November goals 🍁

Hey lovelies πŸ’•,

Today I will introduce something new on my blog. Maybe I will do these kinds of blog posts every month. I’m never organised in my life so also not on my blog. My zodiac sign is gemini so I always get easily bored πŸ˜‚.We will see if I will make this blog post an every month thing haha. I saw many bloggers making these kind of lists so it inspired me to do one too. Today I will write about my November goals and explain them. Hopefully, this will also motivate me to keep going and to achieve them. I have always loved to make lists. It keeps my mind a little bit organised in all the messy thoughts.


  • Make a lot of amazing blog posts

I have some drafts and also ideas in my head of writing great content for my blog. I just need to get started, write, create and post. I’m planning to do a book review post for the first time of some amazing books I just read. I also am thinking to share some singing covers and plan to share other amazing things for Christmas.

  • Make a wish list for Sinterklaas/Christmas/Three Kings Day

In The Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. We always celebrate it on the weekend. They say Sinterklaas came from Spain to The Netherlands on a boat to give the children presents. We have some bags of Sinterklaas where we put all the presents inside and then on that day we unwrap the presents. I really love this festive so much. In Spain we have Three Kings Day which is on the 6th of January. They also give presents to the kids. Of course, I also have Santa Claus so yeah three times that I’m getting presents haha yessss 🎁. I always make a wish list of two pages almost  and I use it all year around so also for my birthday. I want to finish it this month and give it to my family so that they know which presents I want.

I made these pictures this week at the shopping mall in Haarlem near to my house. You can see Sinterklaas. They always decorate it for December.

  • Keep applying for jobs

I applied for a job in Spain but unfortunately they aren’t looking for people right now. They said that the will save my CV and get back to me when they have a job for me. I also applied for working for the surf brand O’Neill in Madrid, in Spain but I didn’t got any response back. It will take some time. I also applied for a job here in Holland to work in a surf shop but I also didn’t got any response back. Even though working makes me trigger my anxiety I will keep looking for jobs in Spain. I will just keep applying and search on websites which would help me. Maybe, I could also apply for part time jobs here in Holland for the period before Christmas. I just wish my father won’t push me and leave me alone because it only makes the search of looking for work much worse.

  • Ask for help when I need it

Lately I’ve been feeling very lonely and also struggle much more with my anxiety  because of the anxiety about finding a job. Even though I still take my antidepressants and anti anxiety medication when I need it, I still feel that maybe it isn’t enough. Maybe, I really need to go to therapy to get better. I would prefer to do it in Spain because I also got subscriped for my medication there. I don’t know what to do and I also don’t know if therapy would really help me. Two years ago I had 7 sessions in Holland but it wasn’t real therapy. I had to vomit every time I had to go and it even made my anxiety worse…. I just need to ask for help when I need it. I feel that I’m isolating myself and not asking for what I really need. Even though maybe not everyone will agree with my decicions I need to do what’s good for me and my health.

  • Finish the book The sun and her flowers from Rupi Kaur

I have to finish reading this amazing book this month. This is also going to be one of the books which I’m writing about in my first book review post. I can already say that I love this book so much. I love poetry books. Rupi Kaur is just such an amazing writer 😍


  • Have a friends reunion in a tapas restaurant in Haarlem

I already saw my best friend twice since I’m back in Holland and my other good friend Shams also twice as she stayed at my home last week. There are still some good friends I didn’t see so I’m planning a great night with my friends on the 24th of November. We are going to eat in the same tapas restaurant where we went last year. The tapas are more expensive than in Spain but are also so delicious. The restaurant is called El Pincho. The service is perfect and it’s really cozy inside. I can’t wait to eat there with my friends and have an amazing night all together.

