One year blogging anniversary 🎉🎂🎁🎈💕

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

Before I write a blog post about the wedding of my brother which was last Saturday (11-8-2018). I also have to wait to get the pictures of my brother. Today I want to write a blog post about achieving a blogging milestone: my 1 year blogging anniversary 🎉💕. Today my blog post turned one year. I’m so happy my blog turned one year. I’m so blessed to achieve this blogging milestone. In this blog post I also am going to share some statistics of my blog, reasons why I love WordPress so much and some future plans for my blog in the future.

I’m so happy I began this blog on WordPress just a year ago. I was always thinking if it would be worth it and if anybody would ever read it. I didn’t know that my blog was able to grow. I’m thankful for my 212 followers. I don’t care that much about the numbers but of course it makes me happy that more and more people are following my blog. What I love the most about blogging is interacting with people. I developed beautiful friendships which I value a lot ❤. I never knew blogging would be so much fun. I already had a blog before on Tumblr and interacted with people but then my site got deleted. It was really sad because I had 2000 followers on there. I have a new Tumblr blog. My tumblr blog is more to get inspiration, share pictures from others and find beautiful quotes.

What I love about WordPress is that awesome blogging community. I also found it on Tumblr but sometimes people on there were really negative and depressed and glamorizing mental illnesses. I really don’t like that. On WordPress I feel everyone is more real, honest and able to be vulnerable. I really love that so much. I love that people are able to share the good and the bad in life. This is also the reason why you develop friendships on WordPress. Whenever I read a blog post I feel really connected to that person and can look into their mind. It feels like they’re talking to me. That real connection is just so beautiful.

I also love that I can be myself without feeling judged. You all are so kind, caring and beautiful people. I never knew I would find such amazing people on the internet. I’m happy to be also part of the mental health community on Instagram and here on my blog. It’s great that we have each other back. We are all in this together. I can write about anything on my blog and I love that I’m not afraid to share the good and also the bad in my life. I share a lot about living with an anxiety disorder and how it affects my life. It’s great to know that I’m not the only one going through this mental illness. Sometimes people don’t understand me in real life but here they understand me and respect me. I wish people would do that more in real life too. It’s just so important to know good people who respect you, understand you and care about you.

Internet friends are real friends 💕 How many times have my parents warned me for the dangerous side of internet when I was little. Of course, I know that there are dangers of internet and you have to be careful when you meet someone you’ve met on the internet. I just truly believe that internet friends are real friends even though you don’t see them or can’t talk face to face with them. You can read their inner thoughts and feel their feelings. You can create a real connection. That’s what for me is a real friendship. I really can’t wait to meet you all one day. I guess you all are even more awesome in real life. I also would love to travel with you all, go on adventure, take pictures, tell each other our secrets and just have fun together.

I’m going to share with you now some blog statistics from this year. I hope you don’t find this statistics too borring haha 😂. I found it interesting to share some of them and look back after this one year of blogging.

Followers: 212

Blog posts:
94 (almost 100 posts whoehoe)



Best day:
August the 16th (the day I made this blog!)

Day most popular:
Friday (28%)

Hour most popular:
3:00 (Night owls or my followers who live in a different timezone than me) (8%)

Some of my blog posts who were the most popular and got the most views were:

How being bullied in high school caused me anxiety(56 views)

I’m not good enough 💭 (61 views)

10 life lessons learned in 2017 (78 views)

10 self care tips💞🌠(99 views)

Do you think it’s possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever get back in return? 💕 (130 views)

Top 10 countries that visited my blog:

1. United States (635 views)

2. United Kingdom

3. Spain
(274 views which includes me when I check my blog haha 😂)

4. India

5. Canada

6. Poland

7. Ireland

8. Australia

9. Netherlands

10. Italy

I learned a lot of blogging this year. I still don’t know everything of WordPress but every day you learn something new. So, I will take it slowly. I still want to improve my theme. Maybe, I also would to go self-hosted on WordPress. As I read the blog post of Mia I now know the cons and pros of going self-hosted so I would prefer to do it via WordPress. I would not like that nobody can read my blogs again in the reader or encounter other problems. I also would like to share some new things on my blog as book reviews, movie reviews, poems written by me, singing covers (maybe making a Youtube channel but it makes me nervous haha) travel posts, surf adventures, photography and do some blog colloberations. I want to be more creative and share more of the things I love to do. Of course, I will also keep writing about some of my main topics on my blog which are: lifestyle ❤, self-love 💕, mental health 💪, feminism 👭 & wanderlust 🌍.

