Second birthday haul, my birthday celebration with my friends and happy Summer time! 🌞💕🎉💃🌊

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

This is going to be my last blog post about my birthday hahaha. In this blog post I’m going to share my birthday celebration with my friends and the presents I got from my friends and from my family. It’s going to be my second and last birthday haul hahah 😂. I’m also going to talk about Summer time at the end of this blog post. Summer time is finally here! I was waiting so long for this moment. I can finally enjoy eating ice cream in the sunshine 🌞


My daddy came for two weeks to Spain and gave me some presents for my birthday. I got a beautiful black dress from Verónica and a beautiful hippie scarf with feather from Verónica and my brother Rafael. I really liked it so much. It’s from my favourite shop here in Valladolid called Azabache. I love hippie and boho clothes so much. I also got Yogi Tea from my father. I love all the flavours so much. I got rooibos and women’s tea. I really loved these presents so much. I also got a beautiful Volkswagen hippie car from my father this week. This was not for my birthday but I still wanted to include this here. I have another red one in my home in The Netherlands. I also have a poster of these cars  and a quilt here in my room. I wish to one day to be able to drive, buy such a car and decorate it. I’m forever a hippie girl and aloha surf vibes 🏄🌊🌴


Haha, it’s definitely my birthday month. It’s now really over. Last Friday, on the 15th of June I celebrated my birthday with my Spanish friends. We ate with 7 people in a greek restaurant named Pita. gr, griegos artesanos in Valladolid. This is one of my favourite restaurants here in Valladolid. I love greek food so much. Did anyone of you tried it before? I really love it. The food in this restaurant is cheap and soooo delicious! I ate mezzes with typical greek pita bread. I also drank a delicious greek lemonade. I also ate musakas with potatoes and salad. Musakas is greek meat. It was so good! There’s no better way to celebrate my birthday with all of my friends in a greek restaurant 😍😍😍

Afterwards, we went to the karaoke bar called Tuareg. It’s just 15/20 minutes away from my house. I really love to sing karaoke. We went there with the birthday celebration of Maria too. I enjoyed this night with all of my friends. We sang Rosas from La Oreja De Van Gogh, Lo malo from Aitana and Ana and La cintura from Alvaro Soler. I love these Spanish songs so much. It was really fun to sing and enjoy this night with all of my friends. They also played really good Reggaeton and Spanish music in this bar. I really had such a great night! 😄

I got so many amazing presents from my friends which I’m going to show you now. From Guillermo I got instax mini film for my polaroid camera. I love to use my polaroid and take pictures to capture amazing moments in my life. I got balloons from the number 2 and 5 from Maria Martin and Guillermo. I got a bag for the beach with pineapples and flamingos and a wallet from Maria Esteban. I really loved it so much. It’s really cute and I can’t wait to use it.

I also got two beautiful little cups and plates from my favourite brand Mr. Wonderfull from Juan, Sandra, Maria Martin and Natalia. They have so many amazing stuff. It’s for coffee but I’m going to use it for tea because I don’t drink coffee. I also got from them a cute cat face mask and a petite bunny gloss bar from one of my favourites make up brands which is Sephora. I really loved all of these presents so much. Thank you all so much for these beautiful presents and for this amazing night. I really love my friends so much ❤ It’s really great to have such amazing friends and who are always there for you.

It’s finally Summer time! I can’t wait to share with you all many Summer related blog posts such as a Summer bucketlist, a beach play list and many more awesome things. My blog is going to have a Summer theme yeahhh 🌞🌊. Summer time and the living is easy, right?! I love to enjoy the sunshine and swim in the ocean. Since two weeks it’s really hot in Spain. We had 30 degrees and since a few days ago it’s 35 degrees. In the south of Spain it’s already 40 degrees! The only thing I don’t like about the Summer is that I find it difficult to sleep. Last Sunday, I went with my friend Maria to drink a delicious chocolate milkshake. I love that so much 👌 It’s really my addiction hahah.

Last Tuesday I was enjoying Summer time in the park near to my house with my mother and made some nice pictures. I finally could wear my favourite bikini from the surfbrand O’Neill. It was the first time that I was wearing a bikini again since a year ago. I can’t wait to go swimming in the outside swimming pools here 🏊 I also can’t wait to go surfing again and to swim in the ocean again. The beach is my home 😍🌊 I was made for sunny days.


