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Hey lovelies 😍,

I always wanted to make a blog post about one of my favourite series: Gossip Girl 💖. I have seen all seasons and I love it so much. I think I want to see all the seasons again haha. I’m just so addicted to this serie. I’m going to do this Gossip Girl Tag which I found on this blog: Elle. It must be fun to write. I think I’m going to make another blog post too about the reasons why I love this serie so much. First, I will do this Gossip Girl Tag and answer 10 awesome questions about this serie.


1. How did you discover the show?

My best friend was watching this serie a few years ago and said that it was a really good serie with great actors. She enjoyed watching it a lot. She said that this serie took place in New York City and that they all wore amazing fashion and went to cool parties. I was like omgggg NYC, great actors, amazing fashion and cool parties in NYC, I have to see this serie!!! 😱 I became totally addicted to this serie from the first episode that I saw.

New York City is so beautiful & amazing ❤

2. Who was your favourite character?

My favourite character was Serena. Many fans like Blair. I also like Blair but she could be really Evil. I love Serena more because of her fashion style and her honesty. I think she is more real than Blair. I also just love Blake Lively so much as an actress. I really have a weakness for her. She is one of my favourite actresses. I love her sweet voice, style, manner and she is just a goddess woman who know what she wants.



3. Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show?

I really think I could be friends with Serena 💙. I think we are really similar. I also share a lot of what she goes through in the serie. She dates a lot of bad boys and eventually end up with the good boy which is Dan. After my break up, I also was hanging out with bad boys who didn’t deserve me at all. All Serena wants is someone to respect her like I do too. I can really see parts of how I’m in her character. I also think it would be amazing to be friends with her so that she can learn me how to combine clothes and dress well. I’m not good at that. I love her style so much! ❤


4. Chair or dair?

Of course, without any doubt: CHAIR!!!! I didn’t like Dan and Blair together. They don’t belong together and are not similar. Dan and Blair are just friends. Chuck and Blair are both playing games and have kind of a dark side. I really liked when they finally end up together. They are really so cute together ❤ It’s real love 😍

5. What’s your favourite ship that would never actually happen?

I really liked Jenny and Eric together. I know that would never ever happen because Eric is gay. When I watched the serie, I found them really cute together and they also seem to understand each other well. I think they could be a great couple.


6. If you were to be a character, who would you be?

I would love to be Blair because she is just the opposite of my personality. That would be very interesting. I love her fashion style. She is also very smart, independent and is very straightforward. I love how she can be a bitch sometimes. I would love to be like that too with mean people. I also like that she always has a plan when something doesn’t work out. I wish I could be like that too haha.

7. Have your read the book series?

No, I never read the book series. I really want to buy the books and read the books too. I’m wondering if the storyline in the books is the same as in the serie or if it’s totally different.

8. Who was your crush on the show?

My crush on the show was definitely Chuck. He is so handsome!!!! 💕 He was sometimes a bad boy but he has a good heart. I also dated a lot of bad boys a few years ago. He can very wild and I love the games he played with Blair. He is also a bit of mysterious which I really like. I’m glad he finally got in a relationship with Blair.


9. What was your initial thought of the show?

I became addicted from the first second when I began to watch the serie. I loved the friendships and the relationships in the serie. My favourite couple was Chuck and Blair and my favourite friendship was definitely Blair and Serena <3. I also loved the drama, haha it was really fun. I became in love with their fashion. I also loved that they also went to amazing parties. I would love to go to such an amazing party in New York City and wear a beautiful dress like Serena or Blair were wearing. I also became in love with New York City so much. When I was watching this serie a few years ago I didn’t know that I would go to New York City one day.


The friendship between Blair & Serena was the best ❤


The fashion in Gossip Girl is just amazing! ❤

I won the Many Languages, One World essay contest and had to speak at the United Nations. I also posted this on some other blog posts. I will make an apart blog post about it. I felt in love with New York City. I already felt in love with NYC in Gossip Girl. The city is even more beautiful in real life like wow omggg. It’s really impressive! I also loved the theme song, haha it made all the fans of Gossip Girl addicted. I think it’s such a great ring tone too. You know you love me xoxo, Gossip Girl ❤


10. Who was your favourite villain?

Georgina was really my favourite villain in Gossip Girl. I really liked how she acted and how bitchy she could be. I loved the drama she created. She was really good in acting this way.


I hope you all liked this Gossip Girl Tag. Feel free to answers this questions on your own blog. Let me know in the comments if you also loved Gossip Girl as much as I do ❤ I would love to know all about it.

This is definitely one of my favourite pictures ever of Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate together ❤


Much love 💝,

xoxo Christina