Stationery haul 💗📝

Hola lovelies 💕,

Today it’s time for again a haul post. I bought a lot of stationery stuff and also some other stuff I want to show you all. I’m just so addicted to buy stationery stuff. I use it to write letters to my friends, family and pen pals. There’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter. It never goes out of style.

These are all the things I bought:

Stickers, bouncing putty, socks and gel pens
Postcards set and cards with envelopes

Big stickers €1.50 each of them (Hema)

Stickers with hearts, moon and eyes
Big stickers with stars, quotes and hearts

I bought this beautiful two pack of stickers at the Dutch shop Hema. I love these stickers. They are really beautiful and creative. I love the heart stickers, the moon and the eyes.

Little stickers €1 each of them (Zeeman)

Summer stickers with ice-creams and sweets

I bought this nice stickers at the Dutch shop Zeeman. The stickers on the left are so cute. It gives me Summer vibes as there are ice-creams, milkshakes and other sweets 🍬🍧🥤. The stickers on the right are also so nice. I especially love the sticker Okay? Okay. because it reminds me of my favourite movie and book The fault in our stars by John Green.

Colourful gel pens €1 (Zeeman)

Colourful gel pens

I love gel pens so much. They write so well and the colours are beautiful. I used to use them a lot but many of them were broken so I had the perfect excuse to buy this set of gel pens. Also my favourites colours are blue, purple and violet.

Postcards pad €0.80 (Action)

Set of different postcards
Postcard with the text you are so loved and flowers
Postcard with the text amazing with flowers
Postcard with hearts
Postcard with a dandelion and quote
Postcard with the text choose joy and blue flowers
Postcard with the text positive vibes only in blue

Action is like the best shop to buy stationery stuff in The Netherlands. It has so many awesome things. I bought this set of postcards. I like to write postcards and send them. They are all so beautiful. I love the design, the flowers, the hearts and the beautiful letters. These are 12 designs and 24 postcards.

Postcards with scratch stickers €0.90 (Action)

Colourful postcards with scratch stickers
Postcard with a beautiful tree and quote
Postcard with a bee, quote and sunflower
Best friend forever postcard with hearts

I love these postscards because they have scratch stickers. I have never seen that before. You have to write in the white space and then you have to cover it with the scratch sticker which you can find at the end. It’s like a hidden message. The person who gets the postcard has to scratch the sticker to see the message. I think it’s such a cute idea 😍 I really love it. The postcasts are also very cute.

8 double cards deluxe with envelopes €0.80 (Action)

8 double deluxe cards with envelopes

These are so useful and I already was thinking of buying it. I love to make my own cards. It makes it more personal and special. It’s always useful to have this at home as well as the envelopes ✉️.

Crazy bouncing putty €1 (Zeeman)

Set of colourful crazy bouncing putty

This isn’t stationery stuff but I wanted to include it in this post because I bought it the same day. I gave one to my friend and one is for myself. Bouncing putty is so nice. It’s soft, colourful and it bounces when you throw it on the ground. I love it. It’s great for releasing stress and anxiety 💕. It’s so satisfying.

Colourful socks €3 (Hema)

Colourful socks
This was such a great set of socks which I bought the same day when I bought the stationery stuff. It was cheap as it were 5 socks for €3. I love the pineapple socks, the lines and the colours. I really needed socks so it was worth to buy them. You can never have enough colourful socks.

Thank you all for reading this blog post. What was your favourite item from my post? Do you also love to buy stationery as much as I do? What do you love to buy? Let me know in the comments. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina