Merry Christmas to all of you! 🎄💖💃🌟✨🎅

HO HO HO lovelies 💞,

In this blog post I will share some pictures of my Christmas, some thoughts about Christmas and wish you all a Merry Christmas 🎄. I’m still feeling a bit bad. Sometimes I have some cramps or pain in the right side of my stomach. I’m thinking that maybe it could be ovulation pain. My parents thought the same. I hope to feel better soon. At least I have less headaches and my throat is doing better again too. I also have had some problems with my blog as my posts don’t show up in the public reader when you search some tags. I don’t know why. Hopefully, anyone can help me out with this. I would really appreciate that. I was also packing before Christmas to go to Spain this weekend to be able to enjoy Christmas without stressing about that 😂.

Now, let’s talk about Christmas time again. We can get pressured around this time of the year because we are bombarded with positive messages of being happy and of having to enjoy Christmas. While I’m a bit struggling with my health I find it difficult to just be happy because I have to do. I think that’s an unrealistic thought. We have to enjoy Christmas on our way. Do what you love to do. Spend time with your loves ones. Eat what you want to eat and don’t feel any pressure by it. I’m here for anyone who needs it 💞🙏. It’s okay if your Christmas isn’t happy or if you are struggling. I’m here for you and wish you all the love you need. You are not alone.

This time of the year always makes us reflect on this past year. It make us think of all the people we love. It can make us feel sad and happy. This time of the year can be a hard time for those who are missing someone. I’m thinking of those who are struggling these days with their mental health, physical health or any other struggle of life. You are in my prayers 🙏✨ .

I also really do think that Christmas is about giving and don’t like the consumism and materalism stuff 🎁. We don’t have much presents with Christmas because we already celebrated Sinterklaas before. I got amazing presents which you can read in this blog post. I always like to give money for charities and help others in need, not only during Christmas time. A few days ago I donated €15 for Prinses Máxima Centrum which is a hospital dedicated for children with cancer in The Netherlands. I hope my money can help the investigation to make more children better. I also know a little child who has leucemia and is being treated there. She’s a little child, only 6 years old. I know them because of my choir. I wish that she and every little child can get better. They all deserve that so much. I think it’s so important to donate money to good charities and help people in need.

I encourage anyone to give something back this Christmas and whenever you can. Christmas isn’t all about presents, food and all that materialistic stuff. Christmas is about making other people happy and being there for people who need it the most 💕 Make a change and please donate to any charity you like. You will be so thankful and happy that you did. You can also help someone without giving money but give them your time, love and showing them your heart. If someone you know or a stranger is struggling, be there for them. Be the light in those dark times 💡. Everyone needs someone sometimes.

I will give this love and light this time to the ones I love and to the ones who need it. We can be each other lights. We can give that light to someone who’s struggling in the darkness. Be that light for someone in need. If that could safe someone’s life and make them feel better then that’s all what counts. There’s nothing what makes me more happier than seeing someone smile because of something I did or some words I said. I wish all of you so much happiness that your heart will glow from golden glitter.

Christmas time for me begins on the 23th of December because it’s such a special date before Christmas. It makes me cry writing and thinking about it 😭. It’s the wedding anniversary of my parents 💒. This year they are already 43 years married. I wish them many more years of happiness, luck and love to come. I love them so much 😍. They are the best parents I could wish for. Thank you mama and papa for always being there for me and for making me believe that real love exists. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. I really can’t live without their love. When I think of someone dying I cry and panic but I have to tell myself to live in the present and that everything is okay now. My daddy was so sick and almost died when I was 11 years old because of an infection in his pancreas and many complications so this universe give him a new opportunity to live. I’m so thankful for that. In the evening my parents are going to the cathedral with an old lady they know. My mother used to clean her house. I used to sing “The nine lessons and carols” but I’m not in that choir anymore. I don’t go because sometimes I get anxiety because of memories. I always use this time to enjoy a bath 🛀 with a Lush bath bomb and paint my nails 💅. I love to get ready for Christmas and take time for myself. I need me time.