  • Go to Glow Eindhoven with my mother and see my brother, his wife and my niece

Glow Eindhoven is a light festival which begins on the 10th of November and ends on the 17th of November. Whenever I’m in Holland I always go with my mother. I really love it so much. All these buildings are covered with lights and there are light shows. It’s just really so amazing to see. I hope that I will go this year again in the weekend of 16th November. I also can’t wait to see my brother Edward, Elke and their little girl Noanne. I’m happy to annouce that Edward and Noanne are coming also this Saturday to our home. I’m really looking forward to it. I didn’t see them since the wedding of Rafael and VerΓ³nica in Spain which was in August. If I go to the light festival then I will of course take a lot of pictures and maybe share them in a blog post.

These are some pictures from Glow Eindhoven a few years ago. I made the picture on the right. It’s just beautiful to see all the lights and the light show projected on different buildings in Eindhoven such as on the church.

  • Begin with writing Christmas cards

I always send and give a lot of Christmas cards. Some years I made more than 50 and send them all over the world to people which I know. This year I’m writing much less just 29 haha. I already made the list. Last year I also got only 15 cards back so I will only write this year to good friends and to my family. I don’t want to do that much effort to get nothing back you know. I also love to receive Christmas cards. Sometimes I make them myself but now I already bought many Christmas cards. I bought some nice washi tape, a lot of stickers and pens. I will show it to you all soon in a blog post. I want to begin this month already with writing them so that they will arrive on time and that I can be done with it because it takes a lot of work. I really love to make it personal πŸ’ŒπŸŽ„.

  • Meet a new friend from the Yoga Girl Community on Facebook

I made some friends of the Yoga Girl Community on Facebook. One girl is really nice and we are hopefully going to meet up this month. I find it nice to meet people who are openminded, caring and understand me. It’s nice to find new friends to hang out with and have fun with. It’s also lovely that at the same time you can share your fears, struggles and insecurities too.

  • Opening up to people I know

Last weekend I went to my neighbours with my good friend Shams and my parents and I really love them so much. I used to go alone sometimes too to talk with them. I talked a lot with the women because she just understands me so well. She’s also a highly sensitive person and also understands my anxiety disorder and everything. She already said that I’m welcome to come to chat again with her. Maybe, I’m going again this month to open up about my struggles. I’m just anxious always because I feel like I’m going to cry but it’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay.

I also need to go to my choir once on a Friday after my choir is done with choir practice. There’s this lovely man which I have contact with and always is there for me. His daughter from 5 years old has neuroblastoma cancer and is fortunately doing a lot better now but isn’t officially cancer free. I always talked a lot about my life, fears, anxiety and just everything with him. The last time I saw him was during the cremation of Lisa. Then he wrote me a message on Facebook that he would loved to talk more with me. I really have to go once and open up.

Opening up still feels soooo hard for me. You all may think I’m open but yeah on the internet I’m that open person but in real life I have a hard time to open up. Of course, find it a bit easier to open up to people I know than to complete strangers. Also not everyone has to know your story. Just the people you know they will care about you. I think these talks will do me good and also make me feel a bit better. It’s good to know that there are people who care about you and love you.

So, these were all my goals for November. I hope to achieve them all of course πŸ˜„. Can you relate to this list? What are your November goals? Let me know in the comments. I wish you all a happy November full of happiness, love and luck. Together we will motivate each other to achieve our November goals πŸ’ͺ.

Much love πŸ’•,

xoxo Christina

14 thoughts on “November goals 🍁

  1. Girl, send me your address and I’ll write you some Christmas cards ❀ all of these goals sounds great- you’ve got some fun, some important family and friend time, some mental health and productivity! I hope you meet all of these πŸ™‚ xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omggg yes girl 😍 I already send it to you. I’m looking forward to youe Christmas card. I will of course also send you one. You are right ❀️ Everything together. I hope it too. Love you πŸ’ž


  2. These are some great goals 😊 enjoying spending time with friends is only going to help your feelings of loneliness and it looks like you have lots of fun things coming up! Have a great month lovely 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 😘 Yes, so true! It’s good to plan some fun things with my family and friends. I wish you an amazing month too 😍


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