One day at a time 💕💫

Hey all 💕,

I love this quote because I can relate to this so much. Especially right now… On Wednesday I have an upcoming exam about law. I already did this exam in June but failed for just 0.5. This is my only exam left to finish college and graduate. I’m suffering from anxiety and that makes studying even more difficult. I also can get caught up what am I going to do next with my life and all those future questions makes me feel even more anxious…

I think we all need to learn how to slow down in this world where we are constantly rushing. Sometimes life feels like a competition where everybody is rushing in obtaining their goals. Just slow down and enjoy life, be mindfull. We should learn to slow down time.

One day at a time… that’s the thing. Everything in life takes time. We should do everything in little steps to not feel overwhelmed. I get easy overwhelmed if I have to do big tasks but if I divide them it looks much easier and less stress will happen. 

Let me know how do you slow down time?

Much love,