Stop the taboo of having periods 💭

Hey lovelies 💕,

Today I wanna talk about women having periods. I write about how it’s still a taboo. Women shouldn’t feel ashamed when they have their period.

This is something which really makes me so angry in this world. Women are bleeding every month. I’m almost on my period and every time before my period I have PMS. This means that I’m even more anxious and have mood swings. I’m also more emotional and nauseous. This is really fucked up.

Why do we still act like talking about periods is a taboo? I remembered times were I felt ashamed of it. I remembered a time were I was in high school. One day we had a gym class. One girl was acting angry at the gym teacher. Then he said: “You must be on your period, right?” Like what the fucking hell are you talking about. If a woman is angry she is on her period?! Women have the right to express their feelings and thoughts. That doesn’t mean they are having their period. 

If only men experience what we experience every single fucking month to wouldn’t say anything anymore. Your hormones are changing, you just don’t feel like yourself anymore, you are bleeding, you have cramps and so much pain and just feel so bad…. that’s what it’s every single month. For some women it isn’t that hard but for me it’s. I’m happy I take Aleve Feminax which is a Dutch medicine and helps me sooooo much. If I don’t take it I can’t cope with my life because I’m in too much pain. 

Why are men still embarrased when we talk about this? Why do they act like it’s disgusting? Why do they make fun of us when we are having mood swings because of PMS? It is the most natural function of a womb. Once this was their home too and now they are ashamed of it. I just can’t seem to understand this. Women can get pregnant and can get babies. This is a beautiful thought which also scares me because there is also pain and struggles involved. To think of having a child one day is a beautiful thought.

I only want to have a relationship with a man who respects me and don’t feel ashamed of talking about periods. I know there are many out there who can actually talk about it and help women during this time. Thank you for being there. You make this world a better place 💕💫

Much love ♡,