I’m going to continue to keep blogging for my whole life. I know blogging is also hard work too. I have had times where I didn’t feel like blogging and then I didn’t blog for a few weeks. I felt guilty and bad afterwards because I don’t want to neglect it. Now, I know that’s okay. I don’t have a blogging schedule and  I just love to write and share when I feel inspired. I don’t want to feel like I have to do it because otherwise it’s not that much fun. For now, blogging is just a hobby. Who knows, maybe in the future it could be my job too. We’ll see what the future brings.

I hope you all liked this blog post. What do you like about my blog? What kind of posts would you like that I write about? Do you also think internet friends are real friends? I would love to know suggestions and your opinion. I’m always happy to improve my blog and I will keep writing interesting blog posts. I hope you all are going to continue this crazy adventure called life with me 💕. Thank you for your beautiful friendship and for always holding space for me. You all mean the world to me.

I love you all so much 😍😍😍,

xoxo Christina

Women are not your property & 200 followers 🎉

Hola sweeties 💕,

Firstly, I want to say that I’m so happy that I received a few days ago a notification on WordPress that I received 200 followers. I’m so happy that my blog is growing and growing. I hope it will continue this way. Thank you all so much for all the likes, comments and follows. I’m not blogging because of the numbers but of course it makes me happy that my blog is growing. I’m so thankful for this beautiful community. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. I’m looking forward for my celebration of one year of blogging in August. I love you all so much 😍😍😍


Today I want to talk about a an important subject which is that women are not your property. This subject is based on how our society view us. I’m going to talk about this subject related to my own experience with boys and my ex boyfriend. I’m a proud feminist which means that I believe in equal rights between women and men. Some people think that being a feminist means that we hate men and that we think we’re better than them when it’s not that case. I don’t want to feel and be superior as a man. I just want to be treated equally as a man.


Women’s bodies are always considered as an object. We are always sexualised. You can see it on social media, on television, on magazines, just everywhere you go you can see it. I’m really done with it. I remember a time that I was doing my Erasmus abroad in Spain a few years ago that I knew a group of friends. There was one boy who was always hanging out with us and was a nice boy. Then one day he said to me that he gave my mobile number to a friend of him because he liked me. I was really angry. Just because I trust you and we’re friends doesn’t mean that I want that you give my mobile number to a boy I even almost don’t know and especially whitout my consent. This boy had my number and was messaging me and said that he found me sexually attracted. I felt horrible because I don’t want my body to be sexualised and I don’t want any boy to like me just for my body. I didn’t answered this boy anymore and deleted him from my mobile phone.

I’ve felt so many times that I needed to change for a boy or please him when it isn’t good for me. Someone has to love you for who you are and for your personality. Looks will fade away as you age but your heart and mind will always stay with you. Why do women always feel like our body is their property when it isn’t? It’s the same way with catcalling. This is a behaviour of men which I hate so much. In that moment they’re acting as if we are their property. I remember so many times that I was walking or biking and a man was catcalling me. When I didn’t respond the man was laughing and calling me a dirty word. It feels like we have to respond to them. We are not their fucking property. We aren’t fucking dogs who you have to call all the time. We have the right to not respond to this behaviour. I hope this behaviour will stop one day so that women don’t feel inscure or uncomfortable walking on the streets.


Men also don’t have the right to change women just to please him. It’s so important to not loose yourself in a relationship because at the end the most important thing is to be yourself. If someone don’t like you for who you are then it’s better to not be in relationship with this person. An example is when I had a relationship with my ex boyfriend. Once we went on a trip to Antwerp in Belgium and we went to the shop Forever 21 and we got into a quarrel. He said that every girl could walk on high heels and that I also had to walk on it. He said it would increase my self esteem and I would look like a model of Victoria Secret. Well fuck yourself, I don’t want to be or look like a model. I just want to be myself. I gave in and once in Spain he bought me high heels. I tried to walk on them so many times during parties and once also during a holiday we went with his family in Mallorca. I HATED IT. The high heels weren’t ugly at all. They were beautiful but I just hate to walk on high heels okay. I can’t walk on it, it hurts me and it doesn’t increase my self confidence. When I walked on high heels I felt more insecure and it was so uncomfortable. I told this to some boys and my friends I met after my relationship ended and they all said that it was stupid that my ex tried to change me into someone I’m not. I have to decide what’s good for me, and what I wear. It’s my body and isn’t your damn right to decide what I have to wear.

