Stop making a taboo about having periods

Hey lovelies πŸ’•,

I just had to write this blog post because I feel bad these days because of my upcoming period. I find it important to raise awareness about having our periods. I’m going to talk about period pain and periods in general. I already talked about it one day. I don’t understand why we don’t talk more about it and why it’s still considered a taboo when it’s something natural. I think we have to talk more about it so that women don’t feel alone while suffering each month from heavy pain, blood, mood swings and everything which comes with having our periods. Men often say that women get crazy when their period is coming well we aren’t crazy, our hormones are making us feel that way. It’s not something we choose for. I find it always so disgusting when people say that we like to be completely mad. If they would suffer from it, they wouldn’t say that because then they would know how it feels. You never know what’s someone is going through until you feel those feelings and those experiences by yourself.

So, Saturday night I experienced so much pain that I thought OMG I will die. I was sitting on the floor covering my tummy. My body was IN SO MUCH PAIN. I cried so much. I know almost certain that it has to do with my period coming and pms. It isn’t normal though. I have always had painful and heavy periods. I know I’m not the only woman suffering through this 😭. It’s so hard. The strange thing is that I never felt it that way and I still don’t have my period. I think it’s pms because for the rest I’m not sick or anything. I also feel angry and emotional. I also feel way more anxious before my period. I also have read that it’s because of our hormones. They make us feel like crazy. I always have mood swings before period and I’m so hungry. I just ate a pizza πŸ• last night haha. I craved it so badly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹.

There’s still a taboo talking about it. I know some men don’t like to hear it and find it gross. I remember one time I was on my period during high school and I always bleed so much. I knew my jeans were a bit red 😭. I wanted to go to the toilet but they didn’t let me. I didn’t say I had my period. I found it so uncomfortable. I also have heard of men who are super supportive and that makes me so happy. The friends I have in my life who are men are very supportive and care about me. That’s the direction we have to go. Well, it’s the most natural thing ever of being a women which has to be respected. Maybe if women had more information and resources, pain and other issues surrounding our moon would be more manageable. We can’t fix a problem when we can’t talk about it. Talking about it helps to raise awareness and will make us come to a solution all together. I also agree that women have to get more benefits surrounding their periods like free days at work and that pads, tampons and every other product for our periods doesn’t cost anything anymore. We don’t ask for it. Condoms are often given for free but we have to buy these products which also cost so much money. It is definitely not fair at all.

Years ago, women had their period always in sync with the full moon 🌜. That’s why they also call it our moon. It goes in sync with how we feel too. Before our period we may feel more emotional, heavy, sad, angry or just feel that something is off. That means the end of something. When our period begins we begin a new life, a new cycle. Maybe my period is coming on the full moon this Thursday. When I read this somewhere on the internet I felt in awe 🌝. The full moon has definitely an effect on us. I sleep worse the night before and feel more emotional. It’s so beautiful to think we can bring a life into this world. We women are magical creatures of the universe βœ¨πŸ’ž and have to embrace this with our whole heart. The thought of one day getting a baby is beautiful but at the same time it overwhelms me. I don’t know how to take sometimes good care of myself. How would I be able to take care of a child? Also, I’m afraid of getting pregnant and giving birth. I already feel so bad with having my period every month. How would I survive giving birth? I don’t think I’m the only thinking this. I also find it good that women don’t have to have children because it’s their choice like to do abortion too. Every women has the right to decide what to do with their bodies.

I think I will have to check this problem soon because what I felt last weekend was the worst 😒. I’m always anxious about going to the doctor so I don’t go only when I really have to. It gets worse every month. I hope I don’t have anything serious or like endometriose. I know many of my friends also suffer this way and some women don’t feel much. They are definitely the lucky ones. I wish my life was pain free, oh how a different world would that be. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to walk because of so much cramps. I’m happy I have Aleve meds which is Naproxen and helps very well. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to cope at all. I just don’t know if I would like to take birth control because I also read some bad stories with side effects. I don’t know if that would be good for my mental health. I just don’t really know what is good or bad for my body.

I just really think we have to talk more about our periods without any shame. It’s 2020 and it’s about time to stop hiding our feelings or thoughts on important topics such as this one in the world. Only then we can come to a solution and feel less alone in our struggles. I’m so happy my mamita is always there to comfort me. Also, my daddy understands me because he sees me suffering every damn month 😒. I wish everyone has a person that is there for them. No one has to deal with hard stuff in life alone. No women has to go through this alone every time of the month. I hope you have friends, family and other loved ones who are there for you when you feel bad during that time of the month. You deserve that love and compassion so much. Your feelings are valid. You are not alone πŸ’žπŸŒˆπŸ™. You are loved. I love you all.

