Don’t go back to the things that hurt you! 

Hey lovely people ♡

I find that often people feel sad about a relationship which ended and can’t move on and still chase that person. This is not going to help you at all. I can relate to that so well. When my relationship ended like 5 years ago already I always had that kind of hope in my heart that everything would be fine again if I chased him. That didn’t work out. I think you can’t be friends with your ex. Of course, that depends of your situation. I felt heartbroken and felt worse of the illusion that maybe in the future we would be together again. No way! The person who has hurt you don’t deserve to be in your life again. What’s meant to be, will be. 

Also friendships can hurt you. That person who you think were your friend, lied to you and hurt you. You can’t be friends again with something who caused you pain. I also can relate to this as well. I mean, we as human beings are always kinda hopeful and can forgive a person quickly or think that this person will change. I trusted that but it never happened. Once a liar, forever a liar! 

Never run back to the things that hurt you. It can also be a job, an abusive relationship, a toxic relationship with somebody, just anything that hurt you. You will only heal when you let go and move on. I decided to not be friends with my ex anymore and blocked him everwhere on social media. It hurted me so much, especially now he has a girlfriend. The best thing to let go a friend or a person is to have no contact with this person. 

Besides, try to do things you love. I love reading, writing in my journal, travelling, surfing, being with my friends and family and just all stuff which makes me feel happy. Those are the things who healed my broken heart. Sometimes I can still feel empty but not like a few years ago where I couldn’t stop crying almost every night about the fact that I missed him so much.

Let it all go and make peace in your heart 💫

Much love,