April favourites 💕🌞

Hola lovelies 💕,

I have been sad for a few days and cried a lot because of the death of 5 surfers which I wrote in this blog post. When that sadness past I was griefing about a good friend of my mother who died a few days ago in Spain 😢. He had cancer. We knew it because of people posting sad posts on his Facebook and he didn’t answer anymore on Whatsapp. I felt so sad too and cried much because he was always so nice to us. I’m happy we can still have contact with his sister. He felt like a father for me and understood my anxiety and was always so supportive for me. Just writing this I cry again. I have enough of grief and crying really. I just hate death and I know it’s part of life but it’s the most horrible feeling ever. Life is just unfair because good and honest people always die earlier than the other ones. On a happy note, let’s move on to this blog post. I did some nice stuff in April. Who says being in lockdown has to be boring?! I will share the 30 days of space challenge I did by Yoga Girl 🙏, the new leggings I bought and beautiful sunny days in the park.

Things I did with my lovely family 👪:

First ice cream of the year 🍦

I love ice cream so much 😍🍧. I ate my first ice cream of the year with my mother. We went to IJsboertje which is just 5 min. away from our house. We had to take it with us and eat it somewhere else. We ate in the park. My flavours were white chocolate and vanilla and my mother had lemon ice cream. It was all so delicious. I can’t wait to go back!

My Spanish niece got a baby 👶

My Spanish niece got her first baby boy and I’m so happy for her!!! I can’t share a picture unfortunately because of privacy but he looked so cute. They live in Basque country. I can’t wait to be able to go again to Spain to visit them with my parents. My niece is 43 years old and it just reminds me that it’s never too late to have a baby at that age or be married or whatever. Society always creates those rules but we have to decide or own rules in life. We only have one life so let’s live it the way we want and not what society ask us to do.

Sunny days in the park & in the garden 🌞✌

We have had a beautiful April month of many days of sunshine and 20 degrees. I love to enjoy my time in the garden with my mother. I also loved to walk in the park and enjoy nature. It’s so nice to live so close near nature 😍. I also love to go to our lake because I always need to be surrounded by water. Water is still and makes me feel calm and peaceful. It’s all I need and I’m so grateful for that. I would literally die right now if I would be in a small flat. In Spain we don’t have a big house or garden so the lockdown would be worse for us. In the garden I read, chill, daydream, listen to music, write, meditate and just enjoy life.

Birthday of my brother and his wife 🎉🎈

It was the birthday of my brother the 18th of April and of his wife at the end of April. We couldn’t celebrate it with the family of course. It made me sad but I know we will soon be reunited again when it’s possible. We wrote some cards for them and my present for them was a canvas with some pictures together. One is from the wedding of them, another one from the park and with the family together. I’m happy they liked it. My mother brought some flowers for them too. I only went one time to their appartment and saw them on a distance. It was nice to be able to talk to them but also strange. Not being able to hug your loved ones is just the most heartbreaking thing ever. I need hugs in life. The world need a group hug which will hopefully come soon again 💖🙏.

Netflix subscription 🎬

I joined Netflix just for a few months which is really nice. I love to be able to watch series and movies on Netflix. The only thing I don’t like is that some movies or series are not on Netflix. I also would like to watch Disney movies but I don’t want to also have a subcription on Disney+ because of the money. I really love the movies and series which are only made for Netflix.

Easter time 🐣🐤🐥

We always celebrate it with the whole family but of course this year is different. I’m happy I could celebrate it with my parents. We had a delicious fondue with potatoes. We also ate delicious chocolate eggs and cakes. It was all so delicious. What I loved the most was of course the blackberry juice with fruits and whipped cream 😍🍇. My daddy plucked those years ago and it’s a tradition of his family to make this. I LOVE these kinds of traditions so much. The juice is so delicious and so healthy too. I love my family forevah.

