awesome shirt from the shop Stradivarius. It’s one of my favourite shops. “Pa mala yo” is a famous sentence in the song Lo malo from Aitana and Ana from the Spanish talentshow Operación Triunfo 🎤 It’s a song with a feminist message. In the song they sing that they don’t need any bad boy. On the back of the shirt you can find another famous sentence of the song which is “we decide when, where and with who.” I also got a beautiful card from my mother. I love cards with the number of my birthday years. Te quiero mama ❤️

I also would like to thank Agata for the beautiful drawing you made for my birthday. I really loved it. You can draw so well! 😍 I’m thankful for our friendship. I also got a beautiful card from Verónica and my brother Rafael all the way from The Netherlands 🇳🇱 I really loved the tulips and the stickers. I also love yogi tea. I can’t wait to drink it. It’s my favourite tea. I always love the quote inside the tea bag so much and the flavours are delicious. From my daddy I got €50 which is a tradition. He always gave that to anyone’s birthday in the family. I really appreciate that haha. Money is always welcome.

I got a beautiful card from my lovely friend Mollie too which I met on Instagram. I love this blogging and mental health community so much. I loved the card so much. It’s really special and original. I’m a mermaid and the ocean is my home 🏄🌊🌞🌴. You know me so well. Love you loads! 💕 I got an awesome card from Guillermo and Maria which are my Spanish friends here in Valladolid. It’s a beautiful card with a pie and Spanish flags. I love it so much. Thank you Guillermo for the letter that you write too. It’s really beautiful and inspire me so much. I’m really thankful to have such great friends who always think of me, are there for me and especially on my birthday. I was looking so forward to open the presents and to read the card from my bestie Donya. My best friends always gave me the best presents and write me the best cards ever. I loved the card and the presents so much omg asfghjkl 😍 I love the glossy rainbow card yeahhh 🌈 I also loved your presents from Hudson Bay. I never went to this shop. I love the notebook Cray Cray, the stickers with signs which I always use ✌ and the beautiful pencils with awesome words. Those presents are just made for me. Love you forever 💕 Tumblr girls forevah.

2018-06-05 051567346539..jpg

2018-06-05 051770104287..jpg

2018-06-05 05-954365185..jpg

2018-06-05 05-945492570..jpg

Lastly, I want to thank Milagros for the handmade paper roses, delicious parfum and other handmade stuff. I love originals and authentic presents so much. I smelled the parfum and it smelled really good! I can’t wait to use it. I also loved your card with cute teddy bears from you and Jairo 😍🐻 (Brother of Verónica).

These were all the presents and cards which I got for my birthday. Officially my birthday is over but I always celebrate it many more times 😂 Yeahhh, it’s my birthday month. My daddy always laugh when it’s my birthday and says that the whole month of June we are going to celebrate it. He’s coming on Monday to Spain for two weeks. Me and my parents are surely going to eat in a restaurant this month. I also am going to celebrate it next week on the 15th of June with my lovely Spanish friends. Then I’ll get more presents and cards. This is a special date because it used to be the birthday of my Spanish grandmother. She would be 103. I just reserved the greek restaurant for 7 persons. I love that restaurant in Valladolid so much. I love greek food so much and I would love to go Greece soon. It must be so beautiful over there. I will share the pictures of that day in another blog post. After dinner, I would like to go to a karaoke bar. We went once in January for Maria’s birthday and I enjoy singing so much. It was really fun to do with my friends 🎤

I hope you all liked this post and enjoyed reading it. I love to be part of this community and I will always be part of it ❤ I didn’t know I would find such amazing, inspiring and authentic people on the internet. The internet is endless but it can give you amazing opportunies to meet people all over the world. You are all amazing and have a place in my heart. I really wish to meet you all one day.

I love you all so much 😍😍😍,

xoxo Christina

Today it’s my 25th birthday yeah! 🎂🎉🎁🎈💕

Hola lovelies 💕,

Today it’s the first of June and my 25th birthday. I love the month June so much because it’s my birthday month and because Summer is around the corner which is my favourite season ever. I’m so old hahah no 😭👵. I’m just a quarter of a century. I used to not like birthdays since I turned 20 because I didn’t like to get older. Now, I realize that getting older is a beautiful privilege. Some people get sick and can’t get any older and die young. I’m grateful that I get older. Getting older isn’t that bad. You get older and wiser, right? 😝 I will never grow up like Peter Pan. In my mind I will stay young, wild & free. In this blog post I’m going to talk about my birthday and a reflection about life and this year.