The 24th of December we always celebrate Christmas with the family but this time we celebrated it with the whole family on the 26th which is boxing day. It’s the Second Day of Christmas in The Netherlands. On Christmas Eve my brother Rafael and Verónica came to our house and we ate a delicious simple meal. This time my brother, his wife, me and my mother aren’t going to the cathedral but to the church near to our house for the mass. It’s really a tradition to go to church with Christmas 🎄⛪. I’m Catholic but don’t know if I believe in God but yes I believe in something, in the universe for sure. There’s a beautiful choir singing. I always feel more safe in this church as it’s more familiar. I don’t want to see all people I know asking questions about my life like when I go to the cathedral. The mass was beautiful. It always makes me feel the Christmas spirit.

I also always wear this Christmas costume like Santa Claus because I enjoy wearing it. My bestie said haha are you going to wear again that wore dress?! 😂🤶 Lol, it’s a bit short that’s why she said that. I never wear it outside though haha it’s way too cold for that. It makes me feel sexy and beautiful. I still can wear it so yeah I enjoy to wear it at home. My family also loves it especially my 4 year old niece. It’s a tradition for me to always wear it until I don’t fit it.

On Christmas day the 25th I enjoyed watching some Christmas movies 🎬 with my parents. Maybe my mother and I would go to the appartment of my brother to see their Christmas tree. The next day, on Boxing Day we celebrated Christmas with the whole family which means with my parents, my two brothers and their wifes and my little niece. We ate a delicious meal which was some meat, potatoes with different sauces and salad. As dessert we had fruits, red fruit mascarpone ice cream 🍨 and also blackberry juice which my father makes. I loved that so much as it’s very special and so sweet 😍. His mother also made it when she was alive so the tradition continues. We had such a nice and peaceful time together.

I had a beautiful Christmas time. I also want to say thanks to the mother of my ex lol because we always sent present to her and she to us. It’s already 7 years ago when he broke up with me during Christmas time but I’m finally these last years a bit happy with Christmas and don’t feel that dark cloud so much because of that horrible memory when I felt my world breaking in pieces 💔. I’m thankful for her beautiful presents which will arrive a week later. I’m also thankful for all the Christmas cards I got from pen pals, blogging friends, friends and family 💖. I feel all your love. I’m also thankful for the presents I got from Elsie. I loved your presents so much. She sent me this beautiful notebook and the presents you can see below. Thank you Sophia for your amazing presents too. I loved the nail polish as I really need some new ones as most of them are dry haha. I also loved the plate and the wallet. Turqouise is such a beautiful colour. I’m really blessed to be friends with you all. From my brother and his wife I got snowman marshmallows 😍⛄ I love to put them in a cup of hot chocolate. It’s delicious 😋

I hope you all will enjoy a beautiful Christmas with the ones you love 💖. Merry Christmas to all of you! I wish you all love, happiness and luck. I’m so blessed to be part of this beautiful community. I think that’s the best Christmas present I could wish for. Be safe lovelies and enjoy Christmas time on your own way.

Thank you for reading this blog post about Christmas time 🎄🎅✨. I hope you all liked it. How do you celebrate Christmas? Did you enjoy it? What are some traditions you do on Christmas? Let me know lovelies. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

I love you all so much 💞,

xoxo Christina

Merry Christmas to you all! 🎅🎄💕✨🎉

Hey lovely bloggers 💕,

Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for always holding space for me. You are all beautiful people. I wish you all happiness, luck and love this Christmas 🎄💖✨🌟.


Today I want to talk about how I celebrated Christmas this year. Unfortunately, I’m having a cold. My noise is running. My throat hurts. I took some paracetamol and tea. Hopefully, this will help me. I’m also going to have my period in a few days and I’m going to travel this Thursday the 27th to Spain. It’s always with Christmas that I get sick and also always with travelling I get my period. I hate that so much 😭 I just accepted that it’s okay to feel this way also on Christmas. Not everything has to be perfect.

So my brothers, their wifes and my niece came in the afternoon the 24th. We celebrated Christmas Eve with them and my parents at our home. I always put my Santa Claus 🎅 dress on just to take some pictures haha. Before dinner we unwrapped all our presents. I got a star and a heart to put in the Christmas tree 🎄🌟. For my niece I bought a purple unicorn and my brother bought a mermaid for her. I loved it haha. I just want to be a mermaid and live in the sea and be happy and free 🌊. My parents got a beautiful photography book of pictures of the wedding of my brother.