Other amazing things of April 💖:

New leggings from Shein 👖

I bought some amazing yoga leggings from the website Shein. I really like them and they were not expensive at all. I really needed to have some nice leggings. They are colourful and have flowers 💐🌸 on it so I don’t need more. It fits perfectly. I’m really happy about it! I made some nice pictures in the park with them on.

Pen pal letters 💌

I got some beautiful pen pal letters this month. I got some beautiful mail from Chloe who is one of my best friends ever. I love you so much soulsister. She makes beautiful art with a flower theme, a moon theme or anything beautiful for her page on Etsy. You can check it out. She made a beautiful painting of some flowers and sent me a nice letter together with stickers. I also got a cute letter from Rosie from UK. It was full of beautiful notes, glitter stickers with unicorns and hearts, quotes and a beautiful letter. I loved the stickers with the quote ”Friends are special treasures of the heart.” I also loved the card with the quote ”I am at peace with my age.” I agree that every age is beautiful and that society just creates expectations which aren’t real and only create unhappiness and unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I also got a beautiful letter from Agata from Poland. I loved the writing paper so much. I also loved the cute stickers and the card of Warsaw was beautiful. I loved the colours and the flowers on it. I wish to go to Poland once and visit you. I want to meet all of my online friends one day. I know that dream will come true one day and it will be the happiest day of my life. I love you all so much 😍💕 xoxo.

30 days of space challenge by Yoga Girl 🙏

I did the 30 days of space challenge by Yoga Girl which is my biggest inspiration in life 😍. I never commited to a 30 days of yoga challenge so it was a nice way to enjoy yoga again. I only took some classes in my life and did it at home. Every day we did yoga on the website of Yoga Girl for free. This challenge was made to create space in our hearts, our bodies and our minds as we find ourselves in a time of physical space and distancing. Also, every day there was a theme. We meditated together, felt our feelings and pulled a card every day. One day we had to build our own sacred altar, go outside and enjoy nature or shake our bodies to remove negative energy. It was soooo good. I’m so happy I met amazing new pen pal friends. I love to be spiritual, do yoga, meditate, and there are not much many friends of mine who align with that aswell. It’s nice to have this beautiful Yoga Girl community. I love them so much.

Since that challenge is over I’m still doing yoga every damn day and it helps me so much with being more calm and easing anxiety 🙏. Anxiety will not go away but yoga and meditation gives you the tool to sit with it and be able to let it go at some point. We have to sit with our feelings to be able to let them go. I also thought yoga was only about handstands and being flexible but it isn’t. I’m not that flexible but I have fun, feel my feelings, cry a lot and I’m happy when I practice. That’s yoga. I can’t wait to go to her retreat in Aruba one day. That’s one of my BIG dreams and is on my bucketlist 🌠✨.

Got a free month subscription for the Yoga Girl website 😍

When I was doing the 30 day challenge some strangers were gifting a free subscription to people. I also got a free month subscription. I felt very grateful and so happy. It’s so nice that people gift things without something in return. I wish more people were like that in real life too. I just don’t have much money for a subscription so it was nice to be able to do yoga for free on the website after the challenge. You also get free live classes with Yoga Girl which are SO amazing and a Yoga E-Book and astrology workbook. If you get the year subscription you get a t-shirt for free. I wish to have that one day.

Lush bath 🛁

I had a nice bath and used a bath bomb from Lush. It was the intergalatic one. It had such a good smell of peppermint. The blue, pink colours and glitter that came out of it were beyond amazing! This was a beautiful experience where I could just bath in the universe itself 😍✨. It was like bathing in stardust. I 100% recommend this bath bomb for you all. I always listen to some beautiful music too while I’m laying in bath.

Watched To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Chicken Run and Isn’t it romantic 🎬

I watched some nice movies in April. I loved the second movie of To All the Boys. I love the actors and just everything. However, I loved the first movie more. In the second movie you knew a bit what would happen. I also watched the movie Chicken Run with my parents. It was a cute movie. The movie was about chickens who were living on a chicken farm and the mean owners wanted to make pie of them so they invented a plan to escape. I also watched Isn’t it romantic with my mother. I love the actress Rebel Wilson which also is known from Pitch Perfect. I love that it wasn’t a cliche love story. It had a great message about loving ourselves and the music was also nice. We don’t need someone to love ourselves because we are already whole.