Thank you all so so SO much for all the support, friendship and understanding I get on this beautiful blogging community. I never knew I would meet so many awesome, amazing and beautiful people here on WordPress and also on Instagram. I’m also so happy with my mental health community and all the amazing people I met when I shared my story of having anxiety. I’m really grateful for all the amazing friendships I made online. I never looked so much forward to my birthday. I already got so many birthday wishes on social media. Thank you all so much! It means the world to me that you thought of me and wrote me a birthday wish. I also got a card and present from my bestie in The Netherlands, a card from a Spanish friend and some other cards and presents have to arrive. I still have to open it and read it. I saved it for today. I’m really grateful for all of this. I’m really having a great birthday. You guys are da best and definitely make my day! 💕

My mother bought me this cute star balloon for my birthday! I really love it so much. The letters are in gold & glitter and say happy birthday in Spanish. It has helium so it’s going to last for a while. Yeahhh, it’s my birthday month! It was also finally time to wear this cute dress which I bought a few months ago. It’s not that warm but inside in my home it’s warm enough. I have to wear this today!

This year was a great year because I finally graduated college. This was my main goal to achieve this year which was a success. I learnt to never give up. I learnt that failing an exam is not the end of the world because you can always try again. I learnt that doing my best is enough. I learnt that it’s better to have a few real friends than a million of fake friends. I travelled to some amazing places which I already know but never can’t get enough of it, which were to Santander, Granada and Madrid. I also went to the fiestas week in Valladolid in September and enjoyed the tapas, the time with my friends and went to amazing concerts of Rosana, David Otero, and La Oreja De Van Gogh, and many more amazing artists. I also got some pictures with some of my favourite artists. I also went to the concert of the Spanish talentshow Operación Triunfo in Madrid in March with Maria which was so amazing. It was one of the best concert I’ve ever went to. I also went to the day of signing cd’s in Valladolid in February and met Roi, Thalia, Mireya and Marina of this talentshow. There I met also some amazing girls which are now my friends. Music unites people.

I also enjoyed and had a great time when I went to The Netherlands in June, in August and with Christmas. It was great to see my family and friends again. It’s great to know that nothing change even if you are miles apart. In August, I enjoyed a nice weekend with my best friend in Utrecht. This was such a nice city where I had never been to. We went to the exhibition of Harry Potter and also went clubbing and stayed in a hostel. We had an awesome time together. This year I did for the first time karaoke with my friend’s birthday in January in Spain. I can’t wait to do that again. I also saw the Holy Week in March in Valladolid which was beautiful with all the processions. I went bowling in March too for the first time since so many years with my friends and really enjoyed it.

This year I learned that when women are united nobody can stop us. I went to the first feminist strike in Spain in March. I never went to a demonstration before. It was amazing to see all these women walking together. We made history. We are starting a revolution and together we can change the world 💪👭💜 Women all over the world are united. During this demonstration in Valladolid I also met a friend. I love to meet people and make friends all over the world. This year I also went to some bars in Valladolid which I didn’t know such as the library café. I love to know new places. Last month, I went to the musical of The Beauty and the Beast with my friend and my mother. I made a picture with the actors. Now, I’m enjoying Spring time in Valladolid and drinking delicious smoothies and milkshakes. I love nature in Spring so much. Last week, I went to a museum and saw a beautiful exhibition of photography of Willy Ronis and a art exhibition of the Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla. It was such a long time ago that I went to a museum. I love art 🎨❤️

I’m so happy with all the experiences, travels and memories I’ve made this year. There are still so many songs that I want to sing, waves I want to surf, pictures I want to take, memories I want to made, people I want to meet, concerts I want to go to, beautiful places I want to travel to, books I want to read, poems and blog posts I want to write, and so many things I want to experience in this big and amazing world. I still don’t know everything about life and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. What I know is that I want to follow my heart and my dreams. This new year I hope to find a career I love. This Summer my brother Rafael and his Spanish girlfriend Verónica are going to marry in Spain. I love weddings 👰💍 I can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful day all together with our family. I already have my perfect fuchsia dress. Life isn’t perfect. Every day I learn something new. Life can be though sometimes but it’s a beautiful chaos and a big aventure. I hope you can all stay in my life and join me in this beautiful adventure called life 💕

If one thing I know for sure is that I’ll always try to make this world a better place because we live on such a beautiful planet! I love La Pachamama! 🌍 Peace, love & happiness to all of you! 😘

Thank you all for reading my blog post. I will speak to you all in my next post. In my next blog post I will share more pictures of my birthday, what I did on my birthday and the presents and cards I got 💌🎁

I love you all so much 😍😍😍,

xoxo Christina