Thank you all for reading this important blog post. I found it important to talk about this subject. How are your periods? Do you take meds or birth control? What are some tips to ease the pain? I’m always here for you. Let me know lovelies. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love πŸ’•,

xoxo Christina

17 thoughts on “Stop making a taboo about having periods

  1. I took birth control pills for many years and it made my periods much easier. I haven’t been taking them for the past year or so, and I don’t have the same cramps and moodiness like I did when I was younger.

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  2. OH MY GOODNESS YES!! I was talking to a guy friend once who told me it is worse for the guy on the girlfriend’s period. Okay, what? I’m trying to believe the best but AHA NO. This is just one example of how experiencing something is the only way to get the full picture and we shouldn’t be judging anyone for something we haven’t gone through or can’t really get perspective on.
    Oopsie, sorry about my little rant πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! ❀ That's a pretty strange comment because men can't get a period. You are so right. Some people just don't know what they are talking about it. It's okay lovely xxxx

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  3. Wonderful blog post!! There are some grammatical errors sprinkled in that maybe a swift or slow read through might help to sort out yet overall I really liked this piece and I think you’re doing a great job spreading word about this topic and trying to normalize it, make it so that us women can get more empowered and not feel ashamed of the natural processes of our bodies. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s agree that women fart too, right? Hehe.

    Really though, this is a great post. I’m glad to have read it. Can’t wait to see what you blog next!!

    As for me and my periods, I feel that I should be getting mine soon. Right now I’m in the uplifted mood thing so that probably means my body will recompensate by shifting downwards hard and fast, ahaha. I don’t get super bad pain with mine but I hate the “sandwich effect” when I get stomach cramps AND lower back pain. D: (Nothing a good Midol can’t fix though, luckily!!)

    Also, I think it’s a good idea for you to get checked out by the doctor! I’ll be thinking of you. xxx And, good luck!! ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Thank you so much lovely! ❀ I changed the grammatical errors. Thank you for letting me know. I just posted it fast haha. I'm happy you liked my blog post. I find it important to raise awareness about important topics always especially the ones who are still sometimes considered a taboo. You are so right. We are just normal human beings.

      Awhhh that's so kind of you! ❀ I always feel that way too before my period. My period is now almost gone thank God. I always take Aleve naproxen for pain because the cramps get very bad sometimes. Thank you so much for your lovely words. If it gets worse, I will check it! xxxx

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      1. Aww, you’re super welcome, my friend!! I’m glad my pointers could help and that you didn’t take it as an offense! Just trying to look out for you and see your best work shine through, which, I know it can and will! ❀

        Ooof, I'm glad to hear that! Until next month, of course, ahaha. Hope you and your family stay safe!!! xxx

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      1. You’re so sweet! You’re super welcome!

        And hey, Mother Redbird arrived today, ahaha. I knew I was onto something when I said how when I start doing really well and happy I usually get my period right after. XD

        Can’t wait to read your future posts! πŸ™‚ ❀

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  4. I agree with what you said that problems can’t be solved if we don’t talk about it. I feel like it’s also nicer at this time β€˜cause more people are kind of open about it compared to the old days where it’s really a taboo just by mentioning it.

    I was also shocked when I read about the moon thing! I didn’t know about that!! πŸ’–

    Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better now! πŸ€—

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    1. Awhhh thank you so much beautiful! ❀ My period is almost gone now so it's a relief. Thank you for being there for me always. I appreciate that so much my friend. Yes, we definitely have to talk about those problems. Slowly we are breaking this taboo with talking about our periods. The moon thing is beautiful, right?! ❀


  5. I wanted a child so badly that my wish was greater than my fear of childbirth. I studied the process of what to expect, including everything leading up to the labor and delivery, the drugs the doctors and nurses give their patients etc. The epidural I got failed, and the nurse forgot to hook up the laughing gas. I was practically medication free…. and it was PAINFUL.

    My period is another reminder of motherhood. To have to go through periods month after month after month and never having a child of my own terrifies me more than never experiencing childbirth. When I was anorexic, I stopped getting my period and I thought I permanently damaged my body. That was also quite scary to think about. For those who don’t want kids, that’s totally OK. You shouldn’t feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. To each their own I say. πŸ˜„

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