The most beautiful people in life are the ones who have been through the worst 💫💭

Hey lovelies 💕,

I love this quote so much 💕 This is definitely one of my favourite quotes 💫  I want to share some thoughts and feelings I have about this beautiful quote. Yoga girl (International yoga teacher based in Aruba, will share a blog post about her soon) just shared a post on Instagram about hard times in life where you feel like giving up and griefing in life. I can relate to this so well.

I have met many people in life. I came to the conclusion that the most beautiful people are the ones who have been through the worst. Those people know what loss, hard times, trauma, mental health issues, heartbreaks are or whatever they are going through. 

It’s the people who have suffer the most who come back stronger than ever before. I learned a lot when my father almost died when I was 11 years old. He had acute pancreatis and was sick for five years. He had to go through 6 surgeries. I can’t remember much of it. The things I remember were the fact that I was just hiding my feelings. I almost never cried. I was angry but on the outside I was smiling. It’s in my late teens and twenties that I’m crying when I think back of how much it hurt me.

I guess that’s why I’m always so afraid to loose people. Whenever my brother calls me I’m afraid something is wrong with my daddy because it happened a few times. I need to let go of this fear. It’s just that feeling of loosing someone that scares me so much. I just have to feel my feelings and let them go. All will be okay.

It’s those people who have been trough the worst that have a sense of sensitivity, appreciation and understanding in life. They have been through the worst but connect with life in a way other people can’t. They know what it’s to loose people, to want to give up on life, feeling sad but still move forward every day and always treat people with kindness ans respect. 

I love those people and I will never let them go 💕💫 Thank you for being in my life 😘

Much love,


We have to go through the worst to get to the best 💫

Hey lovely people 💕,

I just made this picture with my own quote 💫💭. This is just so true. We all have bad times in our lives. We all experience bad stuff in our lives even the people who look they have a perfect life on social media. Trust me, they also have bad times too. I love the real people who show the good and bad times 👌

We may have had a broken heart, or experience a loss or suffer from having disease whatever it may be. If you are now in a bad situation it’s difficult to think ahead and think everything will be okay eventually. Trust me, I have been there. My father almost died when I was 11 years old. I experienced a really hard heartbreak, got bullied a lot during high school and just never felt good enough/worth it.

Whenever I remember those bad times I feel so proud of myself that I survived those bad times. All this caused me having anxiety. However, I’m just so happy I moved on. I think my biggest lesson in life was when my first love left me… That was the worst experience ever in my life. Of course, when my father was very sick I also had a hard time but I was too young to understand everything what was happening. When I got older I experienced really pain in my life. I mean how can you survive a heartbreak from the person who said that he would never leave you? 💔

I learned so many great lessons. I learned to not chase love. I learned that I’m my own person. I learned not to depend my life on somebody. Most of all, I learned to love myself and to set boundaries with people.

So if you ever experienced a really bad situation in your life, know that you will eventually get out of it. You will be so happy you carried on. You will get to the best 💕

All the things you left in the past will stay there. My advice to you is keep loving, be genuine and respectful. Ask for help when you need help. If you are good to other people it will eventually come back your way. What goes around, comes back to you. You will be okay lovelies 💕

Much love,