Thank you all for reading this blog post. What was your favourite thing from my list? What did you do in April? Did you also enjoy some sunshine in the garden or park? Do you do love to do yoga, meditation or be spiritual? Let me know lovelies. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

Stationery haul 💗📝

Hola lovelies 💕,

Today it’s time for again a haul post. I bought a lot of stationery stuff and also some other stuff I want to show you all. I’m just so addicted to buy stationery stuff. I use it to write letters to my friends, family and pen pals. There’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter. It never goes out of style.

These are all the things I bought:

Stickers, bouncing putty, socks and gel pens
Postcards set and cards with envelopes

Big stickers €1.50 each of them (Hema)

Stickers with hearts, moon and eyes
Big stickers with stars, quotes and hearts

I bought this beautiful two pack of stickers at the Dutch shop Hema. I love these stickers. They are really beautiful and creative. I love the heart stickers, the moon and the eyes.

Little stickers €1 each of them (Zeeman)

Summer stickers with ice-creams and sweets

I bought this nice stickers at the Dutch shop Zeeman. The stickers on the left are so cute. It gives me Summer vibes as there are ice-creams, milkshakes and other sweets 🍬🍧🥤. The stickers on the right are also so nice. I especially love the sticker Okay? Okay. because it reminds me of my favourite movie and book The fault in our stars by John Green.

Colourful gel pens €1 (Zeeman)

Colourful gel pens

I love gel pens so much. They write so well and the colours are beautiful. I used to use them a lot but many of them were broken so I had the perfect excuse to buy this set of gel pens. Also my favourites colours are blue, purple and violet.

Postcards pad €0.80 (Action)

Set of different postcards
Postcard with the text you are so loved and flowers
Postcard with the text amazing with flowers
Postcard with hearts
Postcard with a dandelion and quote
Postcard with the text choose joy and blue flowers
Postcard with the text positive vibes only in blue

Action is like the best shop to buy stationery stuff in The Netherlands. It has so many awesome things. I bought this set of postcards. I like to write postcards and send them. They are all so beautiful. I love the design, the flowers, the hearts and the beautiful letters. These are 12 designs and 24 postcards.

Postcards with scratch stickers €0.90 (Action)

Colourful postcards with scratch stickers
Postcard with a beautiful tree and quote
Postcard with a bee, quote and sunflower
Best friend forever postcard with hearts

I love these postscards because they have scratch stickers. I have never seen that before. You have to write in the white space and then you have to cover it with the scratch sticker which you can find at the end. It’s like a hidden message. The person who gets the postcard has to scratch the sticker to see the message. I think it’s such a cute idea 😍 I really love it. The postcasts are also very cute.

8 double cards deluxe with envelopes €0.80 (Action)

8 double deluxe cards with envelopes

These are so useful and I already was thinking of buying it. I love to make my own cards. It makes it more personal and special. It’s always useful to have this at home as well as the envelopes ✉️.

Crazy bouncing putty €1 (Zeeman)

Set of colourful crazy bouncing putty

This isn’t stationery stuff but I wanted to include it in this post because I bought it the same day. I gave one to my friend and one is for myself. Bouncing putty is so nice. It’s soft, colourful and it bounces when you throw it on the ground. I love it. It’s great for releasing stress and anxiety 💕. It’s so satisfying.

Colourful socks €3 (Hema)

Colourful socks
This was such a great set of socks which I bought the same day when I bought the stationery stuff. It was cheap as it were 5 socks for €3. I love the pineapple socks, the lines and the colours. I really needed socks so it was worth to buy them. You can never have enough colourful socks.

Thank you all for reading this blog post. What was your favourite item from my post? Do you also love to buy stationery as much as I do? What do you love to buy? Let me know in the comments. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina