Pray for Barcelona 🙏💜

Hey all ♡,

I wanted to write this because I just feel so sad about what happened today in Barcelona, in Spain…. my home country 💖

Barcelona, stay safe please 🙏💕 Again a terrostic attack… When wil this nightmare stop?  I keep asking myself why, why, why… And I cry because there is no answer. This is hate and violence. There is just no valid reason why people would do this too innocent people. I close my eyes. All I can feel is fear in my heart. I open my eyes and close them again. Now, I begin to feel a bit hope in my heart. Thinking about all the people who are helping the people who were injuried such as the police man make me feel a bit happier. There are still good people out there. We will fight against terrorism. All we want in life is to live in a safe world where hate will never win, love wins 🌍💫

Much love,