I hope you all like this blog post. Do you also celebrate your birthday many times like me? Are you already enjoying Summer? I wish you all a beautiful Summer! I hope you’re all going to do enjoy it and have an amazing time together with your family and friends. You all deserve that so much. I will speak to you all soon in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

Today it’s my 25th birthday yeah! 🎂🎉🎁🎈💕

Hola lovelies 💕,

Today it’s the first of June and my 25th birthday. I love the month June so much because it’s my birthday month and because Summer is around the corner which is my favourite season ever. I’m so old hahah no 😭👵. I’m just a quarter of a century. I used to not like birthdays since I turned 20 because I didn’t like to get older. Now, I realize that getting older is a beautiful privilege. Some people get sick and can’t get any older and die young. I’m grateful that I get older. Getting older isn’t that bad. You get older and wiser, right? 😝 I will never grow up like Peter Pan. In my mind I will stay young, wild & free. In this blog post I’m going to talk about my birthday and a reflection about life and this year.

Thank you all so so SO much for all the support, friendship and understanding I get on this beautiful blogging community. I never knew I would meet so many awesome, amazing and beautiful people here on WordPress and also on Instagram. I’m also so happy with my mental health community and all the amazing people I met when I shared my story of having anxiety. I’m really grateful for all the amazing friendships I made online. I never looked so much forward to my birthday. I already got so many birthday wishes on social media. Thank you all so much! It means the world to me that you thought of me and wrote me a birthday wish. I also got a card and present from my bestie in The Netherlands, a card from a Spanish friend and some other cards and presents have to arrive. I still have to open it and read it. I saved it for today. I’m really grateful for all of this. I’m really having a great birthday. You guys are da best and definitely make my day! 💕

My mother bought me this cute star balloon for my birthday! I really love it so much. The letters are in gold & glitter and say happy birthday in Spanish. It has helium so it’s going to last for a while. Yeahhh, it’s my birthday month! It was also finally time to wear this cute dress which I bought a few months ago. It’s not that warm but inside in my home it’s warm enough. I have to wear this today!

This year was a great year because I finally graduated college. This was my main goal to achieve this year which was a success. I learnt to never give up. I learnt that failing an exam is not the end of the world because you can always try again. I learnt that doing my best is enough. I learnt that it’s better to have a few real friends than a million of fake friends. I travelled to some amazing places which I already know but never can’t get enough of it, which were to Santander, Granada and Madrid. I also went to the fiestas week in Valladolid in September and enjoyed the tapas, the time with my friends and went to amazing concerts of Rosana, David Otero, and La Oreja De Van Gogh, and many more amazing artists. I also got some pictures with some of my favourite artists. I also went to the concert of the Spanish talentshow Operación Triunfo in Madrid in March with Maria which was so amazing. It was one of the best concert I’ve ever went to. I also went to the day of signing cd’s in Valladolid in February and met Roi, Thalia, Mireya and Marina of this talentshow. There I met also some amazing girls which are now my friends. Music unites people.

I also enjoyed and had a great time when I went to The Netherlands in June, in August and with Christmas. It was great to see my family and friends again. It’s great to know that nothing change even if you are miles apart. In August, I enjoyed a nice weekend with my best friend in Utrecht. This was such a nice city where I had never been to. We went to the exhibition of Harry Potter and also went clubbing and stayed in a hostel. We had an awesome time together. This year I did for the first time karaoke with my friend’s birthday in January in Spain. I can’t wait to do that again. I also saw the Holy Week in March in Valladolid which was beautiful with all the processions. I went bowling in March too for the first time since so many years with my friends and really enjoyed it.

