Black lives matter 🖤👊

Hey lovelies 💕,

I wanted to write a blog post about my birthday presents 🎁 but first I have to write a more important post which is a poem about Black Lives Matter. I will also talk more about racism in this post. We can’t close our eyes anymore for what has happened in our world and what is happening now. Racism exists in every form, not only in America. It also exists in Europe. White privilege and white supremacy is real. It’s so easy to ignore the pain of what black people have to go through because we don’t experience it on a daily basis. If we are black people and have to suffer this on a daily basis and watch people murdered just because of their skin colour, we would definitely think different about this whole situation. We can’t ignore racism anymore.

In America racism is more obvious because of the different cultures living there. In America you can also see the difference between poor and rich much more than in other countries in Europe. It’s more obvious I think. Slavery and racism have always existed. Europe exists because our countries made colonies and murdered people because of their colour. The Netherlands did that too. UK too and Spain and many more countries. It’s horrible to think that we as white people made this possible 😢. It’s our history. I want to read more about it because I want to educate myself better and understand everything. I think I will buy some books related to racism and white privilege.

I never talked before about the topic of racism because it makes me feel insecure sometimes. I find it uncomfortable if I don’t know enough about the subject. I don’t want to hurt other people. I think I don’t know enough of it to speak up. Now, I realise that that doesn’t matter. I can speak up and still learn new things and grow from what I know now. If we all think this way we are only just embracing our white privilege. We have to speak up about it because that’s the only way to help others. We have to be an ally for black people. Not speaking up is no option anymore. You can’t say that you are not a racist and being silent. That’s just not the right way to handle things. If nobody speaks up about a difficult topic nothing will change. We have to listen to the black people and do our learning process on our own.

I have a friend who is black and I always was with her in the church singing. I don’t see her much anymore but she still has a place in my heart. I have never seen her different because of her skin colour. Human beings learn within the years racist attitudes and thoughts. I remember she was playing with me in my neighbourhood and people called her mean names such as “chocolate” and wanted her to go away. I feel guilty now thinking of this because I didn’t do enough. I had to stand up for her. Now, I would do that. It is okay to see what I did wrong then and change my behaviour now and for the future.

It’s okay to look back to the mistakes we made. We can learn from it and grow from it. Now and always is the time to donate money to organizations which help back people. I already donated money for the organization which helps black people called “Black lives matter”. You can donate here. Every dollar or euro counts. I also signed a petition for the death of George Floyd. He was killed by a white police man putting his knee in his neck. 9 minutes long he wasn’t able to breath. I saw the pictures and it horrified me. This happened in America but to be honest this racism action exists everywhere. Maybe not in the same form but it still exists. Don’t look back from it but say something against it. We can’t let this happen again.

I will share with you now the poem I made for black lives matter. I hope it inspires others to educate yourself and be a real ally for black people.

Black lives matter

George Floyd got killed by a white police man in America

Just because he is a black man

Sandra Bland, Nia Wilson, Freddie Gray, Breonna Taylor

Those are just a few names who also got killed by their skin colour

How long are we going to go on with this without stopping racism?

We all have been way to ignorant with this problem

I admit that I feel guilty about that too

It’s so much easier to close our eyes for things we don’t want to feel

That’s called

White privilege

We can’t imagine how much pain black people go through so we close our eyes, heart and ignore it

So, we say ”I’m not racist, all lives matter” which is a wrong statement

Not all lives matter

Black people get killed because of their skin colour

It isn’t fair

Now it’s the time to speak up

Staying silence is only making things worse

Our discomfort is nothing compared to their pain

Educate yourself, read books, donate money, be a real ally for black people

Call people out when someone is making racist jokes

”Be the change you wish to see in the world 🌍❤️”

Come in action

Do it now, not later

Change is coming and it has to start with ourselves

Our thoughts and action matter

Let’s do it all together

We can do it, yes we can! 💪💖👊

Thank you all for reading this important blog post 🙏. We have to talk about racism always not only when something big is happening. This is happening for years and it’s time to fight against it. Speak up and be the change in the world. What do you do to be a good ally for black people? Which books are you reading and which ones would you recommend me to read? What do you think of racism? Have you ever experienced any form of racism? Let me know lovelies.

I’m always here for you. My blog is free from judgement. My blog is pro black people, pro mentally ill or any other illness, pro choice and anything. I will always fight for justice in the world. I’m a feminist, mental health warrior and will always speak up about any injustice in the world. I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina

Speak up for the people who can’t 💪

Hey lovelies 💕,

Today I just wanted to talk about something important. I will talk about how important it is to speak up for the people who can’t. Many people in our world can’t speak up for their human rights because they may live in countries where there’s a war and are afraid of speaking up. There can be consequences of speaking up. I will talk about many subjects related to this. I hope it will inspire people and make this world a better place to live in 🌍✨🙏

I was thinking about this topic when I was listening a few days ago to a postcast from Yoga Girl. It was about the abortion ban in some states in America. This is going on right now and it’s really scary. It felt good to hear this important topic which I also agreed on. I believe that every woman has the right to choose to do what they want with their body and whether they want to have children or not. I don’t want that we are going backwards in history.

It’s really terrifying what’s happening in America. This abortion ban will be bad for all women. Even women who are raped will not have the choice to do an abortion. It’s just a horrible thought for women to have a baby from being raped. You can choose to not do abortion for yourself but to ban it is just not aceptable. It’s a human right. It feels like they are now making a political issue of it. That’s why it’s so important to speak about this. We can’t just accept this. I was happy to go to the first feminist strike in Spain last year and speak up about all the injustice we women have to suffer. We live in a patriarchal world and this just has to change.

This subject isn’t only about women. Speaking up implies in many subjects. Racism still exists and people who say it doesn’t are just afraid to speak about it. They ignore it when it is there. I loved the postcast of Yoga Girl where she talked about white supremacy as I agree so much with it. It feels like an uncomfortable conversation but we have to talk about it and discuss it.

I don’t want the benefits of being a white person. I just want everyone in the world to be equal. I want them to have the same human rights. I want everyone have the same school and job opportunities. I don’t accept people of colour being rejected for a job. I have a good friend of Irak and I hear her stories. She had to leave her country because of war just like many people from Syria and other people from other countries are doing right now. I believe there has to be a good migration plan in every country. Some countries almost don’t accept immagration whereas other countries have an overflow. There has to be a better system for all where everyone feels comfortable, happy and equal.

Also I made this poem below for this blog post and also shared it on my Instagram Sea of words. I hope you will all like this poem. Being bullied made me scared and anxious to speak up. It made me be silenced. I still have a hard time to speak up but I’m learning it because it’s so important to do.

We have to speak up for the people who can’t speak up. I always love to see people speaking up about important topics such as mental health because it makes me feel less alone while struggling from anxiety. If we speak up about an important topic or issue it will make other people feel less alone. It also inspires other people to speak up and to make this world a better world to live in 🌍✨. Even if it makes us scared we have to speak up. Let’s do it all together! Yeahhh, we can do it! 💪

Thank you all for reading this blog post. I hope it all inspired you and you loved it. What do you think of speaking up about important topics? Do you also speak up in life? Are you afraid of speaking up and how do you deal with it? Let me know lovelies 😘 I will speak to you all in my next blog post.

Much love 💕,

xoxo Christina