Afterwards, we all ate dinner. I felt sometimes stressed because my niece was acting bad. She didn’t want to listen all the time. Maybe she was just tired but her mother, the wife of my brother was angry at her. I know she’s right but the situation was pretty stressful. My niece was crying sometimes. Dinner was so delicious 😍 We ate potatoes with different sauces, a piece of meat, salad and stewed pears made by my lovely mother. As dessert we had delicious vanilla ice cream, fruits and the best thing: blackberry juice made by daddy 💕. We all loved it. Noanne said mmmm love it. After eating ice cream she always goes wild so she ran through the house so cray cray 😂 Then she got on the bank and was covered with blankets, pluches and got tired.

After dinner we drank some tea and then my brother, his wife and my niece left our home. We stayed talking a bit until 9.30 pm to go to the cathedral where I used to sing in the choir. My brother, his Spanish wife and my mother went to the Midnight Mass. I always find it important to go to church on Christmas Eve and pray. Christmas is about giving love to others and being there for others. I could feel myself being anxious so I took a medication to make sure I wouldn’t get more anxious. Going to see my choir always brings me so much memories. I told myself it’s okay to take medication to be calm and when I need it.

We arrived pretty early at the cathedral. We went to our seats. We could see the choir and we were not seated in the middle with all people. For me and also for my mother’s it’s perfect because we don’t like to sit with many people. My mother and I went to the toilets. They were all restaurated. There were 6 toilets for men and also for women. All clean and it looked beautiful.

The first person I saw was a girl which used to sing in my choir. She’s really nice and ask me how I was doing and since when I was in The Netherlands. I said that I was here since the end of September and that I was looking for a job in Spain. We talked a bit. She said that it was really nice to see me. It’s nice when someone says that to me 😊. Then I saw the sister of Lisa who died just three months ago. I already wrote about her so much on my blog. She gave me a strong hug which I loved. She asked me how I was doing and then I said well mmm. I asked her the same and we talked a bit. She told me I can always come with her one day to the choir to talk with them. It’s nice that she said that to me. I gave her another hug and said that she’s so sweet. She also told me that I have been such a strong support for their family. After talking to her I could already feel tears in my eyes. This story just touched me so much. I also have to say that the way she gave me those hugs were so warm and I really needed those hugs. We all need hugs & more love in this world ❤️. You never know what someone’s going through.

Then I went back to my seat and enjoyed the Midnight Mass. My choir sang so beautiful. It’s like angels are singing 😇🎶. It began at 10.30 pm and ended at 00.00. I was so happy that I just felt calm because of taking my medication for anxiety. When the Midnight Mass was ended I saw the mother of Lisa and the husband of Lisa. I walked to them and gave them both a hug. It was fine to see them again. They told me it was heartwarming what I wrote about Lisa in my blog. I’m happy that they liked what I wrote about her in my blog. I have to admit that I didn’t know Lisa that well. Stories of young people dying from cancer and just any horrible story touches my heart. I’m a highly sensitive person so I cry about everything. I can also feel others emotions easily. Sometimes feeling so deeply can make living in this world pretty overwhelming too. I’m trying to control my emotions more but sometimes I just can’t. I also wrote a Christmas card to her family with a own written poem and they wrote me one too. I’m looking forward to the Christmas card.

At the exit in the church I saw again the mother of Lisa and her husband and also the father. I also greeted him and we talked. The father asked me how I could speak Spanish. I said that I’m bilingual because my mother learned me Spanish since I was a baby. I also took Spanish lessons and had Spanish as a subject in my college. I also did my internship and exchange in Spain. I have always lived between two countries and have two homes 😂 I said that I also have good Spanish friends there 💕 We also talked about emotions. I said that Dutch people show emotions less and Spanish people are more caring and emotional. It’s also the temperament of Spaniards. Then I said goodbye and we went home.