This year I learned that when women are united nobody can stop us. I went to the first feminist strike in Spain in March. I never went to a demonstration before. It was amazing to see all these women walking together. We made history. We are starting a revolution and together we can change the world 💪👭💜 Women all over the world are united. During this demonstration in Valladolid I also met a friend. I love to meet people and make friends all over the world. This year I also went to some bars in Valladolid which I didn’t know such as the library café. I love to know new places. Last month, I went to the musical of The Beauty and the Beast with my friend and my mother. I made a picture with the actors. Now, I’m enjoying Spring time in Valladolid and drinking delicious smoothies and milkshakes. I love nature in Spring so much. Last week, I went to a museum and saw a beautiful exhibition of photography of Willy Ronis and a art exhibition of the Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla. It was such a long time ago that I went to a museum. I love art 🎨❤️

I’m so happy with all the experiences, travels and memories I’ve made this year. There are still so many songs that I want to sing, waves I want to surf, pictures I want to take, memories I want to made, people I want to meet, concerts I want to go to, beautiful places I want to travel to, books I want to read, poems and blog posts I want to write, and so many things I want to experience in this big and amazing world. I still don’t know everything about life and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. What I know is that I want to follow my heart and my dreams. This new year I hope to find a career I love. This Summer my brother Rafael and his Spanish girlfriend Verónica are going to marry in Spain. I love weddings 👰💍 I can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful day all together with our family. I already have my perfect fuchsia dress. Life isn’t perfect. Every day I learn something new. Life can be though sometimes but it’s a beautiful chaos and a big aventure. I hope you can all stay in my life and join me in this beautiful adventure called life 💕

If one thing I know for sure is that I’ll always try to make this world a better place because we live on such a beautiful planet! I love La Pachamama! 🌍 Peace, love & happiness to all of you! 😘

Thank you all for reading my blog post. I will speak to you all in my next post. In my next blog post I will share more pictures of my birthday, what I did on my birthday and the presents and cards I got 💌🎁

I love you all so much 😍😍😍,

xoxo Christina

Happy Mother’s day in Spain 💕😍🌸🌹❤🎉

Hey lovelies 💕,

Happy Mother’s Day in Spain! 😍💐Today I’m going to talk about Mother’s day in Spain. In The Netherlands it’s a week later, on the 23th. In Spain it’s always the first Sunday of May. When is Mother’s day in your country? Do you celebrate Mother’s day? I woud love to hear all about it.


I made this collage for my mother. Mother’s day for me is not only today but every day. I like to celebrate Mother’s day. Today in the afternoon, I will go to cafe with my mother and eat a delicious dessert or maybe drink a milkshake with her. I will pay for it because it’s Mother’s Day. I will also gave my mother a mandela card written and painted by me. I also have a surprise for her which is to go to the city Leon for one day. I will buy the tickets next week. The trip is only two hours by bus and cost €20 retour so it’s really cheap. I really like to travel and my mother also enjoyed it a lot. I love to travel with her. She was a stewardess for two years when she was 23 years old. I guess I have that travelling spirit because of her. The story of how my father and she met is also funny. She was 22 when she was in UK working in a college restaraunt in Cambridge. My father was studying there for a few months. She had to serve my father food and then my father was the one who in one second felt in love. My father loved her smile and her eyes. My mother thought that my father was Spanish because he had dark black hair. They went for a drink that night and they began a long distance relationship by that time. She was a stewardess in Spain and he was living in The Netherlands.


When my mother was 25 years old she married my father in The Netherlands and lived together there. I have two older brothers, Rafael which is 40 and is going to marry Verónica who is Spanish in August this year and Edward who is married with Elke and live in the south of Holland. Together they have a little girl called Noanne and a cat. My mother left everything for my father. She was happy that she was learning Dutch and could work. She got me when she was 42 years old. I remember the times she said how giving birth to me was her best birth ever. She had some health problems with my brothers such as her heart which was beating too fast and wasn’t fully adapted to a new country and far away from her home Spain and family. She felt alone by that time. When she got me she was really happy and also because I was a girl hahah after two big boys. I remember she said that the nurse said to her in the hospital that she is going to loose her freedom and she was like I already have two children. Such a mean comment to make….

I love my mother so much. She is the person I love the most in life because she’s always there for me. I also love my daddy but it’s different. He is sometimes hard, don’t understand me all the time and get angry fast. Having a good relationship with your mother is so important. If you lack a relationship in your mother you are going to lack a lot of love in life. I really believe in the mother instinct because I’ve been in her womb for 9 months. It makes you feel so close to each other. My relationship with my mother is really good. I can tell her all my secrets and she won’t tell it to my daddy hahah otherwise he would get angry. She’s always there for me in good and bad times. I’m so happy to have a mother like you. You are beautiful in all the ways, you are sweet and always caring. Thank you for being always there for me. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for the travel spirit. I also love the beach and the sea so much because of you. Since I have been little I have been travelling to Spain and I was always swimming in the sea.

Thank you for learning me Spanish. I can’t say how grateful I’m for this!!!! Thanks to my mother I grew up speaking Dutch and Spanish and am bilingual. I grew up in two totally different cultures and love it so much. Thanks to speaking Spanish I made life long friends, I felt in love with Spain and its beautiful culture. Thanks to speaking Spanish I could enter the MLOW contest and win, write an essay in Spanish and could do my speech at the United Nations in NYC in Spanish a few years ago. I will write an apart blog post about that. This is all because my mother learned me Spanish. I also went to classes but it’s not the same. When you learn a language from a little age and are always speaking Spanish at home, it’s much easier. I’m so happy to have such a lovely mother.

I love that I can have so much fun with my mother. I go shopping, see Eurovision, eat in a restaurant, take pictures, go travelling, go to the theater, go to the cinema, go swimming, go to the beach, go to concerts….. I can do anything with her and she would be happy to join me. She’s also an indepented woman. My father can watch football and do his own things and she would go to the beach with me or alone. My father don’t like the beach. They won’t fight about their differences. I really love that about their relationship. It’s good to do your own things but also love each other and support each other.

I’m really glad to have such an awesome and amazing mother! ❤ The thought of loosing her can make me feel sometimes so overwhelming sad. I better not think of that and enjoy life to the fullest with her 💕 She is 66 now and my father is 68. All my friends have parents who aren’t that age and are much younger. Age is just a number. We have to enjoy the time we spend with our loved ones and try to not think negative things.

I wish you much love, happiness and health for all the years to come! I love you to the moon and back 🌛 to infinity and beyond! 🌠

I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day in Spain and in any country! 💕

Much love,

xoxo Christina


I bought the perfect fuchsia dress for the wedding of my brother in August 👗😍💞👌

Hey lovelies 💞,

In this blog post I want to share something really special. I already shared on this blog post My brother is getting married! 💑 that my brother Rafael is going to a marry his Spanish girlfriend Veronica. The wedding will be in Fuensaldaña in Spain on the 11th of August. Fuensaldaña is a little village near to my home city Valladolid. I’m so excited for this wedding. Last week I went shopping with my mother and I finally bought the dress for my brother’s wedding.

Me and my mother went to a street which is called Manteria in Valladolid. I never went to this street before. This street has a lot of beautiful fashion boutiques and shops full of wedding dresses. I didn’t like some shops and when I finally went to the shop “Moda Wappa” I was in heaven. I love this shop so much ❤ These dresses were not that expensive like I saw in other shops dresses for €200 or even €300 or even more. In “Moda Wappa” I saw beautiful dresses around €100. I went to the dressroom and I tried many dresses, some with flowers and some not. The most beautiful dress I tried was the dress I bought. First, it was a bit difficult to try but you have to know how to do it hahaha 😂

I bought the beautiful fuchsia dress. I was in love with the first second I tried this beautiful dress on. I love this colour fuchsia so much. This dress is simple with flowers & elegant. This dress perfectly match my personality and is perfect for the Summer time in Spain! 💜🌞 I never bought such a beautiful dress before ❤ This dress was €110 which isn’t even a lot because many of these dresses are way more expensive. I still have to buy some shoes that fits this dress. I don’t want to wear high heels because I really don’t like these shoes. My ex boyfriend always wanted that I wore high heels and even bought me some but now I’m growing into a woman who decide their choices. I feel more comfortable wearing shoes with maybe a little of heel so that I can able to dance and walk normally.




As soon as I buy these shoes I will go again to the shop “Moda Wappa” because they have to do some adjustments with this dress such as to make it a bit shorter. Now, this dress is a bit too long. This dress is even more beautiful in real life hahah! I never loved a dress so much. This will be my favourite dress which I’ever bought. Let me know what you think of this fuchsia dress 😊 I will talk to you all in my next blog post.

