Spanish spoken poetry: Venezuela will be free 💗🙏

Hey lovelies 💕,

I just had to write this poem about what’s happening in Venezuela right now. I made a spoken poetry video of it. It breaks my heart and I cry about it 💔😭 I always feel inspired to write when something touches my heart. I’m not from Venezuela and never been there but I can feel their pain. I’m a sensitive person.

I find it so hard to understand why someone would not want to help their citizens. It’s just so inhumane. The citizens need help, food and medications. There are so many people dying in Venezuela. I really hope a solution will come soon 🇻🇪🙏 You are not alone. The video is in Spanish because that’s the main language there. I also wrote an English translation.

This is the video of my poem:

Here’s the Spanish written version:

Venezuela será libre 💪💗

Voy andando por las calles

Me pregunto qué occure?

Veo los Venezolanos asustados

Les veo llorando y gritando

Me pregunto qué está pasando?

En pocos minutos me doy cuenta qué está pasando

El dictador Maduro está impediendo la ayuda humanitaria y los camiones con alimentos y medicinas en la frontera de Venezuela

Mientras tanto hay gente muriendose en Venezuela

Mi corazón se parte en cachos

Me preguntó porqué se ha llegado a este punto

La violencia sólo mata a personas y no soluciona nada

El amor siempre gana

Va a ver una solución pronto

Juan Guaidó y todo el mundo está con vosotros

Venezuela será libre!

Va a llegar el día en que los Venezolanos puedan vivir en paz

Si hoy luchan

Mañana tendran LA LIBERTAD! 🇻🇪💪💗

Here’s the English translation:

Venezuela will be free 🇻🇪💪💗

I’m walking down the streets

I ask myself what’s happening?

I see the Venezuelans being scared

I see them crying and shouting

I ask myself what’s going on?

In a few minutes I know what’s happening

The dictator Maduro is preventing the humanitarian aid and the trucks with food and medication at the border of Venezuela

Meanwhile people are dying in Venezuela

My heart falls into pieces

I ask myself how did it come so far

Violence only kills people and it doesn’t solve anything

Love always win

There will be a solution soon

Juan Guaidó and the whole world is there for you all

Venezuela will be free

The day will come that the Venezuelans can live in peace

If they fight today

Tomorrow they will have FREEDOM! 🇻🇪💪💗

Thank you all for reading and watching my poem about what’s happening in Venezuela. Do you have heard or read about what’s happening? Did you like my poem? Let me know your opinion. I’m here for you all. We are all in this together always! 💪💗 You are never alone.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

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