On the first day of Christmas my parents and I unwrapped the box with presents 🎁 from the mother of my first love. My mother got a hairbrush and Christmas cocktail prickers. My father got something for cleaning and delicious tea with different flavors. On my presents she wrote: “Princess Christina.” I remember when I was together with my first love and she always said that to me in Switzerland👸 She’s so sweet 💕 I love her very much. Maybe, one day we will see them again. I got earrings, black panty socks and Mickey Mouse socks which I love so much 😍 They are so cute. I also got chocolate hearts and more chocolate for us all. I always got these chocolate hearts when I was together with my ex. They are so delicious. I also loved the card she wrote. It were all nice presents. In the afternoon we saw “First dates” from UK together with my parents. It’s a programme on tv where people have a blind date together. It’s really fun. We also saw “Heel Holland bakt”. That’s about a competition of baking. We love to watch it and the pies and sweets look so delicious.

Afterwards, I dressed up to go with my parents to the appartement of my brother and his wife. It’s just 15 minutes away by car. We ate delicious pasta with meat and vegetables, salad, bread and vanilla ice cream. We also drank some mint tea with some delicious sweets made by the wife of my brother. We were at their home at 7 pm and stayed a few hours. When we got home we saw again a programme on tv about baking. Later at night I saw “All you need is love” with my mother. It’s about couples who live far away from each other or families who didn’t see each other for a long time. They bring them all together so that they can enjoy Christmas together.

Today it’s boxing day in The Netherlands. Today we all just rested and I finished packing my suitcase for Thursday the 27th that I’m going to Spain 🇪🇸✈️ I’m also having a cold. I like the view from the airplane but I always get anxious while flying. I hate turbulence so I better take a medication for anxiety. Listening to a postcast of Yoga Girl or listening to music also helps me to calm down. I just need to have distractions. I also saw the movie It’s a wonderful life with my parents which I didn’t see before. I got emotional and cried because it was such a beautiful movie with so much meaning. At night I will see the liveshow of Christmas from the Spanish talentshow Operación Triunfo 🎤 I loved to see the finalists of this year singing with famous artists and also the finalists from last year. I love them ♥️.

Thank you all for reading this blog post. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas time. How was your Christmas? What did you got for gifts? What did you do? Let me know in the comments. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

Merry Christmas to you all! 🎄❤🎅

Hello lovely bloggers 💕,

This blog post will be all about how I spent my Christmas. In the Netherlands we celebrate Christmas eve, the First and Second Day of Christmas.

Sooooo, I will begin with Christmas eve which was on Sunday. For the first time in my life there were 10 persons at the dinner table. My brother Rafael and Veronica (who are going to marry in August in Spain!) came together with the brother of Veronica: Jairo and her mother: Milagros. Jairo and Milagros came to the Netherlands for the first time to spent Christmas all together. My parents were there and myself of course 😂.  Rafael and Veronica live 10 minutes away by car from us. My other brother Edward, his wife Elke and my niece Noanne also came for Christmas eve. They live in the south of Holland in Geldrop, near to Eindhoven, like two hours away from us. I can’t show you pictures of my little niece Noanne because they want privacy so of course I respect that.

I didn’t see Edward, Elke and Noanne for one year. I’m living in Spain and they are busy with work and with their own company of wedding photography. I was soooo excited to see them again 😍❤ I also am so in love with Noanne. She is now two years old and so damn cute. She can already talk a bit and walk of course. She was saying all the time: “I’m going to Spain” haha which is true. She is going to the wedding of Rafael and Veronica in August.

Before dinner we unwrapped the presents 🎁. I got so many nice stuff. I think I’m going to make a blog post about the gifts too. I got polaroid instax mini films, marshmallows, tony chocolony chocolate, gloves, more chocolate hahah, a book about photography, pyjama’s, handmade soaps, instax mini album and a lot of notebooks and pens. I love stationery stuff so much haha I have so much of it. I’m just so addicted to it 😂 I love writing and journalling.

After receiving our gifts, we ate dinner. We had a bit of meat, salad, potatoes and as dessert delicious chocolate and vanille ice cream with fruits. It was all soooooo damn delicious 😍❤ I love the fact that we are never about eating that much, just enough.

Here are some pictures of Christmas eve at home with my lovely family ❤

My brother Edward took this one with a nikon camera. I bought this dress on the internet and always wear it with Christmas 

                                                      With Veronica and Jairo ❤

Jairo and Milagros 

Rafael so happy with his new wallet

My father Harm giving us the presents

                                                      Happy with chocolate ❤😍

More presents 

                                            Christmas eve dinner with the family 😍

                                                                  All together ❤

                                          With the brother of Veronica: Jairo ❤

After dinner, Edward, Elke and Noanne went home. My father stayed at home too. I went together with my mother, Rafael and the family of Veronica to the church. For me, Christmas always begins with that. It makes me feel happy and purposeful. Some years I felt empty because of not going to church. I’m catholic and I believe there must be something to believe in. Everybody has their own way ❤

I felt anxious before going to the church because I was about to see my choir. It always brings up memories with my ex boyfriend, my first love. I went to UK with my choir and I met him in the hostel which we were staying. It’s been 5 years ago since the break up but it still hurts. I saw some people which I know from the church and it was nice. I also get anxious about people asking me questions about my life and stuff. The midnight mass of Christmas was so beautiful and my choir sang so beautiful. I knew all songs by heart and was singing them too 😂🎶

                                                   The church: St. Bavo Haarlem


                                                 Hodie Christus Natus est 🎤🎶


                                                God rest you merry gentlemen 🎶❤

The mass of Christmas eve began at 22.30 and ended at 00.15. It’s always a long one with Christmas. Afterwards, my parents and I went home and I stayed watching a bit tv with my mother.

On the first Day of Christmas which was Monday, I watched a Dutch movie at home with my parents called Loenatik. I unwrapped some gifts from my father which were chocolate and sweets. My mother got an awesome Rituals set, all for the shower whoehoee I’m gonna use it too 😂  We went for dinner to my brother’s home: Rafael where the family of Veronica also were staying. We were eating all together, 7 persons. In Dutch it’s typical to gourmet as Christmas dinner. This means that you are making your own meat and salad. It’s so nice and delicious. It was all so delicious. We also ate potatoes. As dessert we had vanille ice cream, yoghurt with chocolate, after eight (mint chocolate) and a tea.

           Here are some pictures of monday night eating dinner at my brother’s home ❤

After dinner, my parents and I went home. I saw my favourite Spanish singing contest: Operacion Triunfo. It was the special programme for Christmas. I loved Amaia and Rosa Lopez which sang thank you for the music from Abba. I also cried a lot with the final hymn of Operacion Triunfo. I love them all so much. I’m going to see the 16 participants live in March with my good Spanish friend. The concert will be in Madrid! 🎶❤🎤

Today, it’s the second day of Christmas. I was just chilling at home and enjoying the Christmas tree with it’s beautiful lights. I saw the movie Sisi which I love so much. The Spanish family of Veronica and my brother came to our home to drink a cup of tea together with a piece of pie…. so delicious! 🍰❤😍 I just watched a French movie with my parents which was really so funny. I also saw All you need is love, the Christmas special. It’s a Dutch programme about family members and lovers who are reunited again for Christmas after not seeing them for a long  time. It’s really so emotional and beautiful. I always cry when I watch it. The best way to end Christmas is of course with this blog post.

I had such an amazing Christmas! 🎄😍❤ This was definitely the best Christmas of my life. I always had a sad feeling of Christmas because it reminded me of the break up of my first love. Every year I felt a bit happier. This year it just have been so amazing to see my brother Edward again and being all together ❤ I also love my niece so much. Having a little child in our family makes us feel like a child again. I felt so happy and excited again this Christmas. It has been a long time that I felt this way about Christmas. I also loved that the family of Veronica was here.

I’m so blessed for everything. I’m so blessed to have an amazing family. I wish that you all had an amazing Christmas ❤🎄 If you are going through a grief, bad time or are missing someone, remember I’m here for you all. Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect. Do things you love and spend it with people you love 💕

Merry Christmas beautiful bloggers! 🎄❤💕 I love each of you so much. 

Much love,

xoxo Christina