Much love,

xoxo Christina

Gossip Girl Tag 😍💖💕


Hey lovelies 😍,

I always wanted to make a blog post about one of my favourite series: Gossip Girl 💖. I have seen all seasons and I love it so much. I think I want to see all the seasons again haha. I’m just so addicted to this serie. I’m going to do this Gossip Girl Tag which I found on this blog: Elle. It must be fun to write. I think I’m going to make another blog post too about the reasons why I love this serie so much. First, I will do this Gossip Girl Tag and answer 10 awesome questions about this serie.


1. How did you discover the show?

My best friend was watching this serie a few years ago and said that it was a really good serie with great actors. She enjoyed watching it a lot. She said that this serie took place in New York City and that they all wore amazing fashion and went to cool parties. I was like omgggg NYC, great actors, amazing fashion and cool parties in NYC, I have to see this serie!!! 😱 I became totally addicted to this serie from the first episode that I saw.

New York City is so beautiful & amazing ❤

2. Who was your favourite character?

My favourite character was Serena. Many fans like Blair. I also like Blair but she could be really Evil. I love Serena more because of her fashion style and her honesty. I think she is more real than Blair. I also just love Blake Lively so much as an actress. I really have a weakness for her. She is one of my favourite actresses. I love her sweet voice, style, manner and she is just a goddess woman who know what she wants.



3. Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show?

I really think I could be friends with Serena 💙. I think we are really similar. I also share a lot of what she goes through in the serie. She dates a lot of bad boys and eventually end up with the good boy which is Dan. After my break up, I also was hanging out with bad boys who didn’t deserve me at all. All Serena wants is someone to respect her like I do too. I can really see parts of how I’m in her character. I also think it would be amazing to be friends with her so that she can learn me how to combine clothes and dress well. I’m not good at that. I love her style so much! ❤


4. Chair or dair?

Of course, without any doubt: CHAIR!!!! I didn’t like Dan and Blair together. They don’t belong together and are not similar. Dan and Blair are just friends. Chuck and Blair are both playing games and have kind of a dark side. I really liked when they finally end up together. They are really so cute together ❤ It’s real love 😍

5. What’s your favourite ship that would never actually happen?

I really liked Jenny and Eric together. I know that would never ever happen because Eric is gay. When I watched the serie, I found them really cute together and they also seem to understand each other well. I think they could be a great couple.


6. If you were to be a character, who would you be?

I would love to be Blair because she is just the opposite of my personality. That would be very interesting. I love her fashion style. She is also very smart, independent and is very straightforward. I love how she can be a bitch sometimes. I would love to be like that too with mean people. I also like that she always has a plan when something doesn’t work out. I wish I could be like that too haha.

7. Have your read the book series?

No, I never read the book series. I really want to buy the books and read the books too. I’m wondering if the storyline in the books is the same as in the serie or if it’s totally different.

8. Who was your crush on the show?

My crush on the show was definitely Chuck. He is so handsome!!!! 💕 He was sometimes a bad boy but he has a good heart. I also dated a lot of bad boys a few years ago. He can very wild and I love the games he played with Blair. He is also a bit of mysterious which I really like. I’m glad he finally got in a relationship with Blair.


9. What was your initial thought of the show?

I became addicted from the first second when I began to watch the serie. I loved the friendships and the relationships in the serie. My favourite couple was Chuck and Blair and my favourite friendship was definitely Blair and Serena <3. I also loved the drama, haha it was really fun. I became in love with their fashion. I also loved that they also went to amazing parties. I would love to go to such an amazing party in New York City and wear a beautiful dress like Serena or Blair were wearing. I also became in love with New York City so much. When I was watching this serie a few years ago I didn’t know that I would go to New York City one day.


The friendship between Blair & Serena was the best ❤


The fashion in Gossip Girl is just amazing! ❤

I won the Many Languages, One World essay contest and had to speak at the United Nations. I also posted this on some other blog posts. I will make an apart blog post about it. I felt in love with New York City. I already felt in love with NYC in Gossip Girl. The city is even more beautiful in real life like wow omggg. It’s really impressive! I also loved the theme song, haha it made all the fans of Gossip Girl addicted. I think it’s such a great ring tone too. You know you love me xoxo, Gossip Girl ❤


10. Who was your favourite villain?

Georgina was really my favourite villain in Gossip Girl. I really liked how she acted and how bitchy she could be. I loved the drama she created. She was really good in acting this way.