A read some articles of women who got raped and they alway point out that it’s the women’s fault. Society always blame the woman and I’m so done with it. They always point out about what the women was wearing, how late they were at the street or if they were at a party. It’s the rapist fault which in many cases is a man. Men are responsible for their actions. I also read that in many cases the rapist is their own boyfriend. They feel like when they’re in a relationship that the women is their property and can do anything with their body when it isn’t their right. The woman always have to give consent. If they aren’t okay with their behaviour and actions it isn’t okay. I have pleased so many times boys as in kissing them just because I was scared to loose him when at the end that happened. I also had times that I liked a boy and he also said he liked me and the end found out that he was kissing another girl. I felt so many times betrayed. Nowadays, I’m afraid to let someone in my life because I don’t want to have a broken heart after my ex boyfriend anymore. It hurted too much and broke my life in pieces. I will talk about this in another blog post in the future. The thing I want to say is that we aren’t your poperty. You don’t own us. You are not entitled to our bodies or our minds.

We have one body. Our body is our temple and we don’t own anyone anything. Remember, that you are never someone’s property. If you have to change yourself for your partner it isn’t worth it. It’s better to leave that relationship then to loose yourself. It’s so important to be able to be free yourself. You are a person on your own, with your values and personality. You decide what’s good for you and what’s not. Do what feels good to you. Always leave toxic relationships because at the end they will do more harm than good. We’re starting a revolution! The future is female 👭💪

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post. I will talk to you all in my next blog post 😊

Love you all so much 💕,

xoxo Christina

Blogging milestone achieved: 1000 likes 💕🎉

Hey lovelies 😍,

Today I want to talk about a blogging milestone which I have achieved. Today when I was scrolling on WordPress I received an awesome notification on WordPress which was that I received 1000 likes on my blog. I just can’t believe it! I’ve now almost 200 followers which is also a big a milestone. I just can’t believe my blog is growing and growing. I’m really so happy about it! 😄

I never told this before I think. My blog name is called Sea of words because I’m deeply in love with the sea. The beach is my favourite place on earth. I love the sea so much and I can’t wait to swim in the sea again in the Summer. I used words because blogging is about writing words. This is the reason why Sea of words would be the perfect blog name. I had to do an x after Sea of words because without the x the blog name was taken. The x doesn’t mean anything haha it’s a kiss for all of you 😘 I made this picture below and wanted to add it as logo on my blog but you couldn’t see that well so I changed it in a picture of the sea without the words.


In August, I will reach another milestone which is that my blog will turn one year. I never knew I would like blogging so much. I had a Tumblr blog before and had 2000 followers there but for some reason I couldn’t enter anymore so they deleted it. I have a new Tumblr blog since two years I guesss and I really love Tumblr so much. I prefer WordPress for writing blog posts and Tumblr for reblogging awesome pictures, get inspiration and reblog quotes. Tumblr could be sometimes a bit depressed whereas WordPress bring me more good vibes. My Tumblr url is Let the sea set you free. I loved this quote which I saw one day on Tumblr. The sea always make me feel free and makes me forget the whole world around me. This is my Tumblr for anyone interested: Tumblr. I love to write my thoughts and feelings down. When I began with my blog on WordPress I never knew anybody would ever like, comment or even follow my blog to be honest. I’m so thankful that you all follow my blog, like my posts, comment my posts and read every post. It means the world to me.

I love this blogging community so much. I love that everybody is so nice and respectful to each other. This is sometimes hard to find in the real world. I wish to meet you all one day. That would be so much fun! I really consider you all good friends of me. I love be in contact with new cultures and connect with awesome people like you all. You are all beautiful human beings and I wish you all the best. I can’t wait to write more awesome posts in the future and keep reading your blogs.

Maybe in the future I will do a giveaway, do some collab posts, book reviews, travel posts, shopping hauls, fashion blog posts and other cool posts. I’m always looking for new things to add to my blog. I like to write about everything. First, I only wanted to write about mental health but then I thought it’s better to write about more subjects. I get bored easily if I only write about one subject haha. I don’t want to have a niche. My main topics on my blog are lifestyle, poetry, travelling, mental health, self love and feminism. What kind of subjects do you like to include on my blog? What are your favourite blog posts on my blog? I would love to know your thoughts so that I can include this in my blog.

Thank you all for your infinite support! 💕 I wish you all only good vibes!

Love you all so much ❤,

xoxo Christina