I hope you all liked this Gossip Girl Tag. Feel free to answers this questions on your own blog. Let me know in the comments if you also loved Gossip Girl as much as I do ❤ I would love to know all about it.

This is definitely one of my favourite pictures ever of Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate together ❤


Much love 💝,

xoxo Christina

5 reasons why I love going to concerts 😍🎶

Hey lovely bloggers 😍,

I love to write about mental health but I also love to write about other things on my blog. I love to write about all the things I love to do in life such as going to concerts, reading, singing, surfing, photography, travelling and much more. This blog post will be about 5 reasons why I love going to concerts. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life such as: Alvaro Soler, Enrique Iglesias, Ron Pope, The Script, Ellie Goulding, The XX, Sean Koch Trio, Odesza, Avicii, La Oreja De Van Gogh, David Otero, Gente De Zona, Don Omar, Boyce Avenue, Chef’s Special, Passenger and Ed Sheeran came to sing one song which was awesome!, The Vaccines, Huecco, Miss Caffeina and many more.

This year I already bought concert tickets to go to the concert of Operacion Triunfo next month. This is a Spanish singing contest, a talentshow. Last Monday it ended. I will post a blog post about this contest another day. The concert will be in Madrid with the 16 participants. I can’t wait to see them all live with my lovely Spanish friend Maria! ❤ I also will stay two days in Madrid which is awesome. Madrid is one hour away by train from Valladolid. Last weekend 4 participants of Operacion Triunfo went to Valladolid to sign cd’s. I was in the row for three hours in the cold but I survived and got my cd signed! It was an amazing experience to meet these beautiful people and I gave them some cards which I wrote for them. I also took pictures with them and one girl named Thalia gave me two kisses on the cheek like a friend greeting in Spain. That was so damn cute! ❤

This was last weekend when I got my cd of Operacion Triunfo signed. Roi, Thalia, Mireya and Marina from Operacion Triunfo came to Valladolid. It was so nice to meet them and take pictures with them! ❤ I loved the good vibes 😀

I also bought tickets to see Pablo Alboran which is also a famous Spanish singer. This concert will be in Valladolid, my home city on the second of June. Just one day after my birthday which is the first of June. This is an amazing present for me because I always wanted to go to his concert! He sings so beautiful and his songs are really beautiful ❤


Here are my 5 reasons why I love going to concerts:

1. The good vibes

Even though I get sometimes a bit anxious about being in rows and about the crowd, I really enjoy concerts so much. I will never sit or stand in the front with all people but just at a place where I can watch the concert and feel comfortable. I love the good vibes at a concert. Everyboody is happy to see their favourite artist live. Everybody is just so at peace and happy and nobody is judging you. I really love that so much. I also love when everybody is singing the song which the artist is playing and you can just feel how everybody connect with each other through the music. I also forget the whole world around me during a concert and I’m just enjoying that moment. During a concert you forget the problems you have in life and you just enjoy life ❤



2. Making new friends

At a concert it’s easy to make new friends and make connection with people. Everybody is there for the same reason. We are all fans. I love to meet new people with the same music taste. I love that soooo much. Last weekend, during the day of signing cd’s from Operacion Triunfo I met some lovely girls and made friends. It was so nice to talk to them about who they like from Operacion Triunfo and be connected. Music definitely connects people.


I met this lovely girl called Ines last weekend when I got my cd of Operacion Triunfo signed. I also met her friend Sandra. It’s so nice to meet new people who share the same music taste ❤ I love to make new friends 🙂

3. Music is life

I just can’t live without music. Imagine life without music…. That would be definitely a hell. Music is always there for you, in good and bad times. Sometimes I can’t find the rights words to explain how I’m feeling at that moment. Then I will find a song which explains exactly what I’m feeling at that moment. I think that’s really awesome. Music unites people from all over the world in a beautiful way. Music will always be there for you when you are feeling bad and cheer you up. Music will be there when you are happy and you can sing all the lyrics loud out and dance to your favourite songs. I’m so happy music exists ❤ The world is more beautiful with music! ❤

4. Meeting your favourite artist

Sometimes when you are in a concert you can meet your favourite artist, talk with them and take pictures with them. I got to meet Alvaro Soler, David Otero, Ron Pope, Rosana and some participants from Operacion Triunfo. This was definitely so awesome! I could take pictures with them and let them sign me a card or a cd. I loved to meet them all especially Alvaro Soler because the concert was in a little theatre and we had time to talk to him afterwards. With the other artists, we all had to rush and take a picture and byebye. I said to Alvaro Soler that my mother was born in Valladolid and more stuff and it was so nice and he was so cute and asdfghjkl ❤ Meeting your favourite artist after being fan after such a long time is definitely one of my favourite experiences of going to a concert ❤


Me and my friend Shams went to the concert of Alvaro Soler. We sang all the songs out loud and were so happy when at the end we could finally meet him and made some pictures with him. He also signed his picture and talked a bit with us. I still have all these memories in my room and will forever cherish them ❤

5. The awesome memories you make

The awesome memories you make during a concert will always stay with you. All my life I will go to concerts with my friends and family. I always make videos and pictures during a concert to cherish this beautiful moments with my friends and family forever. You will never forget that day that you finally saw your favourite artist live. It’s just so awesome to remember that forever.

I hope you all like this blog post. To which concert did you all go? Do you also enjoy going to concerts so much? I would love to receive your comments and thoughts about this. Thank you for reading my blog post and will talk to you all in my next blog post!

Love you all so much! 😍

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

My brother is getting married! 💑💍👰😍💞

Hey lovely bloggers 💞,

I have some exciting news to share omggg. My oldest brother Rafael (39 years old) is getting married next year in August with his beautiful Spanish girlfriend called Veronica. They know each other because of me hahah. I matched them together. The wedding will be in Spain which is sooooo amazing! 🎉😍💕🌈👰💑💍 

Spanish weddings are really different than the weddings I went in The Netherlands. There are much bigger and more people come. There will be 80 people. In Spain people are catholic and many people marry in a church. Afterwards, all the people who are invited are going to eat together and dance 💃🎶🎤.

My other brother called Edward married a few years ago with Elke when I was in Spain doing my exchange semester. I came back to The Netherlands for the wedding. It was so beautiful and emotional, damn. I cried my eyes out. I even sang at the wedding. I was so anxious but I did it well. I sang the first couplet of When I came down to the river to pray and afterwards we sang all together with a few people. Two years ago Elke got pregnant so I’m a happy aunt! My little niece Noanne is two years old now. I can’t wait to see them again. I didn’t see them now for one year because I was doing my internship in Spain and am living in Spain now. I’m going back to the Netherlands to spend Christmas time with my whole family. I really can’t wait, happy vibes! 🎄💞😍 

Rafael, me, Edward at the wedding of Edward and Elke

Edward, Elke and Noanne live in Geldrop, in the south of The Netherlands near to Eindhoven. Rafael and Veronica went this weekend to visit them. Rafael proposed during a love photoshoot Veronica and gave her the ring. Edward and Elke are wedding photographers and they take beautiful pictures. You can see their website which is called Azcona fotografie. Rafael booked the hotel NH in Eindhoven to spend this weekend there with Veronica after proposing her.

Asdfghjkl I’m so excited for their wedding next year!!!! 👰💑💖 My lovely niece Noanne will also come. She will be three years old by then. I just love weddings so much. It’s just so beautiful to be there on their special day with all the people you love. They are going to marry not in the church but in the beautiful castle of Fuensaldaña, a village near to Valladolid. Valladolid is the place where I’m living and where my mother was born. The castle is sooo beautiful. The ceremony will be there and then afterwards we will eat all together in a restaurant with delicious Spanish food. I hope I will sing again at their wedding, who knows 🎶💃

At the castle of Fuensaldaña with me, my mother, mother of Veronica, Rafael and Veronica

The beautiful castle in Fuensaldaña💞

It’s going to be such a wonderful day. I can’t wait to buy a beautiful dress and go to the hairdresser and all stuff hahaha 😂👗For the wedding of my brother Edward I got a beautiful purple dress from a friend. This time I would love to buy a dress but not too expensive. There are so many shops in Valladolid and I still have plenty of time to look for a beautiful one so no stress hahaha 😂.

I wish my brother and his girlfriend a life full of happiness, love and luck! 🍀 May all your dreams come true. I wish you many more years 💖🌈✌

Much love to you all 💞,

xoxo Christina